Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to wish you all a happy Halloween. Have fun doing whatever it is you're gonna be doing today!

Monday, October 30, 2006

oh blogger, why do you do the things you do?

Here I was so proud of myself because I thought I had the battle today against blogger. I had all these pics I wanted to upload to show you all and blogger would not for the life of me allow me to do it! First I was crazy and tried to upload all of them @ once. haha. Then I tried to do half at once. Then I tried two at once. I even tried uploading just one and it didn't work. SO, I thought I'd give picasa a shot. I got one picture to appear, typed a lil blog, complained there as well, but I don't think it went through. :( **ETA: It actually did go through! And guess what else?? I can add pictures now! All it took was 15 minutes! Yay! You will not be deprived after all!**So for now, this is going to be a pictureless blog. I took a couple of pics with it on. My fiance took a side view of just the cherry garcia on me but you can't really see the definition in the cables! I took another picture and I have to say, I was smart yesterday! I held my digital camera facing the mirror (the part that you usually look at while you're taking someone else's picture!) so I could get a shot @ the right angle. I think it turned out good. :) I think for my next one, I might skip the fourth round of cables and end after the third round of cables because it felt a bit too big. You're just going to have to imagine pictures where my [Insert picture here] brackets are for the time being! I took a pic of how much yarn I have leftover still from that one skein. Yesterday, I began thinking about ordering from knitpicks. I even dreamt about getting some skeins of telemark last night (so I could start on my ivy--and didn't I say I wasn't going to start anything new just yet??). I was reading up on the sock yarns they have via my sockknitters group and they all seem to like the sockyarns so I got as far as going to the site but I didn't order anything. My gut said to wait. If I get a job anytime soon that's how I will treat myself. :) Speaking of which, we went down to one of the lys around here and can I tell you I was appalled at how much one skein of lorna's laces sheperd worsted cost?? I found it online for $9.50 (and I wasn't even looking that hard for discounts) and they were selling it for $17.85!!!!!!!! My fiance couldn't believe it either. Now, I knew that it was going to cost more than the $9.50 but I didn't expect it to cost that much more!! We walked out empty-handed and my fiance said that if that's what it's like, anyone can have their own yarn shop. He said they should've been selling it wholesale. Oh well. I've only bought yarn there once. They had some really nice needles though. Just before I decided to post for today, I snapped a couple of shots of what my besotted looks like and you know what? It's starting to grow on me now. In the pics you can actually see the xoxo pattern developing. :) Yay! Some of you remember what it looked like in the beginning with all it's busy-ness. I'm actually starting to grow fond of it now. My fiance was trying to explain to me the mathematics behind the scarf the other day. I can't remember what he called it. But he basically said that there's another pattern forming because of the x's and o's. I can kinda see it.This first pic is when I actually noticed that you could see the x's and o's! :) Usually when I look at it, I'm not looking @ it sideways. I'm looking at it from the base up. Isn't that cool how just the way you look at something can alter the image that you see?Here's sort of a close-up of the x's and o's. And to think I was hoping that my fiance would let me frog this sucker!!! In some non-knitting news..we were supposed to get some new goldfish yesterday. We went to the pet shop where we got the ones we have now and they were completely out! Apparently they are waiting on a shipment of goldfish. What sucks is I had finally talked my sister into getting some for herself! The only other time she can go to the pet shop with us is Friday so we'll see. I hope they get a new shipment in soon. We swung by PetSmart last night but I hate the way they have their goldfish herded into a tank that doesn't even look nice. Plus we showed up near closing and I don't like being rushed into selecting which goldfish(es) I want to take home!

blogger sucks!!!

I have all these pics I wanted to share in one post but I don't think that's doable right now. Is there an outage I wasn't aware of? How'd I miss that memo?? In any case. Here is one of many pics that I guess I'll just post one by one via picasa. I knew I could outsmart blogger somehow. :) I finished my cherry garcia yesterday and here's a pic of it lying flat. I really like how the cables came out!
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ETA: Oh yay!!!!!!!!!!!! It actually worked! I thought this blog just got eaten up! :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Much Appreciated!

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There's so much love on this blog thanks to a pumpkin! :) Again, thank you all for the really nice comments! They have made my day today. :) It's Sunday but it feels like Monday and it feels like it should be noon already! One good thing about being unemployed is it won't take me too long to get used to the time change. I think I actually went to bed early last night so that might've help ease the transition. I did some knitting last night (no pictures though). I worked on my cherry garcia last night while I was rereading my book for my midterm tomorrow and I worked a bit on my besotted. I told my fiance that I plan to finish it at least by Christmas! I've got about 13 inches done so far and I'm not even halfway through with one skein yet. It's a bit tedious. I had intended to not start anything new for the time being so that I could devote my knitting time to the besotted. Yet we're going to a lys to pick up some lorna's laces so I can make the cabled footies for myself in the one skein book!! I've been reading up on sock yarns. I have to say I'm not addicted to knitting socks like a lot of other people. I think it's because knitting socks is what started my pain in my right hand/wrist/fingers! I know it's the small dpns and the tight quarters I'm knitting in. I was just reading up on toe-ups thinking maybe that would be easier for me. But I shouldn't start a toe-up..but there's a toe-up kal going on!! Ugh..I better not be blogging about a new pair of socks I've started anytime soon. I was leafing through the knitpicks catalog last night while 'studying' and I'd like to order some yarn from there one day but I don't know what the quality is of their yarns. I've read a few people's opinions of the yarns but I'm going to have to try some out one day just not anytime soon though. Okay tomorrow, I just might have a pic of a finished cherry garcia. I've got one more round of cables plus 5 more rows and I'm done! :) We'll see if I actually stop there though. Oh yeah, I have to say that the patons chunky shetland yarn goes a long way. I haven't even gone through an entire skein yet. I made the pair of bearclaws for my fiance and now I'm working on the cherry garcia but there's still a lot of yarn left. Have I mentioned yet how nice and soft the yarn feels between my toes?

Friday, October 27, 2006


Here it is, the finished pumpkin. I had already done the mouth and nose but when I brought it out to my fiance to do the eyes (cos I couldn't do them!) he showed me that the mouth was set too high. He undid the mouth and the nose and I got another workshirt to stuff it (so that takes us up to 4!) and he worked diligently on it as he watched the "Jamie Kennedy Experience." Whoever thought to give that guy a break was a moron. I decided to cast on for my cherry garcia again too. This time rather than using the circulars that were way too long, I just used my new size 10 dpns-of which I'm now missing one. Actually, I've been missing one since the other night. I haven't the faintest idea where it could be. :( I needed it last night too! I have some leftover bearclaw yarn and I really like how the cables are coming out! The pattern calls for 4 cable twists so I should be done soon because I'm about to start the round of the 3rd set of twists. I hope once it's around my neck I don't start sweating profusely. I tend to get cold easily so I'm hoping this will remedy that. I was going to start on a pair of ear mitts too because my left ear will get a chill from time to time. It's hard to explain and it's weird butI don't enjoy when it happens. I essentially get an earache--a throbbing one sometimes. So I have cotton balls in my purse, in all the cars I ride in, etc! I didn't start them yet because I need sock weight yarn and currently, I don't have any that I'd like to use. At least not in the color I'd want them in! Ooh, some news! I sent out my resume to a few places this week and I finally got a call back regarding one of them. So I have an interview on Election Day. It's a 'mass interview' which I still don't really understand. I'm wondering if I should bring my headshot or something! I was told that a group of us will be there and we'll each get about 5 min. with the director. Should I try to come up with a song to impress her in my 5 min. of fame? After that, the ones that are liked (I guess!) will get 'callbacks.' Yes, that is the word she used. How very Hollywood of her. I did a search of the organization-it's a nonprofit that specializes in educational services and it's 3 miles away from my house. I hope that I at least get a callback. Oh and it's part-time which is right up my alley for now. Anything part-time would do because then I could start buying some yarn again!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's the great pumpkin! (almost!)

Okay, I finished those last rounds of my pumpkin last night. :) This pic is to show you how long it is. My fiance said I should've kept going and I could've made an outfit for myself! I don't think orange is my color. This is what my pumpkin looked like when I started to fill it. Instead of using fiberfill or other 'normal' things that people use to fill up pillows per se, I opted to use something else. I still have all my workshirts from the school I taught at for the last three years. Yes, workshirts. We had to wear uniforms! And I didn't have the forethought to hand them over @ the end of the school year because I only signed the new contract to keep my health benefits over the summer! I should've take photos of the workshirts I used. Maybe I'll surprise you all in my next blog. This is what my pumpkin looked like after I filled it with three workshirts and a renegade sock that lost its mate. I forgot to mention that I cut off the collar, the cuffs, and the button part of the shirts because they gave the pumpkin a weird shape! Here's the knitted pumpkin next to a real pumpkin. :) Gosh, that real one is towering over my knitted one! And this is a photo of what my pumpkin will look like potentially once its got a face and has its i-cord attached. :)I'm hoping my fiance will create the face soon so I can show it off.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

still here

I apologize for having been mia the last few days. All that time I was away, I was working on that blasted budget plan. Who knew it was going to take that much work to complete!! And in the end, I don't even think I put nearly as much into it as some of my classmates. I say this because one of my classmates had me look @ hers before she turned it in because she wanted to know if she did it right! I told her, I don't even know if I did it right. Well, she did so much more work than I did! Mine consisted of two columns and was 2 pages long. She had way more than I did plus she had hers in a report cover with a title page. How long has it been since the last time I was in college?? Whatever. It's done and it's out of my hair and I vowed to never have to do a budget again so I also vowed to never own my own business. I told my fiance (who did by the way help me out in the end!) that if I ever did have a business, there was no way I was going to do the money stuff. No way in hell I tell you. There was of course some knitting done to take my mind off of the budget plan. :) It was really tedious stuff though.What in the world is this you're asking yourself? That would be my curly purly pumpkin except it's still in tube formation. I've got @ least 15 more rounds to go before it'll actually start to look like a pumpkin! My fiance is going to be in charge of creating the face. He likes doing stuff like that. He was in charge of the faces for the toasty pocket creatures I made a few months ago. Remember them? Of course the yarn choice was poor with those lil monsters so this time around his work will be more visible! Aside from my soon-to-be pumpkin, I've also been working on this: Are you feelin' a bit of deja vu? Haven't you seen this before? Like say a few weeks ago maybe? You have but I frogged them. I restarted them the other night. I decided to actually stick with the pattern but I'm going to add some striping because I already know I don't have enough yarn. Maybe the whole marker issue will make sense if I actually stick to the pattern. Last night as we were coming home from class, I decided I needed to make a new pair of fetching but I'm going to do a few changes. I like the simplicity of the pattern but I want more cables and I want a different length so I'm going to play with that in my head first before I decide what I really want to do. I know that I'm going to use my leftover yarn from my IHS because I've got @ least 2 balls of that rowan cashsoft. :) Yay! I've been thinking about that besotted I started too. It's starting to be time that I get to work on it, don't you think? ;) Okay I'm off..not to knit though. I've got a chapter to read for class and then I actually have to start studying for my midterm next Monday night.

Friday, October 20, 2006


I finished it last night, my first intarsia project. I am so much wiser now after having gotten my first one under my belt. We went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and they're having a sale. I don't like not being able to spend money . :( They had the vogue stitchionaries on sale (volumes 1&2) and I looked through volume 3. I may add them to my Christmas list. I'm not sure. I looked a few pattern books too and there are a few of those I want to add to my list as well! ha. I casted on for my pumpkin too. We'll see when I finish it. Okay, this has gotta be a quick one cos we've got some errands that need to be taken care of now!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

almost famous

First of all, thank you's have to go out to whimsical knitting, AR, egj, and tammy for all the comments! :) Thanks ladies! Okay, I just found out that a pic of my flower power is up at whimsical knitting. It's such an honor. :) It's feels like someone just came home with fresh baked cookies for me! :) Or surprised me with something else. If you've been following along here with my blog, you know that I was supposed to be knitting only during daylight hours and not in the evenings so I would curtail the amount of time I spend knitting to prevent further injury to my right hand. Turns out that's not working. I'm finding myself knitting in the evenings as opposed to the daytime-except for yesterday when I just had to get the washcloth done. Am I knitting and 'watching tv' @ the same time? Actually no. I go through these things where I try to 'simplify' my life and step away from the excessive multi-tasking. There's no need to be in a hurry all the time. How can we enjoy the simple pleasures of life if we're always running around like chickens with their heads chopped off? I can't enjoy my knitting or my progress if I'm also on the computer which is why when I'm on the computer, I'm on the computer. Granted, sometimes I'll eat while I'm on the computer and sometimes I'll talk on the phone but it isn't for very long. I do sometimes watch tv and talk to my fiance at the same time about stuff that has nothing to do with what we're watching or it might have everything to do with what we're watching. Just depends on what pops up in my head I guess. I've taken to knit in spurts when it's quiet. I don't know why. Maybe it adds to the escaping I'm doing while I'm knitting. Now today, I'm going to sit down and actually attempt to get started on that budget plan for my class. Would you believe that I think @ least 10 of the people in my class (if not more) have either started their budget plan or they've already completed it. And I used to be an overachiever. What happened to me?? My reward for @ least getting started is to get to work on that hissing black kitty dishcloth I started. I think I'm almost halfway done with it too.:)

Monday, October 16, 2006

flower power complete!

I finished it. It took me almost 2 hours to complete the 'Center of Many Swirls' which you can't really see in variegated yarn but nonetheless, it's done! :) I think this pic is the closest match to what it looks like in real life. It's so pretty. :) There will definitely be more of these in my future. I wish I was this gung-ho about finishing my other projects-namely my besotted scarf and that cable wrap. When I finish a dishcloth or what have you, I can't wait to start a new project. When I finish a scarf or a hat, I'm not exactly feelin' a new project just yet. I guess it's the immediate gratification of dishcloths, wristwarmers, etc. I think I need to put the knitting aside for a lil' bit though and get that budget plan done.

flower power!

I'm really glad that this was the pattern selected for our mid-month kal. :) I wish I had used my cottontots though. I had purchased it specifically for a face washcloth and this pattern would've been perfect. I'll just have to make another one later down the line. :) I like how it's turning out. It took me a minute to decide which of my cotton yarns I was going to use. I'm really glad I decided to use 6's instead of 7's because for almost all the kals, I've found that 7 is a bit too big for me. I'm not a tight knitter but I'm also not a loose knitter. I like to think I knit just right (for me @ least!) so I think I'll be using 6's from now on. I will maybe finish this cloth tomorrow. We'll see. I've got a paper due next Monday that I haven't even started yet. Anyone know how to write a budget? Let me know. I might need your services!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Grocery Store Shopping Trip with Stanley and some knitting on the brain

We had to go to the grocery store today because we're obviously out of some food. So my sister and I went and we brought Stanley. Here he is in the shopping cart-though he didn't spend the whole time sitting there. I would've lost him and I would've been heartbroken!Here I am pictured with Stanley by the cool apple display. I have to tell you that if you are single and you want to meet some men, take photos in a grocery store. You'll get all kinds of attention. Heck, everywhere I've been I've been getting attention for taking pictures of Stanley. The friendly produce guy wondered why didn't we take a pic with him! I explained to him it was a project for my friend's son. Then I had him take a pic with Stanley. I'm not posting it here because I want to protect his privacy. I didn't have him sign any kind of waiver!Here's my sister with Stanley in front of the pumpkin and gourd display. The produce manager was watching us take pictures! Lastly, here is the back of Stanley because in my first blog about Stanley, I talked about how I put clothes on his back too because I didn't want him naked. Irene commented on how I should become Stanley's stylist and how hip he looks. Well, he's in Los Angeles. I would hope he'd look this hip. ;) Stanley will go be getting ready to go back to Arizona tonight. My friend can't wait to get him. I have to tell you that my mom got the other Stanley (I had my friend send out two because of all the back and forth traveling I had been doing, I didn't know where I would receive him first. Turns out he arrived here and at my parents' house on the same day!) and I jokingly told her she should decorate him. Guess what? She did. I won't get to see him until Thanksgiving though and then I'm going to mail him to my friend so her son can have 2 Flat Stanleys. :) Before I forget, can I tell you how sad I am that I totally missed the Flat Scout bandwagon?? Maybe she'll do another one. I can only hope! I'm so glad the links are working correctly again. Okay, now onto the knitting. The new pattern for my dishcloth fun kal is up and it's one I suggested! :)It is the flower power cloths designed by whimsical knitting. I tried linking to the pattern directly but it didn't work.I looked through my box of dishcloth yarn and I mostly only have variegated yarn. I wonder if it'll look strange if I tried that. I joined the monthly dishcloth kal yesterday too and their new pattern will be up tomorrow. I want to start on my pumpkin too. Talk about knitting on the brain! I almost forgot! Good thing there's an edit button here. :) I was thinking about my sister's second pair of wristwarmers while I was exercising this morning and I think I'm going to use some of the lion's brand worsted wool with the tlc cotton stuff I have because I know the cotton won't be enough for 2 wristwarmers. I'm going to re-try the Nicholas's fingerless gloves pattern. Maybe this time the pattern will make more sense to me-especially since I won't be trying to change it in any way. Okay, now I think I'm done!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

more adventures with Stanley and a FO!

Well, a few days ago, I decided to take the plunge and try my hand at both knitting with a chart and using intarsia. I've had saved this Halloween patterns on my hard drive and I wanted to try them out. I thought maybe we'd do something cool for the dishcloth kal but we didn't do any of the patterns I thought we would. We did that candy corn illusion thing which was okay but I wanted to do something with a black cat! I posted a question on KR and I was blessed to get a response from Llinn about how to read a chart, tricks to intarsia, etc. Late Thursday night, I just had to get started. It was a slow process but things were making sense. There was a lot of counting involved and I kept checking my chart to make sure I wasn't making any mistakes. Intarsia is not something that can be done while in a car or while multi-tasking, @ least I know I can't multi-task while doing intarsia. It's also a pain in the butt. Weaving in ends isn't something I enjoy doing particularly when it's a ton of ends and it feels like that's all that is being done. I'm kind of a neat knitter so I just had to start weaving in some ends today. I spent @ least 2 hours weaving in ends when I could've been knitting!!I left the cat at home and I finished these yesterday while we were going around town on errands with Stanley. My sister tried them on and liked them. I had a lot of yarn leftover. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Now if I could only figure out that other pattern...This is what was on the van right when the rain started before we left to go on our errands. Isn't it cool? I tried to get a pic of this insect with Stanley, but I was too slow. He was bummed but at least he got to see it, whatever it was!
Here's Stanley, cold but @ least dry, on his first wet night in LA, which happened to be our first rain of the season. Sure did take long enough to get here.
Here he is surrounded by my book for my class and a letter that I had planned on answering tonight but it might just have to wait until tomorrow.After weaving in some ends, I tried my hand at some more knitting. Of course I weaved in even more ends after I stopped knitting. Here's Stanley with what I've done so far in my first intarsia project! :) He's so proud of me. :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

a guest this week and some knitting

That's Stanley aka as Flat Stanley. He flew in from Arizona to check out sunny Los Angeles for a week. I spent his first evening here picking out clothes for him out of the latest issue of InStyle and this is what I came up with. The shoes I got separate. I was glad that there were knitted beanies in the issue of InStyle because he had to have on something knitted. He has clothes on the back as well but I have yet to take a photo of them. I couldn't only clothe the front of him because then he'd be naked, wouldn't he? We spent a lot of time online Stanley and I, visiting the KR Forums, checking out blogs, job searching, and we did some laundry! Here he is with my completed wrist warmer that he watched me finish.And here I am trying to stretch it out for my sister. The fit is a big snug but I'm sure with wear it'll stretch out some. She didn't make a smart choice in yarn. I used lion brand's wool-ease which isn't very stretchy. Oh well. Great look. Great color. What more could you want? Oh, maybe the other one to be finished which it almost is. Stanley reminded me that I'm not supposed to knit in the evening. He's so smart. My fiance got home and he wanted to take Stanley into Hollywood. So here are Stanley and I next to the CPK at Hollywood & Highland.
As we were walking down Hollywood Boulevard to get to Mann's Chinese Theatre, we saw Spiderman. I walked by and Spiderman said, "Hi Stanley." My response was, "Spiderman, you know Stanley?" Apparently, Spiderman and Stanley go way back. He offered to pose for a pic.I was trying to find a star that Stanley and his friend in Arizona might know and then Stanley found this one. He said he really liked Eddie as Donkey in Shrek and he liked him in Daddy Day Care. Oh yeah, and with Stanley is my fiance. :) You've only seen his arms thus far so now you can match arms to the body. We missed Project Runway but we got to meet Spiderman!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

a finished object and some ramblings

Edit: I hate blogger!!!!!!!! The links that I've put in my most recent blogs don't work so it makes me seem like an idiot but I'm not! :P I took a better pic of my mystery dishcloth after looking @ a fellow dishcloth kal'er's pic! Thanks Hakucho! Irene, I thought it was going to be candy corn too but I was hoping for something else! I started my October mystery dishcloth yesterday and I completed it this morning. I knew we were near the end with it and I knew as soon as the items needed were posted what it was going to be but now I'm not so sure.Edit: These were the pics I took this morning. It's now early evening, and here's a better pic. You can actually see the candy corn! It's gaining some coolness with me now. :)I don't like that I knitted those two rows of yellow a bit too loosely though. Oh well. Last night, I started on a pair of the nicholas's fingerless gloves for my sister. She saw the pattern (which I just printed out last night) when she got home from class last night and liked it. I think they're going to be a bit too big for her though since the pattern is meant for a woman with large hands or a man with medium sized hands. We'll see. I'm going to reduce the cuffing part and maybe add a few more decreases because I already tried on what I've got so far and it's loose. My fiance tried it on as well and it was loose on him too! EDIT: I knitted a bit more and reduced the cuffing but I ended up frogging it because the pattern and I were having issues. I wish that it would list how many stitches I should have @ the end of each round. I think I ended up with too many. I also fished out a pattern for my sister's other pair of fingerless gloves. Upon gazing @ this pattern, I thought, "This is what I should've made for myself instead of the Irish Hiking Wristwarmers." So depending on how they turn out for her, I may make a pair for myself with my leftover IHS yarn. :) EDIT: Since I frogged the first pair, I'm probably going to cast on for these very soon. I hope it's a better pattern! Oh gosh, I keep forgetting to mention that I casted on for my cherry garcia the day after my brilliant idea but my circulars are just way, way too long. The pattern called for size 11 needles @ 16 inches and I only have them at 29 inches. I tried it for a few rows and I wasn't happy. So now I have to invest in a new pair of circulars.

Monday, October 9, 2006

I'm back and I've got pictures!!

Before I start talking about my new niece, here's my finished pair of fetching for my fiance. :) Next I will make a pair for my sister. I'm going to be using different yarn though not the required yarn so we'll see how it holds up. She picked out some worsted lion brand in a dark green and some tlc cotton plus (I think!) in a pink. So I'll make her a pair of some kind of fingerless glove in each color and then maybe I'll try some striping too! Oh, and I picked up some yarn for the October mystery dishcloth we've had going on. I wasn't going to but I want to know what it's going to be. I'll probably start on that today. I worked a teeny bit on the besotted but other than that I didn't do much actual knitting! We went home to see our new niece who was still in the hospital! :( She had to go back in for jaundice and was under the lamps for a very long time. She was one hot lil mama, lemme tell you. I was practically sweating every time I held her! Here I am holding her Saturday evening. We went to see her twice that day but didn't have our cameras until the second visit. Here I am wearing my finished IHS holding and feeding Isabella. :) This one was taken yesterday. Now you all can know what I look like! And here she is sleeping. I had a heck of a time uploading these pics. I had intended to post more but I was getting too impatient. There's a great one of her laughing that I couldn't put up. Oh well. Since she was in the hospital, I couldn't take any pics of her wearing any of the things I had knitted for her. She didn't start to wear clothes until yesterday. Maybe when we go see her for Thanksgiving I can post some. :) Thanks for all the comments regarding my niece and my striped pair of fetching.

Friday, October 6, 2006


Here it is, the first picture (that I've seen!) of my new niece! :) It's finally starting to settle in that I'm an Aunt now. She's so cute!! I can't wait to see her in person. :)

Thursday, October 5, 2006


Well, finally here is a pic of my fiance with his beloved bearclaws. He wasn't in a rush to go anywhere this morning and he actually had them on so that's how I remembered to snap a pic. :) And last night, I completed the first of the pair of fetching I had started last week.I think the second pair for myself will be striped too. :) I kinda like how it came out. Now I just need to remember when I started the striping along the body. Last night, while I was trying to fall asleep I had a brilliant idea. :) I had searched a while ago for some alternative yarns for the cherry garcia but all were going to cost some money. Until my brainstorm last night! I still have a whole skein of the bearclaw yarn (and a bit more than that leftover) so I think I'm going to cast on with it. The pattern calls for bulky yarn and that's what it is. I think I might try the pattern out in this green lion brand stuff I have too. I'm excited. My cold little neckneeds a cherry garcia! I woke up to go to the bathroom this morning and my fingers were a bit stiff. Guess what I did before I got back into bed? I put on one of my fetchings and that stopped the stiffness. I'm a genius. lol. Okay, I'm off to cast on. Oh wait, I have to confess first. I was bad last night. I had told myself I wasn't going to knit in the evenings and just limit myself to daytime knitting but I cheated. I knitted while the PR reunion show was on and felt somewhat guilty but I completed the first of my striped fetching so the guilt didn't hang around for too long. ;)

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

no knitting today, maybe

Do you find that even though you're not knitting physically, you're at least thinking about it? That's what I've been doing in my 'no knitting' days. For some reason I've been thinking that it's harder for my wrist to heal here in LA than it was in Salinas. I think my wrist was getting stronger there than here. When we were in Salinas though, I wouldn't wake up cold. Here, I wake up cold so my fingers are a bit stiff. I don't like it @ all!! I stopped with the babying and have just not knitted since we got back. Of course we're going back home Friday night but I can't knit in the dark! Thank goodness. I'll try to but it won't work out too well and I end up frogging whatever I worked on in the dark!! So I've been thinking about the dishcloth we're 'working on' for my kal. It's a mystery dishcloth and since I have no black dishcloth yarn, I haven't even started. I'm missing black and white. I don't want to have to order any online and I know I didn't see any black or white dishcloth when I was @ Michael's or Wal-Mart not too long ago. I'm going to save the pattern though. I'm looking forward to dishcloth patterns that aren't requiring colors I don't have. I've also been thinking about my blanket that isn't on the needles but it's something I have in the works and hope to complete someday! I need to start working on the squares for it again because it'll come in really handy since it's starting to get a bit chilly now. Thank you to AR and nikki for the well wishes regarding my niece. :) Maybe when I go to meet her for the first time this weekend, I can try to get a pic of her in one of the knitted pieces I made...and since she's definitely on the tiny size, the lil hats should fit her perfect! :)

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Read the fortune cookie!

My niece was born (finally!) this morning @ 12:18. She weighed in at 5 lbs. and 10 oz. and is 13 inches long. My mom says she has a cone head-though she hasn't seen her yet herself. I'm guessing her name is Isabella-since that's what they planned on naming her but I'm not sure on the spelling. We are gonna go home again to see her so I should have some pics then.