Sunday, September 20, 2009


we had to make an emergency trip down to socal late last night. i'll be blogging but i haven't decided it i'm going to wait to post them with pictures or just post them and you all will just have to wait for the pictures! i didn't think to bring my cord to upload pics from my camera to the computer!! i called a lil while ago to cancel and reschedule my interview that i had slated for tomorrow morning. oh, and i just checked my email and saw that the principal from the very last school i interviewed with said that she couldn't hire me before because she was unable to get a hold of any of the administrators i had listed as a reference!!!!!!! so now i know who to blame for my lack of a teaching position for the school year, my reference list. unbelievable. here i was beginning to think that i was just a horrible sell in this bad economy. oh, this principal emailed me to check in to see if we had moved to the bay area and to see if i had gotten a teaching position. she has a longterm sub position from november to january. not sure if it's worth it though. i have spent the day cleaning and tidying. i did a couple of loads of laundry (stuff that we brought here to my MIL's house), cleared out the dishwasher, filled it with the stuff that was in the sink, cleaned out the tomato bushes and watered them, fed the fish, cleaned out the fridge a bit, and relaxed with some Househusbands of Hollywood. lol. i miss being able to watch this garbage! yesterday we took the lil monkey to the aquarium. My husband had free tickets that were going to expire at the end of the month. he really wanted to take her too so off we went! We had a great time and for the most part, she was pretty well-behaved. she's growing up! she had spent friday night at my mom's house and ended up having to sleep in my room. She was supposed to sleep in her own lil bed but when she saw me in my bed, she wanted to come lie down in the bed too. Wait'll you see those pictures! I didn't sleep very much that night because I had a wiggly worm next to me that was hotter than heck. How can lil ones pack so much heat in them?? as for why the emergency trip down here, as of yesterday, my MIL hadn't woken up. My husband talked to her on the phone Friday night and she was up and talking for a bit afterwards and then went to sleep. She was alert yesterday though. Thank goodness. When we got to the hospital at 5:30 in the morning, she was asleep but she woke up while my husband was talking to her. I don't know what the plan of action is going to be next but my own mothe said we needed to be here. So here we are. I've been through a lot in the last week. I witnessed my own father being wheeled away in a hospital bed headed to surgery and I have seen my husband try to let go of his mother gracefully. I don't know how he does it. I know if the roles were switched, I would be an absolute wreck. When I looked at his mother this morning, my mom away from my own mom, lying in that hospital bed in a deep sleep, I pictured my own mother lying there and I started bawling. And as my husband and I made it through week #2 at my parents' house, in my hometown, I've raelized that he has grown to love it there and I'm actually okay with the possibility of settling down in my hometown (even though it's not anything I ever wanted for myself) because he's happy there. Can I tell you when we actually got to LA, I didn't feel as though I missed it. I miss my yarn shops and I miss my friends that are still here but it's not home.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


What a week this has been! I have been MIA not because of the dial-up situation (that's actually becoming a bit more bearable believe it or not!) but my dad has been in the hospital. It all started with his stomach hurting really bad most of Monday. He was able to get an appointment to see a doctor but that proved to be useless! When my mom came home from work, that was when it was decided he should go to the ER. It was very long night at the ER (luckily I brought my last sleeve of sesame to work on!). It turned out that my dad has gallstones and the doctor decided that he was going to remove my dad's gallbladder completely since it was thickening so my dad was to be admitted to the hospital. Can I tell you that he didn't even want to go to the ER?? The surgery was done late yesterday afternoon and everything went fine. He spent a long time in recovery though because his bp wasn't going down. I've spent so much time in the hospital, I was able to complete all the knitting for my sesame! I'm a bit worried as to how it'll turn out once I block it and seam it though. Fingers crossed that it's a success! So now, I've nothing to knit. Is that possible? Don't I have anything in my knitting basket? Ohhh, I have my shrug to seam but that's about it. I'm going to start a shawl for my mom (finally). I'm thinking the forest canopy shawl. If I could just figure out what yarn to use. She wants something that'll go with everything which is a bit difficult to do with my stash right now! I also don't want to use anything lace or even fingering weight but most of my stash falls into those two categories! I don't want to have to purchase anything but I might have to! I thought about ishbel but I wanted her to have something that I haven't already made. Call me strange! I'll figure something out. While that is on hold, I just might finally get around to making my sushi wallet! I kept putting it off because I couldn't decide between the one with the big giant sushi or the one with the six mini ones. I'm still on the fence though. lol. Okay here is a pic of my sesame (before I had completed the knitting portion on both sleeves). And this is my final stash menagerie shipment (for now!). Boy do I regret having to give that up...sigh.. I also received my final installment of the sundara sock shipment but have yet to snap a shot of my skein. Next time! ETA! Well, next time has come. lol. Here's my skein of blush: Here is also sesame blocking. I realized I made a mistake!!! Hopefully I'll be able to amend this mistake once sesame has completed blocking. I realized that the sleeve that I sped through while @ the ER and the hospital in general is short 4 rows of ribbing. Ugh. Here's to hoping I can correct it! I also got around to finally seaming my ribbed lace bolero and I absolutely heart it. Such a great pattern and simple design! I've gotta block it still but I want to wear it all the time!! In other news, I actually have an interview this coming Monday! It's for a part-time preschool position so we'll see how it goes. I've been meaning to post about my MIL too! She is still in the hospital but will finally be getting released! We are hoping to see her when we head back down for my sister's first marathon!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


And so the new chapter of my life begins..though it isn't all that I had hoped it would be! We are officially no longer residents of Los Angeles and are just about settled here at my parents' house (for now). Getting used to dial-up is a pain though. There are still boxes everywhere and I actually had to take the time to label my boxes yesterday when I went in search of a cake pan (which I still can't find!!). The first things I unpacked and organized were the knitting things. All my books are out and all my yarn in order-with the help of the lil monkey! I am still job searching though not as hard as I was when we were still in LA. I needed to get myself a bit settled here first before I jump back in. During the course of the final move, I actually received two calls for two different positions. One was to be the asst. director for an afterschool program and the other was for a preschool position. I chatted with someone regarding the first position but the other one, I didn't get around to talking to anyone. I figured too much time had passed. I wonder if it is now time to just take anything that is offered to me. I get that we're in tough times but I'm still not quite ready to settle. Though I'm getting close! My husband is out everyday job searching and filling out applications everywhere possible and still nothing. Though my sister-in-law may be able to hook him up with something. It won't be much, but it's better than nothing! I actually went down to the EDD office yesterday. I have been fighting having to file a claim but I found a possible loop hole and I might actually qualify for some benefits! I had to call in today though because I realized that I had made two mistakes when I filed. The guy I got was actually in LA so we were chatting it up. He was also Filipino so we were even chattier! I've been knitting but I don't have any pictures! I'm chugging along on sesame though. It's actually a fast knit. I have decided that sleeves are the bane of my existence. I was able to get through one of them. I have yet to cast on for the second one because the neck band and buttonhole bands were calling my name!! The sleeves run long for this sweater. I used the size that was listed for small but felt it was too big so I ripped back, checked out the sleeve length I used for my thermal and compared to the smallest size for sesame. Even though I KNEW I should've just went with the sizing for thermal, I used the smallest size for sesame and it's STILL too long. Oh well. Okay, here are some pictures that I can share from my drive with my sister to my parents' house when we were moving most of my belongings. Here's a bit of what the Station fire looked like to us while we were on the road:On my way back to LA after we had taken most of our belongings to my parents' house, I was able to see an actual ridge of fire! I couldn't take a picture though. My sister had purchased a new camera so I was comparing and contrasting our two cameras! This is one of the things you see when you're traveling west on the 46. Of all the car trips I've been on in the last few months, it hadn't dawned on me to whip out my camera and just start snapping until this car trip with my sister!