Friday, July 31, 2009

sense of accomplishment

With all the wedding planning and trips up north for interviews, my blog reading fell by the wayside. Everyday that I logged onto bloglines, the number of posts I had saved kept growing and growing. It got to about 150+! Well, I am happy to state that I'm now down to about 50 posts. Maybe come next week, I'll be all caught up again. :) I often times save recipes that I've found on blogs or things that I think are cool. Like this, or this, or this! I applied for a bunch of jobs yesterday and I heard back from the district receptionist via email earlier today so we'll see if that leads anywhere. I applied for one job today too and I got referred to a couple as well. Can't someone just hire me already?? My friend from work asked me today if we were still gonna move if I didn't have a job anywhere and I said that we'd still move--eventually. I don't want to change gears again. We're in deep this time around. The last time we tried to move, I hadn't packed anything yet. This time is different. I'm feeling like if we don't get out now, we never will. I just received a letter from one of the schools I interviewed with last month. I don't know why they bother writing me a letter when an email or even a phone call would suffice. Why waste paper and a stamp to tell me thanks but no thanks? Granted, it's better than not hearing from them at all but come on, that was about a month and a half ago. I think I got the hint when I didn't hear back from them right away. Ooooooooooooooooh, pretty! I received my final sock yarnista shipment today. I had to cancel it until I start working full-time again. It's gorgeous. It's a cashmerino blend. The colorway is rhubarb. It's even prettier in person and amazingly soft. If you haven't tried any of Sharon's yarns, you must. She's a doll and she is a color magician! :) I don't think these pictures do the yarn justice though. I've been slowly knitting away on pinkie. I'm 2 repeats away from completion and already I'm shopping around for another lace project. I thought about the springtime bandit, I contemplated milkweed. I even thought about laminaria but so far, nothing has really sparked my interest. Maybe I need to go back to my something blue and get it done before we move so that I don't end up mailing it to my sister! I spent a lot of time the other night comparing shawlette patterns and I did a bit more in the morning. The next shawlette I undertake needs to be blue though. Yet as I took a look at my stash on rav, I noticed that I don't have that particular shade of blue that I'm looking for. When I first started joining knitting swaps, I always said that my favorite colors were blues and greens. After a while, I had reached my limit in blue yarn and now there's a definite lack of blue yarn in my stash. I need to do something about that--once I get my first check from my next future job. ;) Maybe I'll begin work on that pair of fingerless mitts my husband is waiting on. I think I finally found a pattern. We watched a goofy movie last night. It was called Ramen Girl. Brittany Murphy is the one and only 'star' in the movie. It was cute. A lot of yelling in Japanese but still funny.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

a change of pace

I made a few changes here. It was time for something new. I guess it comes with the territory. In the past couple of years, I've noticed a shift in my blog posts. Gone are the days when 90% of my posts were about knitting. It seems as though more of the rest of my life has seeped in and that's okay-at least in my eyes! There will still be knitting content but there will also be a lot of life thrown in here. I leave you with some gorgeous shots from the japanese garden. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the story

Here goes.. I had been up since about 7:30 the morning of the wedding. Yet we still ended up late for our hair appt! It was okay because we sort of developed an m.o. of always being late to the hair shop. Oh, it is important to note that I checked my email before we left to get our hair done. I had received a message from our lady who was making the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages stating that she and her people were working on the flowers that morning.
hair all done.
and now the veil.
Next up was my sister..We got out of the hair shop very late. I had asked my friend who was going to be doing our make-up to meet us at the garden at 12:45. We didn't head for the garden until about 12:45 and it didn't help that there was traffic and I insisted on going a different way rather than sit in the traffic! Pictures were taken while I was getting ready but I don't have any of them yet. So you'll just have to imagine me getting ready! The make-up took much longer than I had anticipated. It got to be about 2 and I believe I was still getting ready (that blasted makeup!) but guess what. Remember the lady who emailed me early in the morning? Well, she hadn't arrived yet. Our centerpieces were there but they were done by a personal friend. The lady who offered to do our bouquets and stuff is a friend of one of the lawyers at the firm where my sister works. From the beginning this very lady had insisted that I should have HER do the flowers because it should be a 'professional' doing them because it sounded to her as though the person doing our centerpieces wasn't a professional. My day of coordinator called Maggie at least 4 times and left a few vm's. When she did speak to her, she learned that Maggie somehow thought that we wouldn't be needing the flowers until SIX o'clock and apparently that is what my sister had said to her. So it's about 2:45 and still no sign of the bouquets or anything and the ladies who run the JACCC said that they could make us bouquets so we could start the ceremony already. I didn't know what to do! We ended up just having them make bouquets for us out of the flowers that they had used to decorate the bathrooms and they grabbed flowers from the centerpieces to make boutonnieres for the groom and the best man. And then we were off.Our MC whipped us through everything in less than the required time needed. There were photos, first dance, eating, cake, bouquet toss, garter toss, and lots of mingling.And the flowers? That dipshit, Maggie, had the nerve to text my day of coordinator during the ceremony. She ignored it. Then Maggie called her at the end of the ceremony (I believe) to state that she had FINALLY arrived!!!!!!!! During this phone conversation, my day of coordinator let her know that the ceremony was now over. Maggie, the horrible woman who shouldn't be talking about being professional, told her that somebody needed to meet her to PAY her. Yes, you read correctly. This half-wit still expected to be paid when she caused our wedding to start late WITHOUT our flowers. My day of coordinator told her that nobody was going to meet her to pay her because she had been called 4 times and didn't respond and she showed up at the end of the ceremony. Maggie said that she was not going to deal with her since she didn't deal with her in the beginning. Can I tell you that I let Maggie know that the latest I needed her to arrive at the garden was 1:30? And she responded back with, "I'll see you at 1:30." UGH. I haven't heard from her though. We didn't have a written contract and no money was exchanged so whatever. I just hate that our ceremony started SO late because of her!!!!!! Aside from that drama, it was fun! Though there was a handful of people who had rsvp'd and didn't show up so I was a bit saddened by that. My mom was all about taking the leftovers home with us and if we had had more take away boxes (or something else to take food home) we would've! We did take some though. Everyone was SO unbelievably wiped out from the wedding. We went home in the hopes of resting but my family wanted us to open gifts!!We got lots of nice stuff that neither one of us can wait to use--once we figure out where our life is headed next! Now that the wedding is out of the way, I can focus more on job searching! Oh, here's what my niece's flower girl basket ended up looking like for the wedding. It's missing a few flowers but that's okay. My wedding shawl? It made it to the venue but it was SO warm that there wasn't any need for it and since our reception was on fast forward, I didn't even have a moment to go in the other room to grab it or my camera for that matter! The only picture I was able to take after the wedding was this:By the way, this lil monkey did a fantastic job. At the rehearsal we all thought it was going to be hit or miss with her but she was outstanding. Apparently she even stopped and posed for pictures!! Now I leave you with my favorite picture (so far) from the wedding:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the wedding

Here are just a few snippets from the wedding..courtesy from one of my SIL's. :)
our gorgeous cake!
my mom and I
my sister
the lil monkey
the ceremony
after about a thousand pictures later..
Story to come later..and it's a doozie!

Monday, July 20, 2009

in the home stretch

Here we are, the week of my wedding!! The excitement is starting to seep into my existence. :) Whilst I was away, there was the shower..
Here's my niece assisting in opening the gifts.
Here are my two helpers that were expert gift wrap removers!
And here I am with one of the gifts we received!
This was taken the day before the shower-the monkey at my house.
And here she is in Hollywood.
My mom, brother, and niece came for the weekend when we had the wedding shower. It was nice having them here! My niece had a great time and she's into the 'why?' crap now. What fun. My fiance's mom and oldest sister are busily working on some wedding crafts that I have yet to see..and this past weekend I worked on the wedding favors.They're missing something. Though I'm not quite sure what. I also did some work on the flower girl basket: and we took our dresses and my fiance's suit to be altered (his step-mom is doing the work!). Oh, here's a pic of my shoes..
and here's the dress the lil monkey will be wearing!
And amidst all things wedding, I'm still applying out for jobs though nothing has popped yet. :( Maybe as soon as the wedding has come and gone something will pop. At least I'm hoping so! Seems as though I'm on a one thing at a time track. There's been very little knitting. I tinked back and redid the bind off for my ishbel so she has been reblocking and she is waiting for her steam. Then she'll be all finished! My diamond fantasy shawl ran into some trouble so I had to tink back quite a few rows but she's back on track. If only it would stop being so hot! Then I would actually feel like knitting. Nothing fun about knitting with sweaty fingers!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

did you hear??

Before I go into this rant, we got back from our lil trip up north on Tuesday night. So we thankfully were able to miss all of the sensationalized reports of Michael Jackson's passing away. We were still in LA-we were on our way to my old school in fact when it was reported that he had passed. Anyway, it was just announced on the news that they will be charging admission for the memorial that is going to take place early next week. I can't believe it. Next Tuesday is going to be the day to stay home with all the people that are going to be out for the memorial. As if the Laker win wasn't enough..What creeps me out though is the amount of deaths that were Hollywood-related in the past two weeks. First Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and now Karl Malden. In any case, I went through my interview and won't be hearing back until possibly the end of next week if not before then. I really liked where this school was located and it reminded me a lot of my most recent school. I'm not worried yet about not finding a job up north before we move but in the back of my mind there is worry. There was knitting while I was away. I finished the knitting part of my ishbel on the way to my parents' house exactly one week ago! I have yet to block it though but will soon. :) Remember this sock?? It's now off the needles and I have cast on for its mate. Hopefully soon I'll have a finished pair of socks. My first in I don't remember how long! I also did a bit more work on my diamond fantasy shawl. I'm having an easier time keeping track of the number of repeats I've completed across each row--at least for now I am. We'll see as it starts expanding! While I've got this on the needles, part of me is itching to get going on a maplewing shawl...what is happening to me?? We had our cake meeting today. I ordered the bamboo for our wedding favors. I got the idea from this site. It's been difficult tracking down ceramic pots but I did find some glass ones. Now I'm most concerned about our flowers. A friend was supposed to be doing them but I haven't been able to get in touch with her and I'm trying not to freak out about it. Should she not be able to do our flowers, I picked up a business card of a flower shop by our cake place and I'm checking out their website. I also pondered doing it on my own--well, with help of course. I guess we'll just have to see!