Thursday, September 28, 2006

of all the times to not be able to knit

Tomorrow I have to go home. My sister, fiance, and I are leaving for Salinas tomorrow because my dad is in the hospital. I don't want to go into all the sordid details but what I am willing to share is that he had gone in for a routine colonoscopy and they found a hole. X-rays were done, he had to go to the ER, and they did surgery to close up the hole. My mom says it was a small hole but it's still a hole. He's going to be in the hospital for a few days and she said we should come. So that's what we're gonna do. I tell ya, of all the times when a person can't knit, this is one of them. I'm dying to work on something to take my mind off of things. Who will feed my fishies while we're gone?? I wonder if we can take them with us..

I can't knit!!! (well, I shouldn't!)

Well, I finished the bearpaws/knucks the other night just like I knew I would. I don't have a picture of the complete pair yet though. Let me warn you though, they are a mismatched set. I keep going back and forth about frogging the first one to make it match the second one which looks so un-bearpaw like. That one actually looks like a human could wear it! I didn't do any knitting yesterday because I was noticing that when I put pressure on my right hand (pressing down on it even just on the carpet!), my wrist felt weak. I told my fiance and he has diagnosed me with tendonitis. He has no medical degree but says from the symptoms I described to him (which I don't even remember right now!) it sounds like I have tissue inflamed from the overuse..the computer time (blogging, going to KR, etc) and all the knitting! :( I took a no-knitting day and was a big baby. I iced my arm, took some strong ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation, and I wrapped it in an ace bandage. I went to bed with the ace bandage still on and when I woke up this morning, my two fingers (pointer finger and middle finger) felt stiff! My pointer finger has been hurting around the knuckle when I squeeze it and my middle finger hurst on the actual knuckle for a while now. I made the stiffness go away though with the trigger point massages I had been doing. I don't think it's enough anymore. SO, I was told to stop knitting so much (by my in-house doctor!). I think once the stiffness goes away I'll slowly reintroduce knitting. I'll have to cut my knitting time each day now. How sad. Guess I wasn't cracked up to knit all day after all. On a happier note: Happy Birthday AR!! I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

pictures, pictures!

As requested, here is a pic of my bearclaw:
Whaddya think of that AR?
Here's the one that's on the needles still because I was too lazy to work on it last night. When I showed it to my fiance before we left to go to class, he said I was going to have to make one to match that one now. Um, no. We're done with bearclaws after this second one comes off the needles! At the top are the fingerholes. I realized during this process that if I really wanted to, I could make gloves but that's for another day. I like the tweed effect of this yarn. I just wish it wasn't so thick and chunky!! I figured out why the first one is so chunky and the second one isn't. It's all about sizing. The first ones are sized too big (finger-wise) and that's what makes it look so bulky. To kind of correct the bulkiness, I started decreasing whenever I pleased. The second one just looks so much better. I've been going back and forth with wanting to frog the first one and redo it but I really don't want to! Some perfectionist I am! Aside from the bearclaws, I finally have a pic of my irish hiking wrist warmers on. My fiance took the pic last night (because I finally remembered to ask him!). Sorry there's no face. It's all his fault!It's a bit blurry but the other pic, I didn't particularly like. I told him it looked like I had them on my feet! This next pic is of the heart cloth I made for my fiance. He likes hearts. This project is why I needed to get red dishcloth so badly last week.I wanted to start on a pumpkin last night but I don't have dpns big enough for my yarn. The biggest set I have are 8s and I don't think I've seen dpns larger than that, @ least not lately. Plus, there's the having no $$ to spend frivolously factor so I'll have to wait a bit. Oh yeah,AR, I have the pattern for the ninepatch already (thank you for sharing the link though!) but I can't get the mitered squares to be the same size as the other squares. Mine come out long and stretchy right where the 2 triangles meet.

Monday, September 25, 2006

has it really been that long??

Goodness, I hadn't realized it's been 4 days since my last post (it feels like I'm going to confession! I took a brief knitting break (just a couple days). I forgot what it was like to just watch tv and do nothing else. There are only certain shows where I have to put away the needles or whatever it is I'm working on and they are gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, and Rebelde. That list will be growing soon once my list of tv shows is complete. Ohhh, I forgot nip/tuck. I began working on the knucks yesterday. Why is it the second item in a pair is so much easier to knit than the first one? I'm much happier with the second one which I currently have on the needles. The first one, I made a silly mistake. I forgot that stockinette means knit all around. It doesn't mean knit one row and purl the next. Oh well. He said to leave it and it's really disturbing to me. It was hard to not frog it. It was equally harder to do the second knuck in the same manner. BIG sigh!! The yarn is super super chunky. Who's idea was it again that this yarn would be great for the knucks? Oh yeah, that'd be me! :P He says they're going ot be like bearclaws. My sister said he could be Wolverine for Halloween. He said he could be Freddy Kreuger. Nice, huh? See how grateful my in-house knitting gift recipients are ??? After I get that last knuck off the needles, I want to start on my second pair of fetching. My sister wants me to somehow combine the fetching pattern with the irish hiking wrist warmers. She said, 'Be innovative.' How talented she thinks I am I don't know. Did anyone watch Knitty Gritty this morning? It was a new episode! Mod knitting. I really like the coaster they made. I might check out the pattern and save it for a rainy day or something. :) Okay, that's all for now. Tomorrow I should have pics of the knucks. Though I'm a bit embarrassed to show the world!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

No KR today!

I never thought I'd see the day when I couldn't get on KR. First I thought something was just wrong with Firefox and I tried a couple times to reload the page and it said page unavailable. I thought.."What on earth am I going to do now?" Of course I tried again a few minutes later but this time I just typed in the main site and there was Clara's message. I hope it's an easy fix. I've got questions I need to post on there! I did zero knitting yesterday. I attempted to work on my besotted while I was waiting on my fiance to come out of the bathroom @ Walmart but it's hard when you don't have your pattern with you. I left it in the car. We were on a mission. I had a short list of stuff I wanted needed. This list consisted of:
  • orange yarn
  • red dishcloth yarn
  • wool blend
Can you believe I went in with a list? I even whipped it out and have checks on the ones I managed to find. Walmart did not have any red dishcloth. I told my fiance that that was what I needed most. They had orange yarn in 3 different types and makers. I ended up getting a skein of bernat softee chunky in hot orange. I'm going to make some pumpkins! :) We went to Michael's to find some red dishcloth after I showed my fiance why I needed it so badly! I picked up 2 skeins of red sugar n' cream (why is it so expensive? Yes, $1.49 is expensive when you've seen dishcloth for $1.29!), a skein of orange sugar n' cream, and I splurged on some patons shetland chunky tweed for some knucks. It's all still sitting in a bag. I at least put my Walmart purchase with the Michael's stuff. Okay, I felt guilty so I just took a pic of what all I bought and I took a pic of my finished irish hiking wrist warmers. I'll try to get one up of me actually wearing them. That will require another photographer other than myself!
That's the yarn..
And below are my finished pair of irish hiking wrist warmers. :)Ohh, before we left on our excursion, I also did some work in my knitting book where I have photographs of all my finished objects. The latter most completed objects were photographed with my digital so they're saved on my computer. I need to go get them printed out though. In my book, I have a photo of the finished object, what it is, what size needles, how many stithces casted on, type of fiber, and the label of the yarn (if I still had it!). In the beginning, I wasn't big on keeping my labels. I might try to send the pics to Long's today if not tomorrow and then go pick them up (I can just walk there) so I can put them in my book. No sweater talk for today. I've kind of put it out of my brain for a bit on account of not having $$ for I want to post my question @ KR first. Then we'll see.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

another day of completion and then some

Okay as promised, here is a pic of the completed Irish Hiking wrist warmer. I was hoping to be done with the other one today but I decided to shower instead. I'm sure by the end of the evening I'll be able to say that I have a pair of them. It's a bit snug around the wrist but my fiance says if I keep wearing it, it'll loosen up. I hope so. My sister thought it was weird looking and didn't understand the purpose of making wrist warmers. She told me she can't do anything when she wears gloves because her fingers can't move. I explained to her that's why these freakin' things are fingerless. To which she mumbled with, 'You should make me some too.' Great. I'll have to have her pick out the color of yarn and maybe purchase it since the funds are low in my bank! If I spent the time I should've been sleeping thinking about patterns, yarn, and blogs is something wrong with me? Have I gone over the deep end? I just could not get to sleep. I thought about new projects I'd like to begin..the yarn that I'm going to need, reading blogs, writing blogs, etc. I wish I could get paid to do all this. Wouldn't that be nice? If we could all be paid to just knit and blog? I also thought about my future in terms of my career. Now, I am a teacher by nature. Remember a few blogs ago when I posted about what a small world it was and how I knew Mrs. Yarn Boy? Well yarn boy provided me with her email address (which was the same one she had when we were still in school together but I thought she had stopped using it) so I emailed her. I finally heard back from her and guess what. She isn't teaching either. So amidst all my pondering over patterns, yarn, and blogs, I also thought how many others in our small little cohort aren't teaching. I started to wonder what the average amount of years was that we all taught. I started to think what if I was the only one that stayed in teaching. Then I started to think that maybe something was wrong with me for sticking with a profession that others who had gone through the same program as I had at the same time had given up. I wondered, how did they make the jump from teaching into something else. That's my fork in the road. I don't know how to make that jump. I haven't emailed her back yet but I'm going to pick her brain about how she did it. Well, I finally finished this blasted thing, the IHS! I didn't think I ever would. 2 months and about 4 skeins of rowan cashsoft dk later, it is complete. It is about 4" x 65" (not including the tassels I added). I wish it was wider but what can you do. So all I have left on my knitting plate is besotted and my other IH wrist warmer which I'll finish in no time. I'm going to start working on some hats for my friend who will be moving to Nevada City. She gave me some yarn around when I first learned to knit from a kit she had from Michael's. I hadn't figured out what I wanted to make for her and now I know. I've got 2 skeins of a baby pink and 2 of a light blue both acrylic/nylon combo plus 1 skein of an ivory wool/acrylic combo. I had intended on making her a scarf before I knew how to make hats. Now that I know how to cable and have a new love for fingerless gloves/wrist warmers, I might make her a pair of those too. To my only subscriber and commenter, AR, what kind of sweater shall we make? ;)

Monday, September 18, 2006

a new kal!

Let's try this again. I think when I want to blog I'm going to just use firefox from now on because ie and blogger are screwy together! Anyway, I just joined a new kal today. :) There's an Ivy kal! I was so excited to find it! I fell in love the minute I saw Ivy in the new knitty but I knew that currently, I don't have the $$ to buy new yarn particularly 11+ skeins! Maybe it will give me the motivation to work harder @ finding a job. It isn't helping that I want to find 'that' job. You know, the one where you're actually happy to be at and you don't have any issues with anyone or over anything. Why I decided now is when I want that job, I can't really say. I just do. I guess because it's getting to be time to settle down and I don't want to stay @ a job for x amount of years and find myself overworked, underappreciated, and unhappy again. Back to the yarn. I went to the elann site just to look @ yarn but I couldn't do it. I know if I start looking now, I'll want to buy some now and I'll get depressed and I might just apply for any old job and just take said any old job and regret it later. The Ivy designer is actually a part of the kal which I think is super cool. On her blog, she posted various substitutes for Ivy. I'm going to take a better look @ that a little later and decide if I want something for a warmer climate or a colder one. Did I mention yet that I'm kind of in a transition in knitting (not just in my career path!) and I'm dying to try out a sweater now. This was the summer of dishcloths and cables. How's about a good old fashioned sweater? It's funny because I had been looking for a nice wrap sweater and lo' and behold, here came Ivy. :) It was meant to be. Ivy will be the first of many (I hope!). In other knitting news, I completed one of my IHS wrist warmers yesterday in the car. I casted on and started the first row for the second one but that's as far as I got because it was already dark. I don't have a picture yet of the finished wrist warmer because I haven't done the seam yet. Hopefully I'll post that later today. :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

what I've been up to

So I attempted the ninepatch dishrag because I thought I was ahead of the game and knew what the next dishcloth was going to be for the dishcloth kal when the hint given was something about using scrap yarns! I finished it in one night. I obviously didn't have a grand time with the miter squares. I don't know why. The bottom left one is knitted the way the MD gals said to do it but I didn't like it. So I tried to modify it three times in three different ways and none of them ended up being one that worked out well. I gave it to my fiance because he selected the pattern of colors for me. He liked the stripes right in the middle. I preferred them going diagonal. Whatcha gonna do? So I gave it to him. I asked him what was he going to use it for and he said he'd tell me once I finished it. I finished it and he still couldn't tell me. I told him he should use it as a coaster because he always puts his cups on the carpet and sometimes the cups are sweaty so the carpet gets damp. So he's going to use it as a coaster. This next one I tried to start and finish yesterday. That didn't happen. We had to take a friend to the airport so I wasn't home to knit. I didn't bring it with me because I like knitting with either daylight or lights. I don't like knitting with the car light on! I was incorrect in guessing what this installment of the dishcloth kal was going to be. It wasn't the ninepatch. It was a log cabin. I only really have 2 dishcloth yarn leftovers which have been for the garterlac and the swish with a twist I did. So I used those two and incorporated bernat sox that i had leftover. It's not perfect but it's done. As I worked on it yesterday, I sat on my bed looking at my other dishcloths and thought maybe I'll weave them altogether and make a mishmosh blanket. I guess we'll see. Also in my absence, I have started a pair of IHS wrist warmers to go with my IHS that I'm going to finish, eventually!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

talk about small world

I was looking @ the patterns in the latest issue of knitty (again) when I stumbled upon something. In particular, I was looking @ the avast pattern. I like it but the last time I followed one of yarn boys patterns I wanted to rip someone in half. So I'm only allowing myself to admire it from afar. Anyway, I was glancing underneath the main photo and underneath it, I recognized a name! I went to grad school with her. I spent 2 years of my life in classes with this person who I befriended once upon a time. We graduated and went separate ways. She remained in the bay area while I took a year off and last I heard she was still in the bay area teaching @ Jewish Day School. Little did I know she had gone off and married yarn boy. I tried to email her after I saw her name credited for the photo but the email address I have is old so I was perusing Jesse's blog and decided to just email him about it all. I asked him to fwd the email to her so we'll see what happens. Must be nice to have a husband that knits stuff for you. :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

socks finally done!

Yay! I actually didn't think I'd ever finish them. I started the first sock (on the left) back in June and zipped through it because I wanted to see the pattern that would develop! In so doing, I caused way too much pain to my right hand and after I started the 2nd sock in the pair, I decided to take time off from knitting socks. I have since come to learn how to resolve my pain and I can honestly say that I don't even really have that same pain anymore. It was horrible! My pointer finger and my middle finger would honestly numb up around the knuckles. I'd go to sleep with them numb and even wake up with them numb. :O Now I don't have any numbness! It hurts a lil bit around my knuckle on my pointer finger but that's all that's left of the pain. I wish the socks actually matched! That would have been nice. Oh well. I noticed something weird too. First off, the second sock I started with a new ball of yarn because I wanted the patterning to be identical. As I was grafting the toe last night, I noticed that the second sock felt a lot thicker than the first sock. I don't know what it is because they're exactly the same yarn just 2 different skeins. They're too thick for me to wear in public so they'll be house socks. In other knitting news, I decided to frog the triangular shawl. Where in the world am I going to wear that thing? I have yet to frog it but I know I will soon. Once I do that, I'll be left with just 2 projects in my project bag. I'm in this mode where I just want to finish everything that I've had for way too long. So next up is the IHS. I'm waiting on the rest of my yarn to show up and then I can finish it. The shipment should arrive on Wednesday. Back to the triangular shawl though. What the heck am I going to make with that tlc cara mia yarn now? I was so glad that I had finally found a project for them (the shawl) and now I don't want to make the shawl anymore. Any suggestions? I hope so! :)

Thursday, September 7, 2006

What I was doing last night instead of blogging

I figured out the swish with a twist pattern. Ya know, actually sitting down and reading a pattern from beginning to end is really helpful! I thought I was only having a hard time with the pattern because I wasn't paying enough attention and I kept losing my place. Oh helped a whole lot when I realized that I needed to completely slip the stitch off the needle and 'drop the second wrap' rather than knit into the damn thing. I was a genius last night! And since I was so smart, I made myself finish the dishcloth because I wanted to blog about it, last night. Ohhh, but my hand and fingers hurt on my right hand and I just couldn't get a decent picture. I couldn't post this morning because my landlord things school started today so I had to pretend to go to work today. Yes, you read correctly. Instead of getting to spend my entire day doing knitting-related things (blogging, keeping up with kal's, reading the forums on kr, or just plain knitting!), I had to be out of the house. I did do a little knitting though. I worked a teeny bit on my IHS. Aside from the swish with a twist dishcloth, I did other knitterly things yesterday. I had to find some rowan cashsoft dk 506 (crush) because I wouldn't have enough to finish my IHS. I thought I'd have enough but then I actually sat there and thought about it for a minute and guess what hit me? I don't wear scarves that are only 55 inches in length. So we went to Burbank to go to the shop I picked up my rowan cashsoft in the first place and you know what? They didn't have any. She showed me the book, but I didn't see it. She said I could probably find it online. I thought..yeah, you're probably right and I didn't think anything else of it-until I got home that is! But before heading back home, we went to Michael's because I wanted to see what they had @ the one in Burbank. I picked up another skein of Paton's Classic Merino Wool in Wedgewood because again, I don't make scarves that are only 55 inches long! The besotted scarf is in this wedgewood. I really like the pattern but the colors in the yarn prevent the rest of the human race from seeing the cute lil x's and o's adorning the thing! SO, I'm going to make myself one. Oh yes, I forgot to mention all the shopping I did while I was 'on vacation.' We (my sister, myself, and my fiance) went back home (Salinas, CA) for the baby shower. I had my sister take me to Beverly Fabrics-my favorite lys in Salinas and I picked up a sugar n' cream. We also went to Wal-Mart. Typically, I am not a fan of Wal-Mart because the one in Salinas is utterly disgusting. I was pleased to find out that it is no longer disgusting. I picked up some peaches n' cream from there. I was hoping to find the Paton's there but I wasn't lucky. Okay, so yesterday, we get home from Burbank and I go online to start searching for my rowan cashsoft dk 506 (crush). I was trying to find it for less than what I paid for @ Unwind. I googled it and @ one of the sites, it said the color had been discontinued so I started to freak out a bit. I realized, beggars can't be choosers now! One site had only one skein and it was the lowest price I could find! I picked up 3 skeins @ yarnzilla. I also started looking for some yarn for my besotted scarf. The one I'm working on right now in the paton's classic merino in wedgewood is for my fiance. The color I wanted isn't in stores-I looked @ Michael's. I even looked on the Joann's site and nothing. So I had to go searching, again! I eventually found it for a really good price from I got 4 skeins and hopefully that'll be enough. I can't wait for all my yarn to arrive! :)

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I'm back!

But I will probably post something tomorrow. I am exhausted! It was a long car ride and yesterday was an unbelievably long day as well! I thought I'd be able to finish @ least one project I had going but unfortunately, that would be a no. Oh well. Till tomorrow!