Thursday, June 28, 2007

you think I'm a rockin' girl??

Deb over at knottykitty knits has apparently nominated me as a: Thanks, Deb! It's such an's my first blog award ever! So now, I get the honor of bestowing it upon five lovelies of my choosing. These five lovelies are bloggers whose blogs I just love reading. So here, in no particular order are my five favorites! Deb, just so you know, you would've been in my top five had you not already received the award! ;)
First award goes to....AR, mother to MM, SP, and LD, wife, knittar extraordinaire, and just a great all-around awesome gal and friend! Arleta's blog was the first one I started reading when I began this whole knitting blog thing. ;)
The next one goes to Robyn, a new mommy with an adorable little boy--(who got to meet the yarn harlot!), who is creative (photographer, jewelry maker, & stitch marker maker extraordinaire!), and she was my wonderful sp10 hostess!
Then we have Sarah, my yarn buying/sock club joining enabler! She is also a mommy with two of her own lil adorable kiddies, awesome lace knitter (yes, Sarah, you are!), great eye (or maybe it's ear!) for inexpensive sock clubs, and another marvelous gal!
Next we have ms. tiennie who has got to be the fastest knitter I know. This girl can crank out some socks. She is also quite the joiner! lol. She is also a mommy and has probably one of the best hubbies in the knitting world!
My final award goes out to...(can you hear the drumroll??) gosh, I can't decide..this is really hard having to narrow it down to just five! Okay, my final award goes to toni. :) She is not only a knitter but she is also an amazing stitcher.
Congratulations, ladies!! you all seriously rock. ;)


Hey everyone,
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