Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Transitions occur all around us without us even really noticing. Here I find myself transitioning out of my apartment and out of Los Angeles into my parents' house and to Northern California. I transition from knitting project to knitting project (more on that later!). There is also the transition from life to death happening practically every minute. This morning I learned that Senator Edward Kennedy, (yet another icon) has passed on. He fought a long battle with brain cancer. His fight has given me a bit of hope as there is someone near and dear to me also fighting this same battle. I have some renewed hope that this someone will get to be around for a lil while longer.. I took a sort of break from the heavy duty packing yesterday. I packed and filled a few boxes, gathered up the laundry oh and I took apart my bedframe! I think tomorrow we're going to attempt to transfer some of the boxes into the garage and stack them in an orderly fashion so we just throw them into the truck right from the garage rather than having to walk them downstairs and THEN load them. I got to knit last night! And do you know what I picked up? I present to you the back of my sesame! I have to tell you that I was a bit hesitant to pick it back up because the last time I worked with patons merino wool, my fingers didn't like it too much! But now for some reason, they liked it fine. I started the left front but haven't gotten very far. It's kind of nice working on a sweater in pieces (I say this now). I like that I'm not working on 100+ stitches at once but I also do like the ease of top-down raglans where everything is done in one piece. This sesame might be a quick finish. We'll just have to see! Before I picked up my sesame, I worked on my ribbed lace bolero too. It's slow goings. I'm about an inch away from getting to the ribbing and then I'll be finished! Here's my vintage rose socks..bad picture though!Oh and while I was blocking something blue on Sunday, I took a pic of it during its bath.Remember the three sections of the living room I marked off? Here's a visual:
The heavy stuff
The lighter stuff
Some of the things that will go into my car
There are still a few boxes in the bedrooms and there's all my teaching stuff down in the garage still. :P Anyone wanna trade places??

Monday, August 24, 2009

the whirlwind becomes a tornado

It feels like forever since I last posted and it's only been about 5 or 6 days! I'm still disappointed that I didn't land a job for the upcoming school year--one that I wanted and would've been happy to take but that's the way the cookie crumbles and I'm hoping there's something better in store for me. Patience is a virtue which I completely get. I just hope my something great comes soon. We will be moving our entire two bedroom apt. into my parents' house this weekend. Then we will be coming back to get the other car and we'll be at my sister's through labor day while she's away on a trip. After that, who knows. What I do know is once the dust has sort of settled (I think we're going to wait at least that long) we will start looking for our own place to live and some jobs! I know, a double move--my husband is not looking forward to that but we don't have time to find a place to live this week, finish packing up the apt. and be ready to move come this weekend. I don't want that stress. My MIL is still in the hospital and they're going to keep her there until they feel she is ready to be home. I got to see some more pictures from the wedding last night. They keep coming out of the woodwork. Sorry, I got distracted..I pack and then I come back to blog. I've created designated corners in the living room. One corner is where all the heavy stuff is. Another corner is the lighter stuff and another section of the living room/kitchen area is stuff that needs to go in my car. We're in need of more boxes and I still have to stop service on our phone and our gas. So many things to do..and I still have to do a change of address! I am in the midst of blocking my sister's something blue. I put it in the dryer for a bit yesterday because I didn't want it to have that wet/dry smell. I might have to toss it in for a wee bit longer. I hope it fits her well after the blocking! I also let her know that once it's completely finished, I will need to take pictures of her wearing it for posterity. :) Oh! I finished my vintage rose socks! I realized while I was working on the second sock that I forgot to do the charts top down intstead of bottom up since I did the socks toe-up. Oh well. They're done and they're blocking. I'm going to give pinkie a steam block later this evening so tomorrow I oughta have some actual pictures of knitting content. I'm chugging along on my ribbed lace's slow goings but I'm about halfway through with it. I'm contemplating picking back up my sesame but I may need to rip back a few stitches if not just completely redo what I've got so far. We'll see all depends on my mood!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, we drove up late yesterday afternoon for an interview I was scheduled to have this morning in Marin. The interview was short but went really well and the principal mentioned a few other possible options to me (other than the position I had interviewed for). We've been hanging around here waiting for her to call back which she did and they offerered the position to someone who was already on staff but she does want me to keep in touch if I haven't found a permanent position because there will be some long-term sub positions that will be opening up in the next few months. We were SO close. The place I did a phone interview for called while we were en route to the aforementioned interview and I lost the woman while we were going through a tunnel and she thought I had hung up on her. She started to say "I wanted to thank you for interviewing with us (and then I lost her)! I knew she was calling to say thanks but no thanks. Oh well. I was kind of preparing myself for not having a full-time teaching position for this school year. It's no big deal..but now the worry is moving. I know that we'll still try to live within reasonable distance of where we are right now but without a job, it's going to be tough. I brought my shrug to work on and I'm nearly finished with the first skein of yarn and I didn't bring the second one because I didn't think we'd be up here for very long. I also brought my vintage rose sock to work on..I'm onto the gusset so it should be finished soon. I've been contemplating another cardi too..but not with such heavy yarn! That'll have to wait until a steady job appears.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

life and knitting

Let's see..the last you heard from you, things weren't so good. They're still not so good but they're better than the last post. We went to see my MIL at the hospital and she seemed okay. She was awake and talked to us for a while but she was tired--so we let her rest. Thank you to everyone for their prayers, well wishes, etc. It's helping. I did my phone interview Friday morning. It turned out to be a panel of 5 women. I felt even worse knowing that I had to cancel on a whole panel! What was nice was when the director of the school first phoned, she asked how my MIL was. I think it went well despite the fact that they don't have a face to my name/voice. They're going to decide early this week so we'll see. I got brave and called the district school I interviewed with last Friday. I hadn't heard from them yet and I had seen that they reposted the position I interviewed for so that made me worry. I was not being offered the position but I did ask if the principal could give me some feedback on my interview and how I could improve for future interviews. I wish I had started doing this in the beginning! I don't think I would've had to go through so many interviews if I had known how to do it right in the first place. Oh well. Now I am all the wiser. Okay, onto the knitting! After the third time of trying to pick up and knit the collar band, I finally got it!
And now all the knitting is complete!!
Here's the collarband. :)
Now I just need to block it and sew in a button! This finish was a long time coming..a lot of tedious stockinette and even more tedious ribbing! I learned how to do a collarband though and that was actually cool! I impressed myself with my knitting skills. Now let's just hope after it's blocked and has a button that it'll fit my sister! I think it's going to be awhile before I take on another sweater..but if that while comes sooner than I thought it would, it will most likely be a lightweight sweater. This sucker got to be SO heavy and such a pain to take out of my knitting bag.
Since I had 2 skeins of the blue sky alpaca leftover, I decided to cast on for the ribbed lace bolero. I finished the last of theribbing this morning. So here's the beginnings of the lace pattern:Oh, I also managed to take some better shots of my wedding shawl and my ishbel! This was the best shot I could take of my wedding shawl (for now!). I wore it when we went to see my MIL but I didn't get a shot of me in it. Next time.
And here's ishbel.
Ack! I nearly forgot the main reason why I wanted to post! I wanted to share this really yummy cookie recipe I found: dark chocolate toblerone cookies.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

prayers needed

If you believe in prayer, our family could use some right now. I just received a call from one of my SIL's that my MIL is in the hospital. She had a seizure this morning. Everything in our world has come to a rushing halt. Nothing else matters but her. Before our tearful goodbye, I told my SIL that I would call and request to reschedule my interview As soon as I got off the phone with my SIL, I called and requested to do my interview tomorrow via phone (thank goodness, they had put that offer on the table in the first place) and I explained the situation. More like I rattled on and on about it and I talked about how I was so looking forward to meeting with her and seeing the gorgeous campus but I knew I needed to be here. Being that it's a faith-based school, I knew she would understand. She left me by saying to just take things one step at a time and I remarked that that is how I live my life. Okay, I'm calm now (it's been about an hour or so since I began this post). When I called my FIL, my MIL was still in the ER. Not sure if she's been admitted yet as I've been on the phone with people seeking comfort! I just got off the phone with my best friend whose been there through it all. Poor guy. I spoke with my mother as well right after I rescheduled my interview. Everything was still raw so it was a tearful conversation. My poor mom. I made her cry @ work. :( I talked to my brother too because he was expecting us this weekend and I had to tell him not to expect us just yet. All to find out if the hubby has heard the news yet.


I needed to vent. So here I am. Remember the interview I thought I had for this morning? Well, the woman called me this morning and left a vm and when I called her back (which was at 10am, the time of our unconfirmed interview), she made some comment about how she guessed I wasn't going to be coming in for my interview today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I responded with how she hadn't returned my call providing me with the address for our interview. Anyway, we're still in the process of rescheduling. SO annoying. Do I really have to go through more of this interview torture?? Can't someone just hire me already? I find out tomorrow about the position I interviewed for last Friday. I don't think I got it but I actually could care less. I sent a few resumes out yesterday so we'll see. And I may have found another path that I can take with my career. I saw something on educational therapy that looks interesting to me. It would require me to go back to school (which I had been thinking about anyway) but who knows. I noticed that the school with the overbearing director that kept saying she didn't know if I could commit to being around for 2 years is still looking to fill all their positions. Soon I just might enter the land of desperation..if a position with a livable wage doesn't pop up. I hope it doesn't come to that. No knitting to show off since the button band situation scared me off a bit but I'll be ready for battle again today and this time I'm armed with: I'm SO thankful that I have this book. It has got great pictures. I looked through a few other books to guide me through the picking up the stitches for a button band process but the pictures weren't as telling as the ones in this book. Now I've done a couple of button bands before but this time around, I actually encountered some difficulty and I want this cardi to come out right. Now I bid you adieu, with this great swinging stripe cardi! Ravelry is SO addicting!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

still here

So..remember how I thought I had an interview for tomorrow? Turns out I don't or I still could if the freakin' woman would check her vm/find her cell phone/check her email! What kind of a person calls to schedule an interview, provides a number for the return call and then doesn't get back to you?? I actually contacted the district office (who was of no help to me and made me feel as though I was speaking to dead air). I did finally get a hold of the someone who could possibly help me and she did what she could but it's out of our hands now. For a while there, I was doubting that the woman who left me the vm even worked for this particular school district! But as they say when one door closes, another opens and I have a confirmed interview for Friday morning. And who knows..maybe between tomorrow and Friday I'll line up another interview. I can only hope! I finally started packing stuff up again. I hadn't realized how many boxes we're going to need. I was talking to my MIL last night and she was advising me on what to put in which boxes. Soon, this apt. is going to be box city. Usually, I don't label my boxes but this time, since there are so, so many, I think I need to! I attempted to work on the collar band/button band for my something blue but I didn't like the way I was going about picking up the stitches so I frogged what I had done and will resume tonight (maybe!). While my days are filled with job searching and some knitting here and there, I also manage to stumble upon some cool links. So here's a recipe for shrimp scampi with zucchini and tomatoes, and one for lasagna rolls (never even heard of them before until now!). For the fun moms/teachers out there, I found this. I wanna try this one myself! For the crafty knitters that can sew too, there was this caddy. And for the knitter, there was this really cute skirt! I hope all the fun links will make up for the lack of pictures in this post!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, just as I had said that I didn't have anything lined up yet for this week, someone called to schedule an interview for this Thursday and it is with a school district! I hope I can line up a couple more interviews just to kind of ensure that something will pan out and while we're up there maybe we'll actually start looking at apts. and such. Pinkie is blocking and something blue is gonna be finished very soon, I think! The sleeves go by faster than I thought. I'm still on the first one but I'm ready to start the ribbing. My sister tried it on when she came over and it's actually a good fit! I'm a proud knitter. :) Gosh, what will I work on when I go up north again? I suppose I can pick up the vintage rose socks again and once those are complete, maybe I'll recast on for my crack socks. As promised, here is the email from the flower lady. My sister knew of the flower lady via one of the lawyers at the firm she works at. I had craZy huge weddings back to back. Then I was hit at four in the morning by a drunk driver a week ago. I was in the car and not hurt. But ins co wants to total the car..yuck. I love my car:: boo hoo,! He was also a hit and run in front of the police. Coming off the highland offramp by hollywood bowl!! I feel so bad about m's sister. I was going to call m next week. I made the most beautiful flowers for really inexpensive. I was more pissed at her sisters coordinator. She calls me at 1:30am on the wedding day. And said to get their when I can. I told her we would b e there by 2:45. She then said the wedding was supposed to start then. All the emails and communication I had from them was that I had until mid afternoon to deliver them. The coordinator started squaking at me and I told her that I do this for a career and my company motto is not to stand up brides on their wedding day. And no one ever confirmed with me the wedding started at 2 sharp. It was always very loose timing. Also her sister had sent in an email to not get their before 1;30 as there was no one there to receiv e them. I told the coordinator this and asked her why she never confirmed with a timeline before the afternoon of the wedding. Etc etc. She said she wasn't a coordinator but a friend of the bride. Sooo we were out front of the japanese tea garden and she wouldn't take the flowers. So I threw in the garb age. So sad. If they had just sent me a time line like I asked they would have had beautiful bouquets. Anyway. I didn't want m to be mad at me either. Or you. The truth? No one associated with my wedding ever called her at 1:30 in the morning. My friend said that if anything, she accidentally called the flower lady (by accident!) at 9:30pm once. The last time she was ever up at 1:30 in the morning was when her daughter was still an infant. She was told to get to the site by 1:30pm the LATEST and that yes, I was not going to be available to receive the flowers but my friend would be around as would my sister. She also forgot to say in this email that the flowers were refused because she expected to still get paid when she was LATE. My poor friend wanted to kill this woman when she saw this email. Thank goodness she doesn't know what the flower lady looks like! Eunice Kennedy Shriver passed away earlier this morning. And on the 'Today' show Alana Stewart was on talking about the book she wrote with Farrah Fawcett about her struggles with cancer. I'm beginning to realize that people we've looked up to are starting to pass on and I'm wondering who do we have left to look up to?

Monday, August 10, 2009

and away we went (again!)

Well, last week was a whirlwind week (I should be used to those by now!). I had three interviews up north so we went to stay with my parents for most of last week. We're starting to run out of time and reality is beginning to seep in. I've been focusing more on preschool positions. Chances are slim of me landing an elementary position now but who knows. I've also started looking into tutoring positions and even some nanny positions! I'm okay with the possibility of NOT being in an elementary classroom for the upcoming school year. As long as we're out of Los Angeles, I don't think it really matters. As far as the interviews went...things aren't lookin' too good. The first place was an amazing nonprofit, great facility BUT, the pay? I'd be scraping by. The interview went well and I was supposed to call and schedule a try-out but haven't done so yet because I don't know if it's worth it..The next interview was with another preschool but it seemed much more demanding than the first one. Better pay but not worth it. I also left this interview with the ability to schedule a try-out and have yet to do it because the director kept saying how she wasn't sure that I'd be able to commit to her school because she didn't think I'd still be around if some elementary school/private school came knocking on my door and I said that if I was happy there, I wouldn't need to leave. I also told her that I could commit to two years at her site but apparently my words mean nothing. She was the kind of person who whatever you said to her, she'd turn around, twist it, and use it against you. Who needs that? One of her site directors called me on Friday to schedule a working interview. I told her that I wasn't sure about working there after all. On Friday, I had my last interview for the week. It was for an elementary position at an actual district school! It ended up being a panel interview--which are never my favorite. The ladies were all awfully nice, the location is a possible place where we may relocate..all dependent on whether or not there's a job there though! They'll let me know on Friday whether it's mine or not. Nothing lined up for this week (so far) but we'll see...
fanning her wet toenails.
ta da! (she picked out the colors by the way!)
not only did she get a mani/pedi..she got a free breakfast. ;) and in the background, you can see a nearly finished pinkie!
Aside from all the job hunting, there was hanging out with the monkey and the local airshow where the blue angels performed. It was the first time my husband (still getting used to typing that!) got to see them. And it was the first time for the lil monkey as well. These shots were taken yesterday, the last day of the airshow. On Saturday, the monkey was a bit more freaked out. I showed her how to cover her ears when the jets got too loud for her. She still spent a majority of the time running to me for cover! Here she is, being a lil cheeseball. She saw me with the camera and said, "Cheese!!" There was of course knitting while we were away. Pinkie is now complete..she just needs a bath. With pinkie off my needles, I was able to refocus on my sister's something blue. Here's the monkey modeling it.I finished the back and am onto the first sleeve. I would've been done with the first sleeve before coming back home but I didn't pack extra yarn. I'm hoping to finish it before we move though because I don't want to have to mail it to my sister! I was able to get some completed shots of my ishbel. It is SO amazingly soft! Oh, when I finished pinkie, I let the monkey run around with it and she was using it in whatever game she was playing. It was cute. Made me realize that I need to make her a shawl of her own to play with and cram into her purse.
I received some yarn before we left too! Here's more Three Irish Girls!
This is key lime. :)
Next post will include the email my sister received from the stupid woman that was supposed to do our flowers!