Monday, August 23, 2010

versatile blogger award

Look what I got!
 Thank you to Leslie for the award. :)

 Here are the responsibilities that come along with the award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award. (check)
2. List 7 things about yourself. (again?)
3. Pass on the award to bloggers you've recently discovered. are my 7 things (hopefully they aren't repeats) from the past.
1.  I just recently (in the last couple of years) became a fan of both tuna and zucchini (though not together).
2.  I currently keep all my coupons on my windowsill.
3.  I just started eating Chinese food again in the last year or so. It had long become an un-favorite.
4.  When it is a work day, I eat breakfast at school.  If I eat it before I get there, I'll get hungrier before I can eat again.
5.  These days, I like to re-watch movies that I watched when I was a kid because I didn't really get them again. I've also been watching movies that I've just never seen (old ones!). They're SO much better than today's movies.
6.  I noticed that I sort of dress more like a grown-up this year (guess a year out of work will do that to you!).
7.  I like to iron.

Here are my nominees..I must warn you though, they aren't new blogs that I've discovered because I haven't really gone out to find new ones to get behind on. Instead, they are versatile bloggers!
Tanyia who does digital scrapbooks, cooks, and takes care of a family of 4 all at the same time!
Dawn who knits, spins, makes and sells her own handmade soap (amongst other things!), gardens, takes photos, cooks, homeschools her son, (need I say more??).
Robyn who knits, crochets, is currently pregnant with her 3rd child and is mom to 2 great boys, gardens, cooks, and is quite the photographer (and graphic designer!).
Sarah who knits, bakes, goes blackberry picking, does card making, and she crochets too!

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