Monday, October 27, 2008

pumpkin patch

We had our first field trip of the year today to our local pumpkin patch! I've gotta say that it's one of my favorite trips of ours because the pics are always so cool! This is a pic of the biggest pumpkin that the patch had which was the only one grown locally. And they're off. The mission? To find the pumpkin that has a spider drawn on it's bottom. The prize? We get to take it back to our classroom! Here's a shot of some of the pumpkins from the patch and in the very back are a bunch of scarecrows that were dressed up by various people. There weren't as many pumpkins this year probably because we went so late this month! Regardless, they had a great time!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


As promised (thank goodness I remembered right away!), here is a current progress shot of my lace ribbon scarf. I really love the way it's knitting up and it really is an easy pattern to follow. I just wish it were finished already because I can't wait to show it off! :) I'm also chugging along on my clap. I think I'm about at the same spot that I am on my first one. I keep looking at it to see if it's really going to grow much more because it doesn't seem like it will. :( There was a fire that was actually 'near' to me--at least closer than all of the other fires. This heat, the fire, and our infamous Santa Ana winds aren't helping at all.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I completed only four of the seven hats I had intended on having for my friend's baby shower! I started a fifth and told her that I'd be mailing it to her...I just might mail two others! lol. The finished hats can be seen here. I also finally remembered to take a pic of my finished lapping waves hat--though it isn't on me. It's been way too hot for a hat! :P I've been happily working on my lace ribbon scarf and my clap. Today was quite the mail day as I received my October Woolgirl shipment (only took a pic of the yarn this time around..the heat is getting to my brain!)-this is plum blossom and she came with so many cool things!! my first sock yarnista package, introducing lewis. :) some lovely sundara sock yarn I received in a trade with twoply via rav-meet beach glass.and some goodies I've been waiting on for my secret pals which will not be featured here! Next post I will have some progress shots of my lace ribbon scarf because it has grown a lot since it was last seen!

Monday, October 20, 2008

knitter on a mission

ETA: Pics now added! The mission I am trying to accomplish is to get about 7 baby hats knit up in time for the baby shower I will be attending this coming Saturday! So far, I've completed one called a tubey. I just need to finish weaving in the ends. I started a doodie and a cubba. All of these hats are from wee woolly toppers. They are so freakin' cute! The hats are all kind of mindless knits and I'm itching to get back to my clap and to my lace ribbon scarf that I started two weekends ago! Well, I cast on for a second clap. After checking out the seasons yarn club forum on rav, I decided to use my three skeins of aran silky for a clap. So far so good. My first clap is sitting pretty. I'm still on the fence as to what I'm going to do with it. I love my second one and hope that it will be done in time for the winter. I'd like to have my lace ribbon scarf done before fall is over but we'll see. It's slow goings--at least for this week! I really like how my lace ribbon scarf is coming along--even though I've only completed 2 full pattern repeats! My progress shots of my lace ribbon scarf and my second clap are on a dead camera. So after it's charged, I should be able to upload their gorgeous pics! I've been trying to knit from my stash-especially since more yarn is on its way (when is it not lately??). I've been bad at posting (particularly knitting content!) so I do apologize. The knitting has been keeping sane after these trying times at work! On a non-knitting note, my ankle is definitely getting better. It's still a bit swollen but I feel it healing. I've got an additional six more sessions of physical therapy to get me as close to 100% as possible.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I wasn't going to come on my computer at all tonight so that I could do some catch up knitting on those hats. In regards to my progress, things are slow going. :P The fires and the Santa Ana winds were kicking my butt on Monday night. I've got lots to do still. BUT, I received a package from my autumn swap pal and had to post all the goodies I got pronto! This cute post card came with my package. I love it! Here's what I unpacked first--a cute jack-o-lantern mug and some orange hot cocoa were in the cute chinese takeaway box! I had to get a close-up of the cool calaveritas stitchmarkers she sent! And here's a shot of everything that was in my package! :) Don't you just love the leaves?? Thank you so very much, Autumn Swap Pal for sending me such a fantastic package!! It's gotta be my favorite one so far. Oh, she even sent me recipes and I can't wait to try them out! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

bulldog birthday weekend!

I realized that I haven't even posted yet about my niece's bday weekend! Here she is being goofy while she does her 'work.'Here she is watching tv--one of her current favorite pastimes. I don't remember what she was watching. And here she is doing some coloring at her lil table! She had me sit with her. Of course, I also had to get the crayons down for her because she told me 'can't'. Hmm...what could she possibly be looking at?? See it now? She found herself some yummy sundara aran silky! No pics were taken at her actual birthday party. I was too busy doing other stuff. She received a ton of gifts which all eventually made their way to my mom's house. There was a pinata: My highlight of my niece's birthday weekend? When she 'breakdanced' on the deck near the pool of her grandparents' trailer park. How I wish I had taken pictures of that! Oh, and my second highlight would be when she said "I love you" to me before my sister and I left to come back here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I casted on for the lapping waves hat over the weekend and I finished it last night! I love it and can't wait to wear it. :) I had a bit of trouble and had to keep ripping back several times because I'd get so distracted and not remember which row I was really truly on! :P A pic will be up soon. I may wind my skein of Autumn Rose for the lace ribbon scarf. I've been dying to cast on for it after seeing some of the other ones done with the silky merino! I also saw that some people used their aran silky for a clap. I'm having issues with my current clap and just might frog it and wind all my aran silky. We'll see. Over the last two weeks, I've gotten tagged for a meme and I received an award. I am now finally remember to post both! I was tagged by Robyn. 1. I've only really had work experience as a teacher. 2. I cannot eat cheese by itself. 3. I don't like foods that coat my teeth. 4. I actually don't enjoy getting paid to do virtually nothing. 5. I'm no longer a fan of nailpolish--makes my nails grow too quickly. 6. I get turned off by up and coming actors who've made it big and I no longer find them interesting. 7. I don't like to wear tops that expose my neck area. I won't tag anyone for this because it's gone around enough times. It was tough coming up with new (I hope!) weird things about me! The award I received also comes from Robyn. Thanks again hon! :) The rules are: 1- Post the award on your blog.

2- Add a link to the person who gave you the award.

3- Nominate at least 4 other bloggers and add their links:

I obviously can't give it to Robyn again so here are my nominees in no particular order: Carole, Ren, Hakucho, and Deb. Ack! Hakucho also gave me an "I Love Your Blog" award. Thanks hon! :) Let's see if I can squeeze out some more nominees! Logan,Ruth, Danielle, Jeanne, and Amanda. I will be away this weekend helping my niece to celebrate her 2nd birthday (which is tomorrow!). Happy Birthday also to KnottyKitty! :)

worst. day. ever.

I never thought I'd have a bad day at work. The kind of day where I literally didn't want to work there anymore. It's not just the ankle talking---though the ankle has had a hand in this revelation of mine. Who would've thought a sprain could cause such havoc. Certainly, I had no idea. The distaste for my current school began Tuesday evening when our Admissions Director came up to me and told me that she'd appreciate it if in the future, I didn't schedule any appointments when we have group tours. Um, no one told me (beforehand) that I couldn't do this and I apologized for having done this. I scheduled all my appointments in advance before it was even announced that group tours were going to begin. I left work annoyed that she got in my face about that but held my tongue. My partner has been getting annoying and obnoxious. Have I made this publicly known yet? She complains ALL the time and is often found saying, "At _______we did things this way.." We would NEVER do that at ______." I honestly don't care if that's not how things were done at _____. You're not at that place anymore. You're here, with me. (unfortunately!). Okay, back to the appt thing--btw, this appt. that they wanted me to try to reschedule is for physical therapy. How our Admissions Director had the audacity to basically ask that I choose my job over my health, I don't know. Being the good employee that I am, I called the physical therapy office today to see if I could reschedule for another day/time/whatever. I got a new appt., emailed the person who is in charge of scheduling and filling spots when teachers are out and guess what? I had an email in my inbox waiting from him saying that next Wednesday is okay because the freakin' Admissions Director decided not to do a group tour that day!!! (So my annoyance level was starting to build). My annoying partner started jumping all over me when I told her I rescheduled my appt. She was going on and on about how she couldn't understand why they'd ask me to do such a didn't make any sense..she'd be okay alone..I've been at the school for a while now so why are they doing this, ETC. I had to walk out. I couldn't take hearing her complain about it anymore. The icing on the cake was mid-day when our admin. asst. told me she needed to talk to me and proceeded to tell me that the person who oversees her was going to have a chat with my fiance! I think about the fact that he's around everyday (he drops me off and picks me up because the parking lot is a bit of a walk from the school) and he's so comfortable @ the school that he'll sometimes sit at our admin. asst. desk (when he's waiting around for me). I immediately called him after she told me what was gonna go down and he said he'd just wait for me outside of the school from now on then. The admin. asst. did say though that he's around so much because he's been picking me up and dropping me off at school. So all of this, made me not want to work at my school anymore and you all know that I've suddenly gotten on the fence about leaving next school year. I think I'm back on that fence. I still like the school but now I'm starting to feel as though it's not the right fit anymore. And I have to say that in all my jobs that I've had, this is the first where I've ever felt unhappy. I generally tend to like the places I choose to work but this place...I'm starting to feel as though they don't want me there anymore and you know what? I'm okay with that because I'm starting to feel as though I don't want to be there anymore anyway.