Saturday, March 22, 2008

going MIA for a bit

Well, my spring break began Thursday afternoon at about 12:01pm. We finished our last parent/teacher conference and I hit the road. My last conference with my former partner. It's going to be weird returning to school knowing she won't be there anymore! I have two glorious weeks off and will be spending the first week at my parents' house (you know, the place I go where I only have dial-up internet access!). To my horror, this morning when I attempted to go online, my parents' computer wouldn't even boot up!!! My brother fixed it (about two hours ago!) but if you don't hear from me after this, you know why. The computer died (again!) or I didn't have the patience to wait for the computer to be fixed. Thank goodness I brought some knitting as well as some work to do. I came solo so I should be able to complete mostly everything I brought. I was able to start and finish a washcloth in a day! :) I brought a sock pattern to cast on for, the bag of washcloths I need to start and complete for my friend in AZ, and I also have my shetland shawl to work on (not to mention the school-related stuff I brought to read!). I have to tell you that it really felt like Spring during my drive up to my parents' house. I noticed flowers growing on these hills that I hadn't seen before. I also saw two flocks of sheep! I totally wished that I could've taken pictures of all the pretty sights! Maybe next time. Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful Easter (if you celebrate it!) and I'll be posting as soon as I get back to LA, if not sooner! Oh before I go, I've gotta tell you that my niece is even more hilarious than she was the last time I was here!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

book meme

The Rules: 1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 (or more) pages. Venus Envy by Shannon McKelden 2. Open the book to page 123 and find the 5th sentence. 5th sentence is: "I pushed off the bench and wandered to the far side of the garage to my car." 3. Post the next 3 sentences. "I lifted the corner of the dustcover a few inches, just far enough to see a patch of bright red over a still shiny chrome bumper. I knew that if I lifted the cover higher, I'd find the black soft top stretched taut, in near-perfect condition. Just the way I'd left her." 4. Tag 5 people. Too lazy.

favorite color swap 3 questionnaire

1. What are your top three favorite colors? my top three favorite colors in no particular order are green, blue, and gray. But, please don't send me any blue/green yarn as I have quite enough (from the first favorite color swap I did!)! I'm into mustardy yellows mixed with pink, olive greens, browns, autumn and winter colors (dark reds in particular). 2. What crafts do you really enjoy? knitting! I started getting into card making but am taking a hiatus! 3. What products do you really covet? Hmm...kiehl's lip balm #1, lantern moon sock stix 4. What other activities do you enjoy besides your favorite crafty things? listening to music, reading magazines, reading books, watching tv, hanging out with my niece, going for drives (as long as they're not SUPER long ones!!), going to bookstores, baking. 5. Is there anything you collect? lip balms, socks. I used to collect pens too and stationery. 6. What is your zodiac sign and/or Chinese zodiac symbol? taurus and rabbit 7.What are your favorite… …scents/smells? clove/citrus scents (pink grapefruit in particular!), ginger/fresh linen …types of music and/or bands? alternative, 80's, punk, classic r&b/soul, oldies. bands=muse, beatles, feist, kate nash, lily allen, dashboard confessional, etc. …authors? tony parsons, emily giffin, alice walker, amy tan …animals? ostriches/cows/pigs/sheep …places to shop? target, my local yarn shops …season? Definitely Spring. Then Autumn. …yarn/fabric/paper/other craft supplies? wool, wool blends/no favorite kind of fabric or paper or other craft supplies …candies or goodies? dark chocolate with almonds/sour patch watermelon/peanut m&m's 8. Do you have any wish lists? I have an amazon wishlist. 9. Are you allergic to anything? dust/pollen/heavy stinky perfumes! 10. Do you have any pets? What are they? no pets. 11. Please include anything else you would like your secret pal to know about you- anything that would be helpful in finding you little gifts that you will really enjoy. Also, if you have a Ravelry ID, please include it here. my rav id is Ggirl. I just got a crock pot for Christmas so I've been trying to find good recipes. I live with my fiance. I love Pigpen. I love goldfish crackers. I'm a teacher.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

spring cleaning!

Since I had to wait for the cable guy to rehook up my cable, I decided to do some spring cleaning. I mopped, vacuumed, blocked some socks, tidied up my teaching bookshelf, tidied up my "former" dining table and moved everything into the office/craft nook/den and now I'm attempting to catch up on posting as well as blog reading. It has been quite a week. I haven't stayed late at school since my first and second years of teaching! I had been staying at school late because my fiance had dropped me off at work and sometimes it takes him longer than I expect for him to pick me up due to traffic. We've been attempting to carpool.
Back to my cleaning. While I was cleaning, I decided to look for 10 new things I own that I have yet to use so that I could participate in Robyn's contest! So here are my 10 items:

1. lip balm which I got a couple of months ago from woolgirl. 2. lotion I'm a bit of a collector of lotion and since knitting makes my hands so dry, thought I'd try this stuff out. 3. beach mat I bought this when my sister was first going to move to LA. We're not really beach goers but I think I can find an everyday use for this. 4. soothing balm I got this the same time I got the lip balm. It's supposed to help soften my hands. Guess we'll see. 5. project bag I have three of these. One was given to me my sp11 upstream pal and I bought a couple more. I have to try to incorporate project bags into my life as opposed to ziploc bags! 6. spray bottle Being the cleaner that I am, I got this a few years back and have yet to use it. 7. monkey bread mix This I saw at Wild Oats and thought of the Gosselin family so I had to try it out (not really knowing if this is the monkey bread they eat! 8. white hat This I got a couple years ago. I'm going to try to wear it for our hikes with the kids. 9. candle I used to collect candles. Now I'm not into them so much. 10. marie antoinette dvd I've seen this movie and liked it enough to want to own it. Now I just need to watch it again.
If you're interested in joining Robyn's contest, you just have to find 10 items in your house that are 'new', post about them and attempt to use them by March 22nd. To guarantee your entrance into this contest, you have to link your 10 items to Robyn's post.
Now I know you've all been waiting to see some pics of this new craft area I've got. Well, I was finally able to take a couple of pics. :) Please note that it's still in development! This shelf is holding my stash (most of it!) along with some magazines, a globe, and some other knitterly things. This shelf has all my knitting books. I tried to fit in my binders with all my patterns but unfortunately, the binders are too tall for this shelf. No worries. I'll just keep them in in my teaching bookshelf for now! Here's what my little nook looks like in its entirety. And do you see the beach mat?? I'm going to try it out there and see how I like it. I have yet to really hang out in my knitting nook since work has taken up so much of my time!
We still need a few more things for the room-like a radio and maybe a comfy chair or something for me to sit in and a trash can but it's slowly coming along!
On the knitting front, I'm working on a sheldon. The body is all done and I've started on the limbs. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Can I tell you it's been a rough week at work?? You'd think I had my own class of 18 students again rather than have 2 extra adults in the classroom. It has been a week full of excessive work drama. I don't even want to go into it. I'll just say that the parents of my students all wondered why I wasn't just made lead teacher and the new teacher could be the co-teacher (my role!). I just want an equal. I'm going to be getting an equal though. I reassured the parents by telling them that I would basically be acting as a lead because I have to teach the new teacher the routine and all. They were relieved. My director got another earful of just how much the parents and their children love and adore me. Apparently she thought the kids were all deeply connected to my partner. Ha. SO not the case. Next week, my true partner (the former asst. to our curriculum director) will be starting and the sub who has been getting on my nerves more and more with each passing day will be OUT of my hair. I told my fiance she's overstayed her welcome. She just bugs and I feel as though she's trying to make the class more her when it isn't even her freakin 'class. The children were told the news yesterday and they were showing signs of distress today. Some were very clingy to me but that might be because I was sort of not in the limelight today. I was busy emailing parents, responding to emails from parents and calling parents! Monday it will just be me and my new partner (who I already love!) and that is when we are going to whip the kids back in shape. I told her what she's seeing is so not who they are. I'm both disappointed and embarrassed but I do get it. They're testing all those around them big time and they're not quite sure who is going to be their teacher. Poor kids. We're thinking after Spring Break (thankfully we get TWO weeks!!) is when they're really going to understand that my partner is gone. We're throwing a party for her next Tuesday and we're going to try to get a book made for her. I want to do it on Monday when the sub isn't there. Is that bad?? I don't want her acting as if it's her class when she's only been there a week and a half. I re-started my Sheldon for my friend who already gave birth to her third son. I need to get some fiberfil before I can move on to the rest of the turtle! I tried to start a shetland triangle but I think I need to concentrate more. As for the slow month, I had to spend money on groceries. I also had to buy sand for work. Fortunately, I'm going to claim it on my taxes for next year..or I could just get an immediate reimbursement. I had to buy my sister dinner for her bday but I managed to get out of spending even more money on a gift. My fiance was gifted with some fancy schmancy wine kit so we just gave her that. :) Talk about easy! Oh, I had to offer up my support to one of the committees my students started-the buy paintings to help the homeless committee and I spent a dollar on an 85 cent painting. I think that's all I spent today! :) Okay, more on the weekend since I have to be home to have our cable reconnected!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

slow days 2-5 and more

You know, it's getting a bit tougher to not spend money! Thank goodness for having people around me that will at least buy me lunch when I'm hungry. lol. My sister is taking the rice cooker (it's hers anyway) and the answering machine. I've decided we can do without a new rice cooker until I'm out of this slow month. The answering machine is something we could sort of do without but I don't want to miss any important messages. We are in dire need of groceries (fresh produce and meat!) so maybe tomorrow we'll hit the market. We're in need of tp as well and that we need tonight. haha. We need our own Costco membership also--another thing I will wait to sign up for in April. Wow, April is definitely going to be a busy month! I received some yarn today! It was a bit unexpected though. I had signed up (at the last minute!) for the March installment of the Zen Yarn Garden Art Walk Sock Club. Boy am I ever glad that I did. I'll post pics of my 'Almond Branches' tomorrow. It's very pretty. I'm thinking of making a scarf with it. I have also finished the sweetheart socks and the stripey man socks. :) When I was finishing up the stripey man sock, I had to do some inventive knitting. I didn't have a needle with me to do the kitchener graft so I just used my circulars. Took me forever but I did it! I've been on the fence as to what I want to work on now. I attempted to get back to work on my greenery hat but stupid me forgot to write down what row I left off on. :( I wound my malabrigo laceweight into a ball and even though I had purchased it with the idea to make a woodland shawl, I think I am going to do a shetland triangle with it. But I haven't started it yet. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I'll post some tomorrow!

hmmm, ch-ch-changes

Well, I sincerely thought I was going to have really good news to share but it's not so good news after all. The news on the work front is that my partner is moving out of state. It is an awesome opportunity for her and her family and I couldn't be happier for them! Particularly since they will now be able to get a house as well as a dog for her son. Yay!!! Now, you'd think I would just fill her shoes until the remainder of the school year and my school would hire someone to help me out. Um, no. That has so not become the case! I thought it came down to semantics but it really comes down to having a director who is very set in her ways. Here's what has happened in the span of oh, three partner wanted to bring on board the sub that was there the Friday that Carl Lewis was supposed to be at my school. This woman comes, interviews, and she did a trial run. All the while, our curriculum director's asst. came in to 'observe'. Little did I know she was coming in to decide if she wanted to take the position rather than us have the sub take it. There isn't anything wrong with either candidate. I would much prefer the one who has already been working at our school though because she has much more experience. The sub just got her credential. Here's the kicker, the one who has already been working at our school is going to have the 'lead teacher' title and I get to keep my sad little 'co-teacher' title which when I first heard it bugged the living crap out of me. Now, I could care less. I was all excited and gung-ho about the new unit we are going to be starting and I've seriously lost a bit of that excitement because of the fact that my director didn't believe in me enough to be able to take on the 'lead teacher' role--maybe she's trying to save me from stress, I don't know but one of my pet peeves is when people think that I can't handle something. Oh and get this, pretty much all the staff knew before my partner even told me her news!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a whole 'nother story. Anyway, my partner's last day is the 20th. My new partner will begin on the 17th. The sub is going to continue with me until the 14th. Hopefully things will go differently than I imagine. I'm hoping for this to be a real partnership where we work together to plan the curriculum. We'll see. I'm worried about the transition for the kids too as well as the parents. Other news, my sister will officially be in her new apt. as of tonight. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I didn't go into the details of her moving. It's a lame and childish story but I know that some of you want to hear it. She claims that the thing that made her finally decide to move out was when the three of us (me, my fiance, and my sister) went out for dinner and we didn't speak to her the entire time (never mind that she didn't say a damn. word. herself.) Here's our version: she hadn't spoke to us in at least a month (if not two) already and if someone else is the initiator of the no-speaking clause, we're not going to be the ones to break it because we didn't start it. Plus, I'm sick and tired of always being the 'bigger person' and always being the one to initiate the talking again. Why do I always have to be the one to start? She stops talking to a person, she can be the first one to start talking to them again. It shouldn't be the other way around especially when the other person has no idea why she stopped speaking to them in the first place!!! Oh, she feels like she's being watched and I have to tell you, my mother admitted to my sister that she and my dad had asked my fiance and I to 'watch her.' We didn't call and report everything we saw. We questioned a lot of things she did and worried about her safety (but only amongst ourselves) since whatever happened to her was going to fall on our heads but she didn't care! She wants to prove she's an adult. Does an adult get pissy with you if you're not able to help move their shit at their beck and call?? Well, let me tell you, this adult does. Does an adult complain about having to move all their stuff on their own (hello, YOU'RE the one who's freaking moving!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you wanted help, you'd tell us when you wanted our help rather than just expect us to be available at anytime because help was offered to you). Ugh. Such has been my Saturday. Sorry for the complaining..some of this stuff just happened this morning! We are all speaking again (believe it or not!)-only because she sent us the longest email in the world apologizing for her stupidity and telling us the root of all this drama but she's still moving. She needs to. Her negative energy was filling up the apt. Over the course of this past week, I have felt that negative energy slowly begin to seep out with her and her belongings. Who knew I had a toxic relative!! As my fiance and I left this morning, I said, 'Why do we even have to get her a gift for her bday or even make a cake for her?? She's SO undeserving of all that!' Ugh, I need a vacation. Spring Break can't get here any faster. We have conferences on Holy Thursday and since my new partner has to leave by noon that day, we have to make all of our conferences be over by that time. I'll be going to Salinas on my own since my fiance has to work and I'll be gone for about a week. (I get two weeks off!). I'll have quality time with my parents and my niece alone until my sister gets into town. :P Will we ever have a normal relationship again?? Who knows. Maybe when she turns 30.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

slow month day 1

You know, I have to admit that I don't have trouble not spending money in real life. Most of the money I find myself spending lately has been on yarn. Maybe I need to do 2 months worth of a slow month (just in regards to yarn!!) but then I might miss out on something. lol! Today was easy. The hard days come near the end of the month. I tend to do binge online shopping near the end of the month be it books/cds/yarn. That's what I know about myself so the real test is coming. I received some interesting news today which will kind of change my work situation a bit. I can't share just yet as it's still pretty hush hush. It's going to be good though. I also forgot to mention that I'm going to start working with a student at my school after school two times a week so that'll be some extra pocket money. That also means less blogging time and I'll get even more behind than I already am (until Spring Break!). I've been toying with the idea of tutoring over the summer for extra money so we'll see. I'm thinking that I might end up tutoring my current students since over the summer, they will technically be 1st graders. I won't get paid during the summer hence the reason for needing to tutor to pay the rent and the bills! I'll try to post every other day or at least once a week with regards to how my slow month is going. I learned to not spend @ all when I was unemployed which is why this isn't so difficult. Starting it was difficult though but that's another story.

Monday, March 3, 2008

i love mondays (at least this one!)

I got to come home early today. Early is before 4 o'clock. We began our weekly hikes today and the kids had a lot of fun. Aside from getting to come home early (with hardly any traffic!) I also came home to a pile of yarn purchases! Oh, and would you believe I am beginning my 'slow month' today? Robyn started hers at the beginning of this month. I couldn't quite commit to that. lol. I didn't think I could do it but then I saw that you can still buy groceries. That was my main concern. I can honestly stop buying yarn for a while (really, it's true!). Plus, I'm starting to run out of baskets to keep my yarn in. Oh. dear.
I had a bit of a busy weekend. Saturday, I attended a dinner thrown by the parents of my students (though all the parents weren't in attendance!). My fiancé had the best time ever and he is now apparently the best fiancé ever. Like he really needed another ego boost! I had Persian food for the very first time. It was pretty good but I know I didn't eat enough food. plus I was the only one who went back for more food. It's a bad habit I've learned while growing up. See, when you attend numerous Filipino family parties, you know better than to fill your plate up completely the first time because you are going to be expected to eat again in a few hours. So, I didn't fill my plate up. Everyone else, full plate. It was great fun and it just reminded me again of how much I'm going to miss this group of parents!
Oh, Saturday afternoon was spent helping my sister get stuff for her new place! Yesterday was spent working on progress reports and guess what. I thought they were due today by 5 pm so I finished all the ones we had left. I can't open TWO of them and it's driving me nuts. I don't want to do that work over again!! Ugh. I don't know what the problem is but I know there's some kind of incompatibility going on. Sigh..Fortunately, they're not due until tomorrow by 5:30 so I hope to figure things out by then because I don't want to do them over!!
Oh, once my sister is completely out of this apt, guess what will go in her room other than an office for my fiance?? My yarn is going to go in there!!! I can't wait. I'm going to set up my swift and winder on my shelf too. We were in Ikea Saturday afternoon and everywhere I looked, there was an expedit in my line of sight. I wanted a white one but didn't want to carry the thing out. We went to Target and managed to find something similar to the expedit and for $30 less!!!!!! My fiance was supposed to build it yesterday but since my sister is still here, there isn't quite anywhere to put it just yet. So we'll just have to wait. Pictures are to follow. ;)
Now for the actual knitting front, sweetheart socks
and my stripey man socks.
This is all the knitting I've allowed myself to do. And you know what? I'm supposed to be working on baby stuff for my friend in AZ who is due very, very soon!! Ack. Where have my priorities gone??
Last week I had some good mail days. I received my zen strings feb. kit (my final one). It is Hope in Lotus Toes.
This is bmfa str in corbie which I got in a trade! You can't really see all the colors. They're so dark but I love them.
This is autumn rose, the autumn colorway for the Sundara Seasons Yarn Club.
I traded my winter sky for autumn rose, which is by far, much more my color!
Now for today's mail! This is pdy self-striping free verse sock yarn in jazz june. Doesn't this yarn look like something I’m already working on???
And look at this yarn!!! Don't they look so similar?? This is Madeline Tosh sock yarn in turquoise.
Here are both skeins laying together. You can't really see how close the colors are in this shot but IRL, they're nearly identical. It's crazy.
Here we have my first yarn order from fearless fibers, earthenware. This will definitely become a first of many. The yarn feels amazing and the colors are fantastic!
Lastly, we have some malabrigo baby laceweight in paris night. I've got a project in mind already but am not sure when I'm going to cast on for it. This is my first time using malabrigo too!