Thursday, June 28, 2007

some contests out there in blogland

Well, there are two contests going on that I know of..Asa has one and all you have to do is leave a comment about which you prefer-coffee/tea and you get entered! The other contest is over at skeins her way. All you have to do is leave a comment by July 16th letting her know how old you were when you first learned to knit! Also let her know where you found out about the contest. I plan to have my own lil contest very soon as well since my blogaversary is fast approaching! I haven't quite thought about what exactly the contest will consist of but I'm sure of what the prize will be--something simple. :) I met with my Kindergarten teaching partner yesterday with my fiancé. He was a bit fearful about meeting her when he heard that she doesn't know her north, south, east, and west (just like me!) and when I was giving her directions to where we could meet, she said, "I can picture it..but I'm not quite sure where that is...) which I found funny because I said the exact same thing to her the day before. It's going to be a scary year. lol. In the meantime, I haven't been able to do as much knitting as I'd like because I keep getting kidnapped without my knitting!!! I did get to go to Happy Hookers, Too in Valley Village the other day in an attempt to go to Stitch Cafe which happened to be closed! My poor fiancé--he was trying to surprise me. Oh, and then, he tried to surprise me with going to Black Sheep Knittery and neither one of us knew that it had closed. Yes, I knew about the sale but I had no idea the sale was because the shop was closing. All that sale yarn we missed out on..sigh..and today, today, is blog reading catch-up day since I've been away. My sister and I will be going home to see our niece so I may not be around over the weekend but hopefully when I return, I'll have a finished pair of socks to show off!

you think I'm a rockin' girl??

Deb over at knottykitty knits has apparently nominated me as a: Thanks, Deb! It's such an's my first blog award ever! So now, I get the honor of bestowing it upon five lovelies of my choosing. These five lovelies are bloggers whose blogs I just love reading. So here, in no particular order are my five favorites! Deb, just so you know, you would've been in my top five had you not already received the award! ;)
First award goes to....AR, mother to MM, SP, and LD, wife, knittar extraordinaire, and just a great all-around awesome gal and friend! Arleta's blog was the first one I started reading when I began this whole knitting blog thing. ;)
The next one goes to Robyn, a new mommy with an adorable little boy--(who got to meet the yarn harlot!), who is creative (photographer, jewelry maker, & stitch marker maker extraordinaire!), and she was my wonderful sp10 hostess!
Then we have Sarah, my yarn buying/sock club joining enabler! She is also a mommy with two of her own lil adorable kiddies, awesome lace knitter (yes, Sarah, you are!), great eye (or maybe it's ear!) for inexpensive sock clubs, and another marvelous gal!
Next we have ms. tiennie who has got to be the fastest knitter I know. This girl can crank out some socks. She is also quite the joiner! lol. She is also a mommy and has probably one of the best hubbies in the knitting world!
My final award goes out to...(can you hear the drumroll??) gosh, I can't decide..this is really hard having to narrow it down to just five! Okay, my final award goes to toni. :) She is not only a knitter but she is also an amazing stitcher.
Congratulations, ladies!! you all seriously rock. ;)

Monday, June 25, 2007

look, some knitting!

While I've been away from the computer, I've been knitting like crazy! ;) Here's a nearly finished swell. I just need to block the thing and add the strings tassels. I absolutely love this finished item. Though I ran into some problems...first off, the pattern calls for size 5 needles. I had the size 5 needles but I didn't have the circs in the recommended length--but I did have them in 24 inches which were really hard to use so being the genius (you can laugh now!) that I am, I thought I could just use size 5 dpns. Um, no. The first hat would've fit the bulldog very nicely but that would've been a problem since this hat was supposed to be for my fiancé whose head is quite bigger than bulldog's! The only set of circs I had in a length of 16 inches were 8's. I frogged back to about where I cast on the rest of the hat and had at it. You can totally see the needle change. Ugh. Oh well..and that lil bump on top? I didn't account for my fiancé's big head being that big so I had to do a few more rows. I'll definitely be making this hat again though--most likely one for me with the leftover patons I still have lying around and I have a lot of cream left. :) Yesterday, the itch to cast on for some socks finally got scratched. Here's my progress on my first coupling sock. You can't really see the lacy pattern. I figured if I put the sock on you'd be able to see it better but no. Maybe after I've blocked the pair when they're finally finished. I'm to the gusset!
Before casting on for my sock, I tried teaching myself the figure 8 cast-on and the magic-cast on. HA. I'm going to stick with my rectangular toe until I can figure the two out..or I may look into the turkish cast on. We'll see!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Notice anything different?? I have just spent the better part of my afternoon converting from old blogger to the new blogger. I almost gave up on finding those progress bars, let me tell you! And I wonder why I don't get much knitting done during the day!! For anyone interested in adding progress bars to your blog, here's the link.
While I was tooling around on here, my last loopy ewe order (@ least for a while!) arrived.
Altogether now. :)
1 skein of MistyMountain Farm in Evening Jewel pictured above.

2 skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in Cherries.

Okay, I need to go do some knitting!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

friendship bread

Remember this? I'm just now realizing that there was a red theme in my April package from Amanda! :) Anyhow, I finally decided to make the friendship bread that she sent me. Here's how it came out. :) Here it is fresh out of the oven.Finally cooled and taken out of its flower pot. :)
And sliced.
It was sooooooooooooooo yummy!! I had no idea it was going to taste so good! My fiancé and I were wishing for more so we were savoring every bite. Thanks, Amanda! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

loopy ewe & some knitting

Here's my first loopy ewe purchase (thanks to Sarah. lol). My order arrived on Saturday but I didn't get a chance to post pics until today and I know Sarah wanted to see what I got! So here they are altogether. And here the are individually.
2 skeins of stone barn fibers in angela,
1 skein of perchance to knit in neon rainbow black,
and 1 skein of fleece artist seawool in origin. Can you tell I was trying to stem away from the neon kick I was apparently on when I went shopping??
Here's how I spent my first day of vacation--working on my first lace shawl. It's the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl. I was using the kelp bed I received from Crissy.
Here's a close-up of the stitching. Okay, are you sitting down?? I ended up frogging it because, had I continued knitting this pattern with this yarn (that was made for sport-weight yarn!), I would have way too many stitches on my needles and it'd take me a lifetime to complete. In the first pic of this shawl, I was already up to 100 stitches and the pattern said that I'd be done when there was 195. Um, thanks. SO, I need to find another easy shawl pattern to work on for the summer.
Since I frogged my shawl, and I couldn't decide on a sock pattern to knit, I just casted on for my chevron scarf. Here it is so far. I dunno yet what I think of the color combo but it's growing on me. My fiance already wants one for himself so whatever is leftover from the farmhouse cake, I will use on a chevron for him! ;)
My blogiversary is approaching next month--July 13th to be exact (I think!) and I've decided that I'm going to offer up a prize in honor of my blogiversary. :) I'm still deciding but it will definitely be a gift certificate and I'm thinking that it'll either be to the loopy ewe or amazon. Elann might be an option as well. We'll see. :)
Oh and I've got a confession to make too--I thought I was gonna be someone's angel for sp10 and I went to the loopy ewe site to see if there was anything I could get said angel. I ended up getting two skeins for myself and it turns out I don't have to be an angel after all. Sigh..maybe I need to designate August as my month to swear off the yarn!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


From this....
To this! And then visitors aren't freaked out by the amount of teaching books I have in my collection! And look what I managed to squeeze in at the bottom of my shelf, a quaint lil knitting section! I had to get crackin' on this yarn pile--it was all piled on my side of the bed! It actually doesn't look all bad now but I didn't start putting that stuff away until into the evening and from all the cleaning, I was starting to get tired! Here's what it looks like my closet. It's all in there believe it or not! I need to go back to Target and pick up one of their fabric cubes (something like this at least!). I knew I should've picked one up when I got the second wire storage unit. Oh well..always a reason to go to Target! In the fabric cube, I plan to keep my wips because there is now a vacant space next to my knitting couch where my knitting books used to be! Currently, my final sp10 package has taken up residence there. I've only got one wip right now and that's thermal. I want to cast on for something else but I already feel guilt about that. :P I finished the market bag late this morning.
I did a bad thing this morning. I was answering emails, and Sarah had mentioned that the yarn pirate's sock club was open. I go check it out, and all of a sudden I'm at paypal signing up for the club. Didn't I say just the other day that I was swearin' off the stuff??? Sigh...It was a good price and I'm only sad that I missed the sign-ups for the Zen Strings Sock Club! lol. Hmph. It seems as though I just barely made it into the club--wonder if I was the last one to sneak by because a few hours ago, yp hadn't posted anything about the club being closed. Yay!! I can't first sock club! So many firsts this summer...first knitting class, first sock club, and my first blogiversary is coming up as well. I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do for it but there just might be a goodie or two involved. :D
Oh, and today, is beautiful Robyn's birthday! Have an awesome birthday, sweetie! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday, only one more day left!!

I'm supposed to be cleaning right?? lol. Here's what I've done so far: I added another 'shelf' to my teaching book area. I just had a brainstorm--I could put my knitting books here too! Though I doubt that everything will fit--plus I won't be able to reach it all. lol. These are boxes of stuff I had put away probably last summer when I thought we were moving. I might need them this coming school year so I thought I better get all my teaching stuff back into the house. I went to Target last night, picked up a 6 cube wire storage thing but in white (I already have it in black). Rather than just use the white ones with my "shelf" in the living room, I had to transfer everything over. It's all still in mid-shuffle. While I blog. lol.
In knitting news...did you hear that the DeStash blog has closed it's doors?? I never purchased anything from it nor was I ever able to post stuff (since they weren't taking new people!) but I did enjoy looking. I wonder if anyone else is going to start a new version. Two pieces of good knitting news: Knitting Daily is now up and Robyn is hosting a Chevron Scarf KAL if anyone is interested in joining! :) Okay, I need to get back to my cleaning!!

PS..omg, I can't believe I forgot this piece of knitting news!! Cookie A will be teaching some classes @ one of my favorite lys, Unwind. I just signed up for the "Troubleshooting Your Feet" class. I can't wait! It's my first knitting class ever. Who'd have thought I'd ever take a sockknitting class! Wonder when they'll have a lace one...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i got lucky!

Well, as of Friday afternoon, I will officially be on vacation. I jumped the gun a bit--I had originally typed that as of tomorrow at noon, I'd be on vacation. Then I remembered I have a client to see on Friday morning for a make-up. Damn that girl. My vacation is only three weeks long but that's better than nothing. Come July 9th, it'll be business as usual--though my schedule won't be so packed. My client that I usually see TTH after school wanted to cancel for our last session, ever. Who am I to complain?? Now I'll have time to clean out the garage tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it. I need to declutter. I also need to knit! Hopefully during the next few weeks I'll be able to finish my thermal. She's just been hangin' out on the couch, patiently waiting for me to pick her up and start working on her again. My focus has switched. I've been working on the market bag which I have yet to photograph. It's coming along nicely and I am anxious to get it finished.
Here's a pic of my completed widdershin!I had a 'professional' take this pic, can you tell?? lol. It's hard being a model--especially when you're as stubborn as I am! ;)
Here's another view:I dunno which I like best. There's another shot here.
Now for some STR love. :) I received my goodies from BMFA to begin my very own chevron scarf. Here's what I picked out: We have "Fire on the Mountain," "Farmhouse," (both of which are for my chevron) "Mustang Sally" (which I just had to get!) and "Lagoon" which I got from misocrafty when she was destashing. :) For those of you needing close-ups, here goes. I have made one last purchase (from the loopy ewe). Did you read that, Sarah?? lol. Thanks a lot for being an enabler. ;) I decided earlier today that I'm swearin' off the yarn for the next two months. I need to start using up what's now in my collection before adding to it. This apt. isn't getting any bigger!

Monday, June 11, 2007

where I've been and lunch with a fellow knit blogger!

Well, I haven't been around to blog (or read everyone else's blog for that matter!) because I have been without a car for an entire week so I've been out and about instead of at home, blogging! My car is finally back home as of earlier this evening. She was at the dealership for so long because they had to replace the entire brake system!!!!!!! They had to do that because there was a recall on my brake light switch so they replaced it (it's a jetta by the way!) and after they did that, it totally screwed my car up-which is why she's been away from home. It's weird having a car again. I've gotten so used to having my fiance cart me around town! Good news is, this is my last 'full' week of work until the summer program begins July 9th. I'll get to sleep in, knit all day long, etc. :) I can't wait! I've got a FO--I finally finished my widdershins but I don't have pics of them just yet. Question for all you sockknitters--is it possible to convert a cuff-down pattern into a toe-up pattern? I find that I could potentially be a sockknitter but I'm partial to the toe-up patterns. Speaking of which, have you seen these yet?? I'm so making those!!! Some of you may know that knottykitty was in my neck of the woods last week. We actually got a chance to get together for lunch last Friday. She brought her cute hubby and I brought my fiance. It was sooooooooooo nice to meet a fellow knitblogger! We both came bearing gifts. I came with stitchmarkers and she came with a very nice chenille flower cloth (with a lil bottle of midnight pomegranate shower gel)! How she knew I liked that scent, I don't know. :) Lunch was fun--no pics, sorry. And no knitting but definitely lots of knitting talk!! There's talk of a reunion up in their neck of the woods. :)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My ISE4 Scarf has arrived!!!!!!!

My lovely ISE4 pal sent me all these gorgeous goodies! Not only did I receive a beautiful scarf, but I also received a UCONN tee for my niece, some rubber stamps, a really cook bookmark, a UCONN cup, a UCONN pen and pencil, some UCONN coffee, some maple syrup local to Connecticut, and skeins of yarn! Talk about getting spoiled! Thank you so very much, sweetie!! Here's a close-up of my gorgeous scarf! And would you believe this was her first try at lace?? ;)

Flash Your Stash Contest

This is the contest for my sp 10 group this month--and I think maybe our last if not close to our last. Robyn, sp 10 hostess has made my first sp 10 experience an awesome one! So without further ado, here's my stash which honestly, has only begun to multiply over the last couple of months!

Pictured above, is the (Patons) Wool Crowd.
Ack acrylic!!! The stuff in bags (including the lb homespun in the front) I had purchased with the intention of completing a blanket I had started probably a year and a half ago. Currently, it's all in a big gap bag in my closet. In the mix are some skeins of tlc cara mia, and some gift yarn.
Here's the ever-growing sock yarn collection. There's some magic stripes in there, sassy stripes, and a skein of patons kroy socks that I'm wishing to part with if anyone is interested.
Here's the cotton! Last summer and into this past winter, I was heavily into the dishcloths! The craze has subsided a bit so here's what I've got left from my craze. Aside from dishcloth cotton, there's some cotton fleece, knitpicks cotton blend stuff, and some rowan denim in there.
Here's the miscellaneous pile. You will find some db cashmerino, linen, hempathy, mohair, etc.
This pile is of mercerized cotton (karabella) that used to be two skirts which I frogged because I wasn't happy with their fit at all.
These yarns missed their group portraits! Two cakes of cascade 220, a skein of noro kureyon, some lang jawoll, and a skein of red heart soft.
my alpaca collection.
baby yarns.
lonely cake of laceweight.
new stash! the yarn on the left is what I have now dubbed 'mckinnam' and to the right of it is some new sock yarn.

And this final pic is of some gift yarn I received from my ISE 4 pal! Some noro silk garden lite plus a ball and a skein of some very pretty blue sky alpaca silk! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Flowers, a blocked scarf, and my final sp package!

Flowers I received yesterday, just because. :) I love the green chrysanthemums! Sorry it's a bad shot. :P
Here's my scarf blocking.
Here's a close-up of her blocking. To view a blocked pic, go here. I'm so amazed at the whole blocking process. My scarf lays so flat now! I have yet to use it but hope to soon.
And here before you, are the contents of my final package from Amanda!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the lotion, the pilates dvd (which I'm previewing right now as I type this blog!), the cool needle felting kit, the light-up needles!!!!!!!!! the gorgeous hand-dyed yarn (and it smells so yummy too!) and the popcorn-in its own tub!! SP 10 has been a super cool experience and I look forward to SP 11. Below is a close-up of the gorgeous yarn Amanda dyed for me! :) Along with my final package, I also received this lovely yarn from Knitting Notions. Catherine, of Knitting Notions is awesome! She ships super duper fast! I ordered my yarn on Friday/Saturday and it arrived yesterday.