Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have realized that I'm finally coming up from under that huge pile of life that was dumped on me at the beginning of the year. Granted there is still crap going on but maybe I've gotten used to it and nothing fazes me at this point.
I cast on for citron yesterday and I have to say, for a moment there I thought there was going to be trouble. She has since began to cooperate and I have found the right needle size to boot.
If I didn't love her before I got to this point, I definitely fell head over heels once I got here. I just love that it looks like a wedge of a lime!
My yarn for my audrey in unst arrived yesterday too. Talk about being surrounded by beauty!
I am quite tempted to purchase some more of this yarn already but I have yet to settle on another pattern for it.
I leave you with a funny picture of the monkey wearing my gloves. She had said something that she knew she wasn't supposed to say and she put her hands over her mouth but I missed it the first time. This is her re-enacting it for me. lol Gotta love it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

monday, monday

And a surprise post from me! I'm trying to work on posting at least once during the weekend (even though the weekends are when I typically unplug from the internet!) and maybe once or twice in the beginning of the week.
I blocked my gust late last night and this morning I brought her out for some pictures. Boy oh boy is she gorgeous. She is such a pretty, pretty girl. And to think I got a lil tired of her along the way. I'm so glad I persevered!
I also cast on for a new project. I cast on for a turn a square hat for the hubby. It was too late in the evening to pull out my swift and ball winder to wind my yarn for my citron so I picked up something quick to work on while I waited.
This is what it looked like when I first tried to type up this post (the pictures wouldn't upload!) but now it's all done. Somehow I ran into gauge it's a bit big. Thank goodness for blocking and steam!  It's having a bath right now but I'll have pictures tomorrow.
I also managed to wind my skein of wabi sabi lush lace earlier this afternoon for my citron!
So I just might cast on for her later this evening..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

picture sunday

Would you believe I have no projects in my basket??? I was researching for the cozy bolero late last night so I could cast on for it but I don't have the right needle size. I'm going to have to buy some needles before I can get started. In the meantime,  I am still trying to figure out what my next project will be (since I really don't want to run out and purchase a new set of circs just yet). It might be citron. Though I have yet to begin to wind my yarn. It could be a pair of socks for the hubby but I did tell him that I wanted my next project to be for me!
I got a chance to take a pic of most of my finished objects (excluding gust who wasn't quite ready for a photo shoot). So I present to you, my current finishes for March.
my mom's shawl
hubby modeling it since I couldn't wait for my sister to get here to model it!
close-up of hubby's hat
the top of his hat. i love how this looks!
and hubby's scarf.
I noticed last night that my hubby's hat and scarf actually go together. He somehow planned this without me noticing! I'm so glad to be done with all of my projects. It feels very strange. Please excuse the super huge pics of my mom's shawl. I don't know why the full pictures don't load so the genius that I am figured if I just made them bigger, you could see more.
Oh, we arrived back home early Saturday morning (around midnight) and the monkey was over. In fact she was still awake! She spent the night and came back last night and spent another night over here.
Her Sunday was filled with digging in the dirt (with my hubby), wearing goofy straw hats (hers a Chevy's Hat and his my mom's gardening hat), and collecting worms. Unfortunately, my camera was literally dead so we couldn't take any pictures to commemorate the day. Oh well. It was a reminder of why we wanted to be closer.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

looky here!

In some knitting news, I finally decided on a yarn for my audrey in unst. Actually I had figured that out maybe a week or so ago (Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette) but couldn't find it in the color I wanted anywhere until today! Here she is.
Meet Quince. 

Isn't she lovely? I'm getting her for a steal too. I can't wait for her to arrive but I know I won't cast on for it right away. After I've completed the two hats I need to make, I'm going to finally cast on for the cozy bolero! I managed to swing by Joann's on one of the days my husband and I went to Stitches  and I was able to use up my gift card for some skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Super Bulky Wool in black. I can't wait! 

it never ends

Well, we're still here and things have not improved. The hubby woke up super early yesterday morning with some fluid in his lungs so we rushed on down to Kaiser (since they were the closest hospital) and then he got shipped all the way to East LA because that's where Kaiser sends their non-member patients! He was released late last night after he kept putting pressure on the nurse to just let him leave (she was waiting on his bp going down). He was getting anxious for his release because it was getting later and later and East LA isn't right next door to West LA! Plus he was just going to be a mile away staying at his dad's place in case his symptoms came back.  He's feeling better. It helps that the PA wrote out a scrip for all his meds we have back home (which I filled yesterday). Now we know to just take all of his meds when we travel. I hope we stop being rookies at this.
My brother is driving up in my car to pick up my mom so she can go to work tomorrow. The car is still waiting to receive the necessary parts so the earliest we'd leave LA is possibly Friday. The good things about yesterday was my husband was able to see his dad (who he hasn't seen since he was in the hospital back in January) and he really missed him. He's going to be spending a couple days with him too. I got to talk to my good friend from my old work and we may hang out since I'm still around! I also got to talk to my last teaching partner and one of my moms from my first class at my last school. The last two were surprise phone calls while I was at the hospital. So that was nice. Oh, our rental car is nice too. We opted for a Mazda 3.
I'm still knitting away on that scarf. I think I may make it longer than I had originally intended but we'll see. At least while we're stranded here I have my laptop, camera, some knitting, a few letters that I can get going on, and Eat, Pray, Love. Though I have to admit, there hasn't been much reading going on while we've been here! Maybe tomorrow because I'll have most of the day to myself. How I miss that!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


LA must not want us to leave. We had a bit of an accident on the freeway. Everyone is okay but when we exited the freeway and pulled into the Carl's Jr. parking lot to eat, both my mom and I smelled gas. Then when I got out of the car, I saw all the gas leaking out of the freakin' car. We called the dealership and they gave us the number to roadside assistance. We had the car towed to the nearest dealership and we got a rental and are back at my sister's. Not sure how this exactly happened but I did hear this loud noise and wasn't sure what it was. The service dept. was closed (obviously!) but we should be getting a call from them tomorrow to hear the prognosis. Sigh..I had an appt. at the DMV to finally change my name too. Signing off..stuck in LA..

livin' it up

I shamefully cast on for a new project in the wee hours of Friday morning. I'm still about 9 repeats away from finishing the cable scarf but I wanted something quick. I cast on for
Here's what the hat looked like as of early Friday morning.
Here's where it was as of early yesterday.
And here's how far I got last night. close but no cigar. I had to order one more skein for this hat. If I hadn't made the ribbing larger, I might not have ran out of yarn. Oh well. So this is on hold until the yarn gets here (hopefully that will be soon!).
I like how it is knitting up. At first I wasn't too fond of it but it's shaping up quite nicely.
Oh, I managed to remember to get a finished shot of with love the other day too. 
 The marathon was yesterday. The weather was unusually cool for SoCal. We were a tad disappointed. My sister was glad though. I stupidly forgot to bring my camera with me because I took the second shot of the hat right before we left (so I forgot to put my camera back in my bag!). So no pics of my sister in action. All I have is this.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


For the past few days I've been thinking about deadlines. We set them for ourselves and often times they are set for us by others. Deadlines can be stressful regardless of who sets them. Yet, they can also be kind of fun (for some!). They can also be challenging. My current deadline for myself is to finish off all my works in progress by Easter before starting any new projects. I've been chugging along very well this past week (part of the reason I've been rather quiet on the internet) and I am nearing a crossroads.
We are going to be driving down to LA this weekend for my sister's second full marathon. *This is going to be her last one for a while (at least that's what she told me last night!)* So since we'll be driving down, I'll of course have my last two projects in tow. I'm 4 repeats away from finishing gust (as of this moment!) and I am 10 repeats away from finishing my husband's scarf.
The hubby is going in for a quick surgery tomorrow also and I'll definitely have my knitting. The problem is, chances are I'm going to be finished with at least one of the two projects I still have on the needles by the end of tomorrow or by the end of the weekend.
So my dilemma is, do I sit on my hands for the next two weeks until Easter before I begin any new projects or do I just get going on a new project? Of course I have loads of other things I need to do-like answer a pile of letters, read a ton of books, catch up on my internet life, etc. I keep reminding myself that I did give up starting new projects for Lent so technically I should really wait until Easter to begin any new ones.  Can I wait that long?? The hubby wants to override my Lenten promise-he being a non-practicing anything! We shall just have to see what I end up doing..
Now for some progress photos!
First of all, here is a pic of the swatch I did for my hubby's future vest. I'm still on the fence about this yarn. I need to do some research on rav on this silk-tweed stuff. I was stressing myself out over it after swatching because I don't want it to be a crappy vest! The yarn isn't that fun to work with either. :P
Here's what my gust was looking like as of two days ago.
Here is a close-up of my gust!
Here's my husband's scarf so far. It's really starting to grow on me (and I don't mean literally!) lol.
And here is a close-up shot of the cables in my husband's scarf.
Oh! last weekend, my SIL mentioned wanting to learn how to make shawls!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited! She knows how to knit a little bit. Though she still has to really get the basics of knitting down. We haven't scheduled any time to knit together just yet but I can't wait.  I have to look for a really simple shawl pattern for her to start out with so she isn't overwhelmed.
On the reading has been extremely slow goings with Anna Karenina. The story has picked up but I don't find the reading likable. I actually put it down probably last weekend and re-picked up Eat, Pray, Love. It's a much more enjoyable read and I'm definitely bringing it with me to LA. I'm thinking that I'm going to return Anna Karenina to the library (for now) and when I don't have anything else interesting to read, I'll re-check it out! I've got two other books I want to read also from the library and I'm getting tired of renewing them when they're just sitting there by my bed..waiting rather impatiently to be read!

Friday, March 12, 2010

life goes on

I've been meaning to post for a few days now but have been distracted-with life. I had a conversation with the aforementioned moron from the previous post on Tuesday morning. That was the last time I spoke to him and it is probably going to be the last time that I do speak to him. You're supposed to get rid of the toxic people in your life, right? Well, he's one of them. The last few days have been peaceful. I haven't acknowledged him, looked at him, spoke to him, or been in the same room as him.  Doing these things makes it easier to stomach staying in that house especially since we don't know when we'll be able to leave.
I've been knitting.
I've still got a long way to go on my husband's scarf..but I have until Easter, right? Gust is chugging along-just as slowly. I haven't decided how many repeats I'm going to do with Gust. I've already done the 23 repeats the pattern calls for but it's not long enough for me.  I whipped out the book that has the pattern for my husband's vest last night and I also pulled out my copy of Sweater Design in Plain English so I could look at taking exact measurements, etc. I want this vest to fit correctly! I pulled out the yarn we got at Stitches West for it as well and I think I'm going to do a swatch to see how the yarn knits up.
Yesterday was my sister's birthday! We sent her this. She's not one for cantaloupe or grapes so this was the safest bet. I asked her to freeze a couple of them for me so I can try them when we see her next weekend. lol. Hopefully they'll be okay! She loved it and ended up not sharing any of it with her coworkers. She said she didn't want to unwrap it and then have to rewrap it to bring home.
I will leave you with a couple of pics of the monkey from last Saturday. I took some video as well. She's a total crack-up.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last night the monkey came over for the evening. She was sort of in a weepy state and at one moment, she took my hand, walked me away from everyone else and says to me, "Imagine, you're married."
Me: Yes. (her mom has been working with her on saying 'yes' instead of 'yeah' so I make sure to do the same with her!).
Monkey: You're married with ____.
Me: Yes.
Monkey: So you can't marry me...
She looked so distraught. I picked her up and took her into the kitchen to tell my husband about the conversation. Ever since she was about 2 years old she has wanted to marry me. Who am I to say, no you can't?? I'm guessing her mom had a conversation with her about it and she got it. My husband said, yes I was married to him (which made her sadder to hear it from someone else) but I told her even though I was already married, we could be best friends and that made her feel SO much better. Poor kid. Growing up sucks. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

life with no electricity

Well really six outlets have been out-three in the room where I sleep and the other three in my old bedroom. Did my parents do anything to fix it? HELL no. When I told my stupid father that the outlets weren't working it was like I was talking to a freakin' wall. We tried the panel, nothing so we had to wait for my mom to get home-because she's the only one (between her and my father) with any sense left. Mom got home at about 6 in the evening on Friday and said we should've called PG&E. Now why is it that we should have when it's not even our house????????????????
I call PG&E (by the way, the post I was beginning to create in my mind about this was going to be called "I hate PG&E...") and the customer service rep. said someone would be coming that evening (Friday) to check it out. 9:30 pm rolls around and my husband calls. He is told that someone is definitely going to be coming by the 'end of the day.'  He stays up till literally 1 in the morning waiting for someone to come. He stayed up because (not only are the outlets bad in this house but) the doorbell doesn't work and we wouldn't have heard the knocking. I was pissed because he had to be up at 4 in the morning. I call PG&E (yes, this is our third call to them) at 4:30 in the morning and this time the person clarifies that 'end of the day' means the end of the day for the after hours technician. She could provide me with zero information other than our problem had already been dispatched out to someone.
Saturday morning rolls around, I distinctly hear my brother say to my stupid father (how I got stuck with him, I'm still trying to figure out..), "Why would you DO that?? You knew she had no electricity" So I'm guessing that my A**HOLE of a father heard the PG&E tech. come to the door but didn't answer it (this is not unusual. he would barely open the door to any of his children in case you were wondering!).
When my brother left to go to work, he found a paper stuck to the door from PG&E saying that they were there and we would have to call an electrician. The gal I spoke with at 4:30 in the morning said that they would definitely be checking both inside and outside. I couldn't believe it. Someone from PG&E called to check up on their service rating and my mom gave them a poor rating for everything. This is one of the reasons why I hate PG&E.
Since we've been limited to only working outlet in the room where we sleep, I couldn't knit or read with a lamp on. We had to have the main light on (which is super obnoxious) and the space heater (cos you know we live in a cave and we aren't allowed to turn the heater!) plugged into our one working outlet. I knew that it was the space heater that probably caused the main problem but my husband's body can't take the cold and his body temperature is honestly lower now (since his hospital stay) so the cold affects him more easily than anyone else here. But do my parents care? No. I'm taking mental notes of all this. Everyone knows what payback is but maybe my parents don't. In my old room, I wasn't even sure if there were any working outlets and my desktop is in this particular room so that's why I've been away.
I went through the yellow pages yesterday (yes, we waited that long) to see who we could call up and this morning someone came and took care of the problem (for now).  Since it is an old house, the electrician suggested that we have all the outlets replaced. My response to this was that it's not even my house why should I pay to have all the outlets replaced. The only outlets I care about are in these two rooms. That's it. We didn't even tell my parents we called an electrician. I actually considered us doing the work ourselves-went to the library to pick up a Fix-it-Yourself manual and everything! I knew that there was no way my parents would pay to have the problem taken care of-especially since the problem didn't directly affect them. Oh no. Just wait. It's called karma. :)
And on top of that, the man who lives in his own personal purgatory (that would be stupid father), started barking about how the trash wasn't pushed all the way down in the kitchen trash can. So I opened up my own can of whoop ass an said if he wants to complain about the trash can, maybe he should look at all the disgusting hair he left in the shower and how I could show it to him if he wanted cos he's the ONLY one in the house who cuts his own freakin' hair!!!!!!! The monkey had to bear witness to this discussion-which didn't even take place in the same room, mind you! He was in the kitchen complaining while I was in the living room with the monkey. She threw in her own two cents by telling her dumb grandpa that he was stinky and hairy. lol. It was great. And not that it even matters anymore, but she was the last one to put anything in the that kitchen trash can. This man needs a life.
I wrote my sister a 'hostage letter' about the situation here. I already spoke to her on the phone about it all though. She couldn't believe I wrote her an actual letter. We decided if I were an actual hostage, I'd be dead by the time she received the letter. She couldn't believe what went on either.
Oh and for most of the day, he's stayed out of my way. He won't even come out of his room if I'm in the living room or kitchen. I like it. I don't even want to see his face! And if this is how it is going to be from now, I honestly could care less. It's better for me that he stay out of my way than for him to get in my face because there's no telling what I'll do or say at this point.
I apologize for the ranting. It's not typical of me and I know it's unbecoming but I'm human. If I could just scream at the top of my lungs, I would but I can't. We have decided that he is miserable and wants those around him to be just as miserable. There's no saving him.  I'm sure as heck not gonna try.
On a positive note-and one actually related to knitting! I finished my mom's shawl!!! Are you shocked?? I know I was when I finally cast off. I ended up running out of yarn but I was already in the middle of binding off so it was okay. It is currently blocking. Hopefully she won't have anything negative to say (a habit she obviously picked up by having spent most of her life with mr. miserable). If she does, that's it. This will be the last item I make for her. We'll see if I even give it to her if all she has to say is something to the effect of, "You should've made it bigger." Believe me, I've heard it before..
Anna Karenina is starting to get a teensy bit more interesting. I need to make more time to read during the day so I can get through more pages!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Today, I was bestowed this wonderful award by Robyn! Thank you so very much, hon.
To accept this award, here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Paste the award on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you.
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself (see below.
5. Nominate 7 blogs and post links
6. Leave a comment on your nominated blogs to let them know.

Here are the seven interesting things about myself...
1.  Now that I'm back in the place where I grew up, I see people from my childhood/people I went to high school with everywhere and I can tell my husband how I know someone and any details I remember about them i.e. "That person went to___ and she used to wear glasses...etc".
2.  I never used to like Mexican food until the last few years of my life. Not sure why. Boy was I missing out!
3.  I would rather get into a cold bed than a warm one.
4.  I dislike going places where I live because people stare SO fiercely at me (and they always have). I've decided they've never seen a human being before until they saw me. ;)
5.  I can't wear earrings because my ears are so, so sensitive and can only sustain real 14k gold. (I hate it!!)
6. One of my favorite things about having taught preschool was getting to make various doughs with kids (coffee dough, flower petal dough, toothpaste dough, regular playdough etc).
7.  I have had pen pals since I was about 13 years old!
Now I would like to nominate Dawn, Marie-Jolie, Carole, Deb, Jeanne, Tracey, and Elspeth. These lovely ladies all inspire me in various ways be it knitting, photography, or just wonderful crafting. They also all have wonderful senses of humor!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

slow week

I haven't been up to much this week it seems. I've been creeping along with Anna Karenina. I tried reading it on our way home from Stitches (both days) and I have to say that it reads like Gossip Girl. I'm trying to like it though. What did me in was the fact that the Introduction basically told me what was going to happen in the novel and it even went so far as to say how it ends!! In the Introduction??? Come on! I was livid. I got through most of the Introduction and stopped as soon as I read what was going to happen to Anna. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even want to read the book anymore. But yet here I am..trying to trudge through. I've got Eat, Pray, Love on hold while I get through Anna Karenina. I am also disappointed in the language. I think I sort of expected language like in The Iliad. Since Anna Karenina is supposed to be one of the great classic novels of our time, I really truly expected that I would struggle more with the language but it almost reads like a modern day romance-at least the version that I have. Maybe that's it. I'm about a hundred pages along and what I predicted to happen has already happened so I'm at the "So now what?" stage. I'll still try to read it. I'm hoping it gets better. If not, I have Eat, Pray, Love waiting and I also have My Life in France! lol. So far I have read about 12 books since the start of the year. I need to get a move on I think.
There's been little knitting. But I did have a realization! I am much further along on my mom's shawl than I thought. I'm thinking of doing at least 3 more pattern repeats before I get to the edging and bind off. Who knew the light at the end of that tunnel was going to be fast approaching?? I'm hoping that is going to be long enough. It seems like it. Right now I am at 260 sts. The pattern says to work until you have 195 sts on your needles and then do the edging and bind off. As I began working on the shawl, I realized that in order for the shawl to be as big as the one in the pattern, I would have to work to at least double the 195 (talk about setting oneself up for disaster!). So of course it would make sense that I would lose my desire to work on the project-not to mention the great pain I was having from just the knitting alone. Fortunately, the end is nearing. Soon!
Goodness. I forgot to mention this great stuff I tried out at Stitches West! It's called Topricin. I can't remember which booth had the sample right now but it was one where there were a ton of lace shawls and the vendor mentioned something about her new pattern appearing in the latest Piecework magazine soon. Anyway, I rubbed some of the stuff on my right wrist and it felt great! I think I knit a bit on my mom's shawl that Sunday night and I didn't have any problems with my wrist like I normally do. We didn't purchase the stuff from the vendor because it was way overpriced and I knew if I went online, I could find it for cheaper so I have ordered a tube of it for myself. I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More thoughts on Stitches West 2010

Now that I've already overwhelmed you all with my purchases, there were a few things that I realized I left out. I was disappointed that when I got to the BMFA booth, they had mainly STR in stock. I was hoping to find BFL Sport in every color (I know, wishful thinking) so that I could purchase two skeins for the Audrey in Unst I've been dying to make. When I got to their booth, there were three colors and the one color I could've settled for, they only had one skein in stock. So back to the drawing board. The problem is I'm not really sure what the BFL sport is comparable to (which is why I'd rather just do the sweater in the yarn the designer used) but I was just over at Gudrun's blog and she has used another yarn for an Audrey. Maybe there's hope yet.
I somehow failed to mention Toots LeBlanc & Co. too! Michele was super nice. She had some gorgeous lacy knits on display. She also had a great lace book that I have yet to see anywhere but she mentioned that it had been out for a long time and the one she had in stock was a revision. There was also this booth where you could get a 'free massage' and it was from a pillow. They also had massage brushes for your head and I thought of my niece because she has one!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Stitches West 2010

Wow. Can't there be a Stitches-like event on a daily basis?? It was so great to have so many yarn vendors at my fingertips. There was so much yarn, so many knitters, and so, so many things to see! Apparently there was no photography allowed in the marketplace. I realized this on Sunday as we were leaving. lol But I did manage to take two photos on Saturday--and a gal at the discontinued brand name yarn booth told me to make sure I didn't have any flash on my camera because they'd come take my camera away from me! Lucky for me, I don't use flash.
Here's a pair of giant addi circs from the Paradise Fibers booth.
And here's giant swift in front of the Paradise Fibers booth!
As far as purchases went, I did a lot of damage. I was good in the sense that I didn't just buy yarn because I felt like it. Every purchase I made was towards a project I plan to undertake soon. When we left Sunday, there were still a bunch of knitters scattered around the Convention Center knitting with their newly purchased yarns and I thought..."Dang it, I can't even start any new projects until Easter!" Overall, it was a great and wonderful experience. We can't wait for next year!
Yesterday, I got to speak to Romi a bit at her booth. She was the only 'famous' knitter I saw while at Stitches. I missed the gal who created Citron at the Wabi Sabi booth. I picked up some laceweight from the Wabi Sabi booth, and Lisa, (i think!) said that I just missed the genius behind the Citron shawl about an hour before. She shared this with me because they actually had a Citron on display knitted up in their laceweight and I just had to have some of my own! So be on the lookout for a citron in wabi sabi laceweight. I will have more than enough yardage for two shawls in fact! Oh and the hubby was approached by a friend of Jared Flood who commented on hubby's hat. (He wore his habitat hat). :)
I picked up a couple of patterns. I would've gotten a few more but I had to hold back in some way!
 I also picked up some delicious lotion!  Margaret from Happy Hands is a doll.
Okay...I'm done stalling. Here's what you've all been waiting for,  my stash from Stitches West.
To break it down,
2 skeins of malabrigo in frank ochre from jimmy beans wool (lovely, lovely ladies!),
2 skeins of malabrigo lace in lettuce from The Mannings
2 more skeins of malabrigo lace but in continental also from The Mannings,
I also picked up 4 different skeins of frog tree alpaca in sportweight from The Mannings.  Love them too. Great couple. 
1 skein of Wabi Sabi lush handdyed lace in Peacock, (I've already sung her praises. She was super nice and she complimented me on my cafe au lait mitts!
1 skein of berroco blackstone tweed from Webs (SUPER crowded. Such a long line but the staff was really nice and helpful!) and 1 skein of Wisdom yarns Poems from Paradise Fibers. Both are going to be used for my husband's Turn A Square hat. We didn't discover the girlyness of the yarn until after the fact. I keep telling him that the pink shouldn't come out though. Guess we'll have to see. He doesn't mind pink but if we can avoid it, that would be great!Oh yeah, he picked out both skeins of yarn. This was a first for him. I think he quite liked it!
2 skeins of superwash lace from Tess' Designer Yarns in a reddish hue. 
This will be used for a curved shawl with diamond edging from Victorian Lace Today for my mom. I'm figuring that this will be a better fit for her. I'm still going to try to knit as much of the other shawl as I can though but I like this pattern better. 
2 skeins of Mission Falls 1824 Wool in Spice from yarndogs
This yarn is going to be used for a Sidewinder Hat for the hubby. By the way, he picked out both the pattern and the yarn!
1 skein of Wisdom Yarns Poems Socks in Cruise from Paradise Fibers.
And finally, the most expensive purchase of the entire weekend--and also the scariest (if you ask me) was 
7 skeins of garnstudio silke-tweed in denim blue from Full Thread Ahead. 
Unfortunately their new website isn't up yet so I can't provide a link. The owner was super nice. In the last hour of the marketplace on Sunday, she said that everything in a certain section was 50% off. She also shared with us that she was trying to get rid of all the yarn because so was hoping to get rid of the pod that is in her driveway! My husband and I were in search of some tweed yarn because I had mentioned to him on Saturday night (while I was perusing all my patterns and pattern books!) that I could probably make him this sweater vest that I had a pattern for in Closely Knit. Well, he found some! Half-priced no less. I just hope it turns out as good as in the book! I picked a super simple pattern (straight stockinette) so it shouldn't be too bad. I want to eventually work my way up to this cabled sweater vest I saw in an old issue of IK but we'll see. Ooh, this one is nice too!
Oh we also purchased some very berry strawberry balsamic vinegar and some garlic balsamic bistro oil from Bistro Blends. The stuff is absolutely to die for.  I am not even a huge fan of balsamic vinegar and now I'm sold on the stuff. We tasted a few of the ones the saleman had on stock but only left with two. The guy that was there, Nico, was really nice. He's hoping this is his last year of being there at Stitches! Poor guy. We told him we hoped that we'd see him next year.
So all in all, Stitches West was a fantastic experience!:)