Monday, August 23, 2010

versatile blogger award

Look what I got!
 Thank you to Leslie for the award. :)

 Here are the responsibilities that come along with the award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award. (check)
2. List 7 things about yourself. (again?)
3. Pass on the award to bloggers you've recently discovered. are my 7 things (hopefully they aren't repeats) from the past.
1.  I just recently (in the last couple of years) became a fan of both tuna and zucchini (though not together).
2.  I currently keep all my coupons on my windowsill.
3.  I just started eating Chinese food again in the last year or so. It had long become an un-favorite.
4.  When it is a work day, I eat breakfast at school.  If I eat it before I get there, I'll get hungrier before I can eat again.
5.  These days, I like to re-watch movies that I watched when I was a kid because I didn't really get them again. I've also been watching movies that I've just never seen (old ones!). They're SO much better than today's movies.
6.  I noticed that I sort of dress more like a grown-up this year (guess a year out of work will do that to you!).
7.  I like to iron.

Here are my nominees..I must warn you though, they aren't new blogs that I've discovered because I haven't really gone out to find new ones to get behind on. Instead, they are versatile bloggers!
Tanyia who does digital scrapbooks, cooks, and takes care of a family of 4 all at the same time!
Dawn who knits, spins, makes and sells her own handmade soap (amongst other things!), gardens, takes photos, cooks, homeschools her son, (need I say more??).
Robyn who knits, crochets, is currently pregnant with her 3rd child and is mom to 2 great boys, gardens, cooks, and is quite the photographer (and graphic designer!).
Sarah who knits, bakes, goes blackberry picking, does card making, and she crochets too!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

i'm amazing

Here's why!
I made this for the monkey.
Great fun for all! The tutorial can be found here. We showed it to the hubs and he was the one who claimed that I was amazing. :)
Another cool link I wanna share is this one. The last year I was at my last school, this is what the school project was for Mother's Day. I wanted to do something like this for my SIL last Mother's Day but I couldn't find a tutorial. SO glad that someone posted this so now I have it!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Today, we took my sister to the airport to fly to her new home. The hubs and I were scheduled to take her and the monkey requested that she come along! One of the conversations I heard in the backseat was this:
Monkey: Do you have a playground at your new house?
My sister: I don't think so..
It was cute. We have a couple of playgrounds within our complex and the last apt. complex the monkey lived in also had a playground so for her, they're a common thing to have! She wants so badly to go to my sister's house. She's quite the explorer. We told her there were LOTS of other places to go though like the zoo!
Before we left for the airport, I managed to get a few shots (finally!) of my aeolian shawl. :)
 My sister wanted the monkey to be the model instead!
After we dropped my sister off at the airport and we had a quick bite to eat..and swing by our local Sonic (just in time for happy hour!), we went to my school. Here are a couple of shots of my classroom.
 The monkey was quite at home. She even did some painting at the easel. :)
Originally this was supposed to be me. Once she finished it, I asked, "Where's my hair?" To which she responded with, That's ___(my husband). It was so cute. Oh and the dot in the middle is his belly button. LOL!
Next to him is his plan (don't know what that means!). Then she decided to paint me.
 And I overheard her say, "lots of hair."
So this is me with my plan. The final painting was of her.
And she's smiling. :) Gotta love it!
My kids have slowly been improving. Yesterday was a pretty decent day aside from a few mishaps. They'll be whipped into shape soon enough-I hope! Tomorrow, I need to lesson plan and maybe I'll try to get some knitting in. During the drive to the airport, I attempted to work on my alhambra scarf but something happened. I had to rip back a few rows but am now back on the right track. It's been SO long since I've worked on anything (only a couple weeks I think!) that I actually forgot how to do an SSK. The horror.

it doesn't get any worse than this

SO, I've been living rather drama-free for the past few weeks and yesterday, I was the happiest I've ever been in a long time. I have a job at a school I like and I like my coworkers. WELL, last night my sister was supposed to spend the night over here because we were going to be the ones driving her to the airport. Her parents don't do that kind of thing. Prime example? The first year I moved to LA, I had to go pick her up for Thanksgiving. Do you know where she was living? Try the San Francisco Bay Area which is 2 hours north of where her parents live and about FIVE LONG hours away from LA!
Anyway, she calls me and is crying. Apparently, her aunt who is visiting from the Philippines said to her, "Who is more important?" So they wanted her to choose. Her stupid instigator of a father said that HE would drive her to the airport. Do you know this man hasn't driven on the freeway for lord knows how long and now all of a sudden he's willing to do (though he'll bitch and moan about it while he's in the middle of it)? My poor, poor sister. I told her I didn't know what she should do. I also said that she hadn't even gotten to spend any time with me and that's what she told those good for nothings. Then she said, "Why can't we just go to the airport in separate cars, etc" She made plans with my husband and made sure her flight was at a time that would work for us and all of a sudden they wanted her to abandon her earlier commitments. I just told her that I couldn't believe they were doing this and how supposedly that was the LAST thing they would ever try to do--put my sister and I against each other. Had she decided to go with them out of guilt, I wouldn't hold it against her. I am not that way. I also went on to say that these are people who the second she does something that they don't approve of, they will turn her back on her and to use me as an example. I pretty much left it up to her because it really wasn't my decision to make but I was livid that they even had the audacity to do this to her.
She called back and said that her mother was going to drop her off over here and I said no. My SIL was kind enough to offer to pick her up instead. I don't want that woman anywhere near here.
Once my sister got here, she said that her mother said that it wasn't her that wanted this, it was her father. Does it really matter anymore at this point? I don't know what my sister said to them or anything but I'm so disgusted by their actions.
My sister's aunt had sent my husband and I a wedding present. While I was on the phone with my sister, I threw the gift in the trash. Then I asked the hubs to throw it into the street because I didn't want that thing in this house. When my SIL left to go pick up my sister, I just started bawling. The first thing out of my mouth was how I wished my husband's mom was here so I could talk to her and that I missed her.  Before going to bed I decided that this must be what God wants-to get all the evil out of our lives and to make sure I remember why it needs to stays out.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I made it through the first day!

Whew. What a day. It started off great-the kids were nice and quiet but by afternoon, they were a bit punchy! My expectations were a bit too high for this group collectively. A lot of them have never been in school before and I am teaching a transitional Kindergarten class. I was shocked that a majority of them couldn't write their names..even name recognition was difficult. So I've got my work cut out for me and I need to take it down a few notches. Oh, the highlight of the day? Someone set the fire alarm (and apparently it was someone in MY class!!) and we didn't even know where to go for the fire drill. We headed towards the play yard when everyone else was out by the parking lot. Sigh. Oh well. At the end of the day, I had pieces of fudge and now I am home "relaxing."  How I have missed knitting. Not sure when I'll be able to pick anything up for a while at least. I can barely squeeze a movie in anymore. I'll get a handle on things soon-at least that's the plan. So bear with me!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my last day of summer

Wow, this day was sure a long time coming! Who knew I would be granted an extended summer-one that will officially (and finally) end as of tomorrow 9:00AM. I took a day off from going into the school today-though I wish I had gone in, even if only for an hour. I think I'll have time after our in-service to work on stuff. We will have some of Friday and for sure I'll be stopping by for a little bit on Saturday.
Well, while my sister was in town, I had her model the last three shawls I've completed. She's due back next week so I'll get a shot of her posing with my red velvet too. I have yet to steam block that thing! So without further ado, I present to you modeled shots of my citron,
dame damson, and
I still have goldie on the needles. It's been slow goings. Currently on my desk, I have two skeins of yarn that are possibly going to be turned into Andrea's Shawl but I'm still on the fence about whether or not those two skeins are going to be "the one."
Okay off to finish dinner!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

here comes another one!

Pretty much every day of this week I have been at school trying to get my room ready before school starts in a couple of weeks. The gal who had my classroom before me just recently let me know (before we left to go to LA) that she had cleared out her stuff from the room two weeks before. It would have been nice to have found this news out oh, I dunno..two weeks ago but whatever. I went into school on Tuesday (maybe Wednesday?) and proceeded to clean all the crap that she left me OUT. She so graciously 'left' me stuff that she thought I might use. The hubs came with me one day and now that my sister has been in town, we spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to make a dent in the clean-up and organization of my classroom. It is slowly coming together. I was going to go in today, but ended up staying home.
We went to see my sister at the marathon in town. We ended up missing her cross the finish line. :( Her parents were there. The hubs and I saw them from afar and the feeling I got when I saw them, was the feeling you get when you run into an ex-boyfriend who you've just broken up with (or vice versa) a few days after the relationship ended. It was that same disgust. They ended up leaving so we hung out with my sister. Since she was a participant, she got free beer (just one serving) and free wine tasting! The race ended at Pessagno Winery. We got to sample four different wines. By the fourth bottle that we sampled, my eyes were spinning!
Last night we went over to my boss's and teaching partner's house to meet with their neighbors because the husband of the pair had the same ailments as the hubs. It was really nice to speak to people who have been to the other side and made it through what we are dealing with right now.
When we were in LA, I had two goals-go here and go here. Well, we succeeded with the first destination!
The truck
The options:
Our selections:
On the left is my selection-strawberry and candied jalapeno gelato with chocolate chip cookies and on the right is my sister's selection-red velvet gelato with snickerdoodles. I absolutely loved my selection. My sister, not so much. She wanted to get the chocolate cookie with the red velvet but they were out. They suggested the snickerdoodle and she's not really a fan. Needless to say, the reality didn't live up to the hype for her. Oh well.
As for our second destination, we arrived and saw a big CLOSED sign because of this. So no cupcakes for us while we were in LA. Sigh..
Since I've been so busy with trying to get my classroom ready I haven't been reading or answering letters but I have been knitting! I was determined to get my breaker breaker socks completed and knitted like mad while we were in LA (as I was catching up on Entourage and The Tudors!). They are now currently blocking. :)
Some new yarn has arrived here too from Three Irish Girls. :) This is Giselle who just arrived this morning.
And this is Odette who arrived the day we left for LA.
I already want to wind Giselle for a project but I haven't one in mind yet. She'll probably become another shawl for me but I've gotta find one that only requires 370 yards of yarn.
All right..must be off. I'm supposed to be working on my welcome letter to my students!!