Thursday, July 11, 2013

Scupltures Everywhere!

The hubs and I went on a field trip yesterday. We took a drive to check out this exhibit that we had never heard about until earlier this week. So here is a deluge of amazing sculptures we got to see. I didn't remember all the names of all the pieces we saw and unfortunately there wasn't a pamphlet that I could take with all their names either. Enjoy!
These dragonflies were difficult to capture. I made the pics b&w so that you could see the wings.

The next three were in the graveyard section of the garden. Many of these were made by community college students.

I loved that this was in wood. There weren't many wood sculptures there.
hay (made out of aluminum!)

shield and _____ (I can't remember)
This one had something to do with looking into the future

jeune fille
nests (I loved these!)

ribbons in the sky
peace and force
This one made me think of a jellyfish. I can't remember the name.
Four Energies (I think!)

This one had to do with dinner. It is looking up into a tree!

These are boots hanging on like a telephone wire. So cool!

This one was another favorite (this is the back view)

Loved this one too!

a friend who was hanging out next to the next piece!

A horse
A GMO Heifer