Saturday, December 30, 2006

wow it worked!

I just had to come back and post about how amazed I am that I can blog here now! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually it'd take forever for stuff to load. To celebrate I'm going to go knit. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that today is my fiance's bday. :) He got a gift from my sister (not to mention a bday card that plays the Star Wars theme song!) and a gift from my parents. His meal at the Steinbeck House was my early bday treat...and apparently our lunch yesterday @ the apple farm was his other bday present from me!

being adventurous!

Greetings from my parents' chilly house! :) It's about 10 degrees warmer outside than it is in my bedroom. It has felt like eons since I last blogged. I've been meaning to blog but just haven't had a spare moment to do so! We will be going back to LA in a few days and that is when I'm going to overload you with all the pics I took while I was here in my parents' house! I didn't bring my usb cord for my camera because I didn't think I'd need to upload anything. Little did I know my fiance was going to fix the web accelerator on the computer. :) It's not dsl but it's sure as heck faster than regular old dial-up! :) I'm behind on blogs so I don't really know how everyone's Christmases went. I do hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas (if you are a celebrator of Christmas). New Year's is just days away and it's hard to believe that it's going to be 2007 soon. I'm ready for it though! I have to thank my KR gift exchange for the wonderful goodies she sent me!! I now own one book of the Vogue Stitchionaries (the cable one!!). Not only did I pick up a couple of the BW treasuries but now I have a Vogue Stitchionary! :) Thank you so, so, much Nikke! :) I love the sock needle protectors, my needle gauge, etc. She sent me a lottery ticket and I won $3! :) I have yet to claim my money though. I don't know if I'm going to get 3 more lottery tickets or just collect the money! Christmas was nice and laid back. My fiance got lots of clothes. My sister got board games which I'm sure we'll be playing with her once we get back home. My lil niece got lots of stuff but has yet to wear any of the handknit items given to her. She better wear that sweater soon before she grows out of it!! My mom got me the knitting calendar (which I picked out!) and there are a lot of patterns in it! Since we've been here, I've been wanting to make some mittens. I want to make some convertible mittens like the ones Carole made! I can't wait to get home and look for a nice pattern! I haven't been doing as much knitting as I'd like. The lighting here isn't very good so I can't knit at night like I do @ home. I've been knitting during car trips though. I think I'm getting close to needing to do the gusset and short row heel for my widdershins that I have picked up again. I restarted a cabled scarf for my sister. I decided to go with a combo stitch that is in the Vogue stitchionary. I can't remember what it's called. I haven't even done one whole pattern yet. It's a 28 row pattern repeat. I hope I have enough yarn! I picked up some sws for myself (yes, you read correctly AR. I got it with a 50% off coupon from Michaels. I also picked up some more beads while I was there. I took back some yarn that I had extra of and said they were a Christmas gift. ;) I still have about $6 left on my return card because I didn't see anything else that I wanted! We've been spending a lot of time with my lil niece! My fiance and I took her for a walk around the neighborhood and the lil munchkin fell asleep before we even left the driveway! :( My fiance woke her up before we got home though by letting the sun shine on her lil face! Ohh, I mentioned that we were going to go to the Steinbeck House for lunch when we got here. The food was absolutely amazing! We had pumpkin soup, a cranberry mold salad, ham with veggies and potatoes baked in sour cream and cheese. Now, I'm super picky with food--won't eat mayonnaise, sour cream, avocadoes, etc and I was quite leery of the potatoes. I couldn't not have them though because they were already made. I tried them, and they were absolutely delicious! Couldn't even taste the sour cream! Our waitress even came by to ask me what I thought of the potatoes! :) The pumpkin soup was amazing! Of course we had dessert too. We got a slice of apple pie which was a lil too sweet and a slice of the chocolate roll which was perfect! I think we're going to try to make it a regular thing for us to go eat there when we're in town. They have a cookbook but we didn't purchase it. Maybe next time. We even thought about how we could have our reception there! It holds 89 people and we don't plan to have too many for the wedding. I should hop off here. My fingers are literally frozen and numb! I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I have been thinking of you all and I miss reading about what everyone's been up to! I hope everyone has a wonderful new year.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

some knitting, stitch markers, and a gingerbread house!

What a semi-productive day I've had-@ least knitting-wise! I managed to finish my sister's fingerless mitts when it was still Thursday night. They're actually really warm. They are over here. Ohh! now I remember my real reason for blogging before going to bed. I wanted to post pics of my stitch markers. I've been making some here and there and I sat down and made some last night. :) I'm not going to bring any bead-related items to my parents. I doubt that I'll get to any of it. I will be bringing those widdershins that have been waiting to be worked on because I now have size 2 dpns that aren't all bendy and wonky! I've got a few more things to pack up but I think we'll be ready to leave later today @ 10...if we get to bed soon!!
I worked on the angel ones last night before dinner. I just happend to pick those charms up over the weekend and in my shipment from Joann's that came yesterday, I had the Christmas ornamenty beads. :)Also, my sister worked on her gingerbread house. Oh, I didn't take pics of my gingerbread man or my Christmas tree. Oh well. Here are some pics of her house that both my fiance and I had a hand in. I decorated the roof and he did the window coverings. :) This is the front of the house. This is the back of the house. This is one side of the house. See the pretty drapes? ;) Thanks to Sarah and Tiennie for doing that meme. :) I know that the rest of you are working on it so no worries. :) Like I said, there's no rush and you don't even have to do it if you don't feel like it! Okay, good night all! :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Going away for the holidays!

I will be leaving tomorrow to go to my parents' for the holiday week and I think I'll be back on the 2nd. As some of you know, my parents have dial-up so chances are, I won't be blogging and I won't be reading blogs--but that doesn't mean I won't be thinking about you all wondering what everyone's been up to! I'll try to pop on when the patience is there. Happy Holidays!!

the 'year' in review meme

Now, since I've only been blogging for six months, it'll be brief. :) I've seen this on many a blog and wanted to do my own but of course with all the training I was doing, I barely had time to breathe let alone blog. But, here I am, playing hookey and I can do whatever I want!!! :) Do know this though-that I'm still going to be looking over my training stuff even though I didn't go for training. Talk about obsessed. July: I stumbled upon a cool KAL that I'm totally going to join. August: This would be bootie #1 for my future niece. :) September: But I will probably post something tomorrow. October: Well, I got back late last night from home and guess what? November: I tried posting some of my Halloween pics here yesterday and I couldn't win with blogger. December: So I'm a bad substitute teacher. It's been a great six months and here's to many more. :)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Six weird things about me

Okay, AR tagged me for this meme... "THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the "6 weird things about you." People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog."
Six weird things about me
1. I purposely mismatch my socks with my outfits. Over the years, I've kind of looked at it as good luck. When I do match my socks to what I'm wearing, I feel strange and I don't feel like myself. 2. I don't like to drink super ice cold water. In the wintertime, when I go home to my parents' house (it's typically colder in their house than wherever I live!) I don't drink as much water as I normally do because my water gets soooooooooooooo cold there. 3. I don't match my pj top to my pj bottom. This may not seem weird to you all but to my sister it does who is notorious for making sure her pjs match, top and bottom (and everything else she wears!) 4. When it's super hot, I can't have a fan going at full blast and the door propped open because I will start getting an earache (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) if I'm sitting either by the fan or by the door. 5. If a movie that is coming out gets a ton of hype, I will have little to no interest in seeing it..i.e. any of the Harry Potter movies..i.e. any of the new Bond movies. 6. I used to watch a Spanish telenovela when I've never formerly taken a class in Spanish! I understood most of what was going on though. I just might keep watching some just so I still have exposure to Spanish. :) Okay now here are my tag-ee's. :) sarah, liz, hakucho, tammy, windansea, and tiennie. I don't expect you all to do it so I won't hold it against you if you don't. Typically when those emails that ask all those questions (you know the one...what are you doing right now? chocolate/vanilla, who will respond to this? etc!!!) go around, I don't respond to them. I'm not a bad friend. I just don't like those things!!

I can breathe. finally.

Well, my final was yesterday and I think I actually did well on it...we'll see though because I tend to leave feeling as though I did well and then I find out that I didn't do as well as I had hoped! I'm just glad to be done with that class. Would you believe my teacher announced that she decided halfway through this semester that this was going to be her last one @ our school? How I wish she had decided this last year so I wouldn't even have had to suffer. Oh well. We all wondered why her name was nowhere to be found in the spring schedule. There isn't anything that I want to take though. She has kind of soured me towards the idea of becoming a director--@ least within the near future! My focus has changed and has returned to teaching. The Kelter Center trainings have been killing me. I told AR that I am going to try to skip tomorrow because I honestly have not had a day to just be. Where I can sleep in, get up, check my email, read blogs, knit, watch some tv, and just relax. I need some calm before the storm and I'm feeling overloaded with all this new information I've been taking in that my new boss is expecting me to be able to regurgitate right back to her and I mean fast! I don't learn that way. I need to be able to let stuff marinate for a while so I can think on it. I don't get that. So I'm going to take a mental break but cry diarrhea. :O I'll still be working while I'm home though going over the stuff she wants me to learn. I just don't feel confident enough to perform (just in front of a supervisor!) just yet. I finished two cloths in the last couple of days. I started working (again!) on a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister in that pink yarn I have yet to use! I also need to figure out a pattern for the scarf I want to make her. Guess I'll be able to do that tomorrow. :) I have to pack tomorrow too for my trip back home. I can't wait to see my little niece! :) My fiance and I are also going to dine @ the Steinbeck House. I've never eaten there (and I was born and raised in Salinas!). We are leaving early for Salinas just so we can do lunch there because it will be closed for the season on Saturday. I made reservations @ the beginning of this month and just need to call in with what time we plan on showing up. :) I wish we had been able to go there last week because the food sounded better! Oh well. Okay, back to my work I go. :P Just wanted to check in. Hope everyone's keeping warm and is almost done (if not completely done!) with all their holiday shopping!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

it's done and my hw

This is a bad shot of my hw that I have for my training that I've been going to most of this week. I didn't do a good job showing you how thick that binder is!! I also came on here to let you all know that the 5 hour sweater is now done. :) Oh yeah, and I've posted what the mystery project was on my other blog too. :) The mystery project was gifted to AR and she has since received her goodies so I can post a pic now!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm back--for now!

Ohhh, have I missed being able to blog and having knitterly news to blog about! Today, I got out of my training early because the other gal was way too sick to go on. Plus, she should've stayed home anyway but she's a trooper! I didn't knit a stitch yesterday and my nerves were feelin' it today! I brought theat 5-hour sweater which I am close to finishing to work on during our lunch break today!
So here's the sweater a few days ago. I swear it would've been finished by now had I not need to train for my new job! And this is what it looks like now.
I still have to seam up the one arm and block it but it's almost done!! I'm sure the knitting part will be completed before the end of the night. :) Yay!!! I ordered some new size 2 dpns because the ones I have are way too bendy. I haven't touched my first toe-ups because of that! Apparently, I'm supposed to teach my brother's gf how to knit on circulars and with dpns. She's made a blanket. I don't particularly think she has any interest to learn to knit other stuff if all she has in her repertoire is a blanket. I kind of don't want to bring too much knitting paraphernalia while we're home because I have a ton of preparations to do for this new job. I already possibly have 3 clients. The way my director wants it to go is she figures I can work with these 3 new clients 2 days a week (an hr. a piece) and then I can come into the center MWF!!!!!!!!!! Luckily it's after school or I don't know how I'd even cope (when would I get knitting could I hang out with my goldfish..when would I get dinner done...etc!). Here are a couple of pics from that movie my fiance participated in last weekend. This is him in the Rumsfeld mask. Here's our pumpkin (the same one pictured with the pumkin I knitted how many months ago?? ). I'm glad to be finally rid of it. We had such plans for it but they never came to fruition. Oh well. I don't really know anything about the movie other than the political bent and that it's a silent one. Oh yeah, and my fiance does have a scene (maybe more than that, I don't know!) where he is maskless. This Saturday is my new work's Christmas party. I have to say that I really like our office team and the other teachers that I've met are all very nice and cool. My director is awesome. It amazes me how simple everything is that I'm learning but it's not how we were all taught and I'm trying to break out of that mold and accept this new one that I'm being given. Okay, onto some laundry and more knitting!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

update on dishclothfunkal

Okay, this posting is for those of you that are in this group with me! The url for the blog hasn't changed. The rows we're missing are there. I looked at my profile page and tammy's and the links work there. They just don't work in our dashboards. I have emailed Judith. Apparently she posted on Friday that she was switching over and probably by the time we all got on blogger, the switch had happened. Brace yourselves, she is going to change the group name and is in the process of creating a new blog too so of course we'll have to get invites again. Here's the url again: If anyone needs a gmail invite let me know. I've got tons! I did some knitting this morning on the 5-hour baby sweater but I ended up frogging what I had done because I somehow joined the sweater. :P Ugh. What a pain. I'm taking a break right now. I finished the yoke and have just started working on the first sleeve! I have some fun pictures to post from my fiance's movie shoot but I'll try to post them later tonight. I've got knitting and homework to do (for work!) and tomorrow I won't get to come on here until I get home from class probably. Sigh...

Saturday, December 9, 2006

my first stitch markers ever!

So we went to Michaels and Target last night like I had wanted to and here's what I made when we got back. After I made the first set (which are the clear ones with the red flowers in the center!), I told my fiance that when he came back home today from work and from the movie he's in, all my beads will probably be gone! I wish someone had told me how dangerous of a new hobby this is going to be! I was specifically looking for holiday charms (which I had seen on the website!) but they didn't have them. Oh well. Maybe next time. My fiance apparently is an expert. There was some tutoring going on as he was showing how to do certain things. AR, I was showing him how you twisted the wire on yours and made them look fancy! He did it and I's gonna be a while before I can do that myself! His mom does beadwork and he can't wait for us to go see her so he can tell her I've learned to make stitch markers! :) In regards to the movie--who knew Hollywood would actually invade my blog one day. He's doing a part in a low budget indie film with a political bent. I'm supposed to be in it as well (as an extra) but I don't want to and I'm actually supposed to meet up with the gal I did my training with last week to go over the stuff we learned but I'm really going to be shopping with my sister! We may get some new goldfish today too. :) Tomorrow, I'm doing more shopping but with my fiance. I don't know how our director really fathomed the idea of the two of us getting together during the holiday crunch. Who wants to do something academic right now?? I can tell you I sure don't! Oh yeah, did you all hear--bloglines is hiring!!!!!!

Friday, December 8, 2006

it's done! :) really, it is!

So I finished the penguin hat. I have to say, it's bigger than my niece's whole head right now! Oh well. She can grow into it. I'm gonna hand wash it and I hope that it softens up. We are gonna try to go to Michael's tonight and Target for some Christmas shopping and I've decided I want to learn how to make my own stitch markers (the reason for the Michael's trip)!

lots of baking, some knitting, and blogger beta anyone?

First I should tackle the comments because some of you I couldn't just email back a response to your comment and not only am I bad with keeping up with blogs I didn't have on bloglines but I'm also bad @ checking back to see if someone commented back to my comment! Liz, I had no idea about over half of the top fencers being left-handed. How do they have an advantage? Can you tell I don't know much about fencing? :( Hilary, I hadn't even noticed that I had a theme going! lol. Thanks for pointing that out to me! :) Windansea, Bloglines is starting to change my life now! I'm normally an organized person so it helped to organize another aspect of my life! Oh wow, two of your girls fence? That's awesome!
Okay, now for some baking. :)
In the muffin tins, I have chocolate pecan tartlets! It was the first time I had made them but I will definitely be making these puppies again! I also made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies just cos I knew I'd be using the oven so why not. The last picture is a pic of everything I baked last night. :) I finally sat down to do some knitting late last night-after we made a run to the store to pick up a new shower head. We realized that it needed to be put to rest. We knew something was up and rather than call our landlord and wait for him to get here say tomorrow, we dealt with it ourselves. I have yet to use our new shower head but my fiance says his shower this morning was great. I so wanted to take another shower last night after we put it in but it was already almost midnight! Here's some knitting: It's been a while since I did some late night knitting. I won't even say how late I stayed up! If you remember correctly, when you saw this last, I had only done the brim of the hat and now it's little penguin face is forming! :) I did a bit of work on the 5 hour sweater. I'm to the point where I'm going to be putting in the place markers. I haven't knitted a stitch of the dishcloth though. Now this brings me to blogger beta, anyone? I found out this morning that I can no longer access the dishcloth fun kal because the moderator has switched to blogger beta. How in the hell am I going to get the next few rows for the dishcloth? Since I do not have a blogger beta account, the moderator is supposed to send me another invite and I have to log in using my gmail account. I've emailed her and haven't received a response. hakucho, tammy, and carole do either of you have the next few rows??? Can you tell that I'm annoyed? I feel kind of like I'm being forced to switch over just so I can get the next few rows of a cloth that I haven't even really worked on. Hmm...maybe this is a sign telling me screw the cloth. :) I'm not ready to make the switch to beta yet. It took me long enough to get my blog looking the way I want it to look and now I have to do it all over again? Ay. Plus I figured I'd wait it out till I saw in my dashboard that I could make the switch. In my idealistic mind, I'm thinking by that point, I should be able to just completely transfer and I won't have any problems. I can dream, can't I?? Ohh, I just remembered that starting next week, I won't be on as much as I typically am because my training with the Kelter Center will begin. I'll be out of the blogger loop (@ least during the daytime!) this coming Monday-Thursday and the following week just Monday and Tuesday...but then I'm going home and those of you that have been keeping up with me for a while know that home=dial-up. Sigh....Happy Friday everyone!!!!!!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

I heart bloglines and some knitting

hakucho talked about how slow her knitting has been lately in her blog. Anyone else feeling that way? I know that I'm right there with her! Maybe that's why I decided to cast on for three different projects yesterday so I could feel more productive. If you could only see the kitchen table right now! This would be the beginnings of the yoke for my niece's 5 hour sweater. I 'tried it on' last night and I said, "It feels a bit tight." My fiance's response was, "Of course it is, it's not for you!!"I'm not sure what size baby this cardi will fit. I guess I'll find out once I give it to my niece! This would be the very beginnings of her penguin hat. That also is going to be a bit bit as the pattern doesn't say what size baby head it will fit. Oh well. I'm almost to the pattern rows. I've just gotta do 3 more rows of ribbing. :) Here's my cloth for the dishcloth fun kal. lol. I actually was up to row 9 when I realized I casted on too many stitches so I frogged and could only stand to do one row. I think next time, I won't try to cast on three projects at once-particularly ones that all call for knitting the first I dunno, 6 rows before getting down to some real knitting! In case you're wondering what is that big round green thing on my kitchen table amidst all the knitting, patterns, and xmas cards, it's a pommelo. I love them. I'm waiting for them to ripen. They're better than grapefruits because they're actually sweet! Liz posted a link to a song in the comments portion of my left-handed post.I thought it was funny so I wanted to share it with you all in case you didn't click on the link yourself! CPS just commented about how her hubby won't read my blog because he (also left-handed!) tells others that they're handicapped right-handers! Now, I am a lover of right-handed people. Heck, 98% of the people I know are right-handed! But when I find out that someone is left-handed like me, I think..someone like me!! Someone who had to struggle in school like I did. Someone who possibly was told "You need to write with this hand, not that one" like I was. :( You right-handers have it easy! Now why I heart bloglines. I am really, really bad at keeping up with blogs that I haven't subscribed to via bloglines. Some of you may have noticed that I haven't commented in forever well that's cos I can't keep up with all the ones I read, until today!!!!!!!!! I wish I had thought of this sooner. Guess that's what happens when you've got time on your hands. So I went through and did a search of all the blogs I like reading that I don't already have on bloglines to see if I could add them on bloglines and thankfully, everyone's got a feed!!!!!!! I was making up for lost time too. Who knew that literally everyone has a feed there. I sure didn't. The things you learn....

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Left-handers 'think' more quickly

taken from BBC News!! Left-handed people can think quicker when carrying out tasks such as playing computer games or playing sport, say Australian researchers. Connections between the left and right hand sides or hemispheres of the brain are faster in left-handed people, a study in Neuropsychology shows. The fast transfer of information in the brain makes left-handers more efficient when dealing with multiple stimuli. Experts said left-handers tended to use both sides of the brain more easily. Study leader Dr Nick Cherbuin from the Australian National University measured transfer time between the two sides of the brain by measuring reaction times to white dots flashed to the left and right of a fixed cross. This seems to go with evidence that left-handers use both sides of the brain for language Dr Steve Williams He then compared this with how good participants were at carrying out a task to spot matching letters in the left and right visual fields, which would require them to use both sides of the brain at the same time. Tests in 80 right-handed volunteers showed there was a strong correlation between how quickly information was transferred across the left and right hemispheres and how quickly people spotted matching letters. But when the tests were repeated in 20 left-handed volunteers, the researchers found that the more left handed people were the better they were at processing information across the two sides of the brain. Extreme left-handed individuals were 43milliseconds faster at spotting matching letters across the right and left visual fields than right-handed people. More efficient Dr Cherbuin, research fellow at the University concluded: "These findings confirm our prediction of increasing efficiency of hemispheric interactions with increasing left-handedness." But he added that it wasn't a clear-cut pattern as there were subtle differences between strongly and mildly left-handed or right-handed individuals. Dr Cherbuin explained that people tended to use both hemispheres for tasks which are very fast or very hard and which require interpretation of a lot of information, such as computer games or driving in heavy traffic or playing sport. Chartered psychologist, Dr Steve Williams said left-handed people tended to be better at using both sides of the brain. "It's certainly very interesting. It's always been said that left-handers are different from right-handers in that they are less consistent with their left-handedness. "This seems to go with evidence that left-handers use both sides of the brain for language - that they are more bicerebral. They get faster at it because they're having to use both sides of the brain more." "In football, being able to shoot with either foot is a huge asset (each foot like each hand is under opposite-side control) and I've heard that left-handers tend to have better backhands in tennis," he added.

where to start..

I don't even know where to begin!! It feels like it's been forever since I have posted. I've just been preoccupied with life stuff. As you all know, I subbed yesterday @ the school in the Palisades and those 2nd graders are monsters! I don't know if it was having a sub or what but they were unreal! This class definitely knows how privileged they are and apparently flaunt it. The teacher I worked with yesterday was telling me how they'll even try to bargain with them (the teachers) to get out of stuff. The kids will say, "If I give you this...will you give me that?" She said the class is insane naturally. She and the lead teacher don't know what to do and have just accepted the fact that this is how their class is. They call out, sing out, and seem to lack both discipline and respect. The teacher was talking over them! I actually felt more like a teacher in this classroom though because she gave me stuff to do! I also had to help make sure they were on task (because she couldn't do it alone!) They were so distracted!! I don't even know how many times I had to ask some of them to stop talking and listen to their teacher! Ugh. There are 16 kids in the class and I'd say at least 5 of them were out and out brats. They can't even follow simple directions like raise your hand when you want to speak, or please stop singing or even please do not play around with these because I am going to want them back when we're done with the activity. They can't even sit still for very long!! Talk about pure torture. I had to be with them from 12:45pm until 2pm. Their lucky teacher got time away from them. I'm hoping to not hear from the school for a while. I need a break. If they call again for the 2nd grade class, I might have to think twice about it. Carole, do you do middle school or high school? I couldn't imagine having to deal with 193 children a day! I finished two objects and a pic of one of them is posted here. I plan to cast on for @ least three different projects today. I hope I can do it. I need to get started on the dishcloth fun cloth. I wanted to wait until there were at least 20 rows posted though so I wouldn't get too anxious!I also need to cast on for the 5-hour baby sweater. I really like it in the variegated so I went out and tried to find some nice variegated baby yarn but there wasn't much of a selection. I picked up some lion brand stuff-can't remember the name of it but I liked the colors. I'll try to post pics of whatever I've accomplished tomorrow! I also need to cast on for this super cute penguin hat I saw in a mini-mag I picked up @ the grocery store. :) I'm going to wait until I get to the face part and then worry about enlarging the chart! Now I do have some pics to post but they're not of knitting. I thought they'd be fun though. My sister had a Christmas party to attend this past Saturday evening and had no idea how to do her hair. She knew how she pictured it to look but didn't know how to make it look the way she wanted. So in comes my fiance. I figured he'd know how to show her how to use a curling iron because she's not very curling iron savvy and here are some pics of them playing beauty shop. I was online reading blogs last Friday night!This was the 'practice run' but she ended up not having time @ all to do her hair because she had to leave right from work to get to her friend's and that was the night of the UCLA/USC game. So she had traffic with a capital T. She did enjoy it though and he did too!

Monday, December 4, 2006

chilly monday morning

So I'm a bad substitute teacher. I have been called (counting today!) three times by the private school in the Palisades and I've said no twice already. The first time, because the day after we were leaving for Thanksgiving and I wanted to pack and just rest. The second time, I started training with the Kelter Center (last Monday) and this morning they called. My fiance picked up, saw that it was an "Out of Area" number and he hung up. lol. Great. I knew it was the school because they are the only ones who'll call me at so early. The first two times were around 7. Today he called after 8. They needed me today-I have my paper to finish for tonight, reading to do, and I still need to go by the school where I interviewed the director to pick up a pamphlet! They also need me tomorrow though. Hm. So I will be going in tomorrow and I'll be helping out in the 2nd grade class. Today I would've been in the 1st grade. I'm so bummed. Oh well. I'm sure there will be other opportunities. In regards to knitting, I've been working on a secret project. I've frogged it at least three times but I'm now at the point where the pattern is coming easy. I started a swatch for my sister's cabled scarf but I'm having issues and just might have to post on KR for some guidance. I'm trying to combine two different cable stitches into one panel and it's not coming out right. I've only done a couple of rows but something is not right. I'm not sure how many stitches I need to decrease when combining different cables. I have a center cable that is enclosed by two other cable stitches. I'll work on it some more Wednesday. I was perusing windansea's blog the other day when I saw her super cute 5 hour baby sweater! I really liked her version so I went out to pick up some yarn to make one for my niece. I found a pattern that is bigger too. :) I have yet to cast on but am ready to! I have yet to start on any of the dishcloths for my kal's so don't anyone tell me what they are unless I ask you to!! I may start the monthly dishcloth kal today so I don't just have one project going on. Okay, off to start the rest of my homework day! Happy Monday! ETA: It's only 11:30 (PST) and I've finished and printed up my two papers due. All I have left is to read tonight's chapter (which is short!) and pick up that pamphlet and all my homework is done. Yahoo!!!!!! I can knit soon! :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P.S. I noticed that mostly everyone who has taken the Stress test that I got from AR are more stressed than I am but that's because I don't have children of my own! So when I do start having children, someone will have to remind me to take this test again so I can see how quickly times have changed and so I can remember my not-so stressed out life that I used to have! lol.