Thursday, July 29, 2010

busy week

The week began with the hubs having super minor surgery scheduled for Monday early evening (our true wedding anniversary in our eyes!). That went all right other than the fact that he was so zonked from the anesthesia. It didn't help that he wasn't allowed to eat a crumb for the whole entire day either and after the surgery, he just slept. Poor thing.
Yesterday, we had our hearing to discuss possibly lowering our exorbitantly high share of cost for Medi-Cal but I don't think they will. They offered up solutions on how to get a $0 share of cost for the future but they can't do anything about the past months-which are the ones I'm most concerned about. Thank goodness I will be starting my job next month and our insurance will (hopefully) kick in so we won't have to deal with that garbage for the future.
Today has been a relaxing day. I've caught up on blogs (finally!!) and I'm slowly catching up on email. I really do hate being behind on that stuff.
I've been reading a lot over the past couple of days. I picked up The Actor & The Housewife by Shannon Hale at the library a couple weeks ago and had started it the day I got it but put it down and got distracted with finishing knitting up aeolian! Well, I have been reading like mad over the last couple of days and I managed to finish it the other day. I really liked it. Though there were some things I didn't expect to happen so there were some surprises. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Becky (the housewife) and Felix (actor). I can already see this one being turned into a movie and I nominate Isla Fisher to play the role of Becky. lol. Not sure who should be Felix--maybe Rupert Everett?
Late last night I started unchartered terriTORI and am about halfway through. I really need to read her first book because again she referenced how all the 90210'ers hate her! If only my local library would either purchase a new copy or find the one that is missing! I think after having read Mommywood, this book isn't as difficult to get into as Mommywood was when I first began to read it. For some reason, this third installment reads differently to me. For those of you that don't know, I am admittedly an avid watcher of Tori & Dean and have been watching since they were "Inn Love." I just like them. lol. I can't explain why! I just might be able to finish the book today/tonight and then I might get back to Family Album by Penelope Lively but I'm still on the fence about that book. I've read about 60 pages and have yet to decide if I like the book or not.
The hubs and I are going on a short jaunt down to LA over the weekend so I hope to get some reading and some knitting done while on the road. It will probably be the last time we go visit my sister in LA since she will be leaving for Chicago in a matter of weeks! We have two stops that I hope we make. One being here and the other being here.
Now for some knitting progress pics.
 My stockinette stitch aeolian
I love this close up shot of the border.
Hubby's breaker, breaker socks. The above picture is truest in color.
Here's a close-up of the stitch pattern. 
Sunny yellow progress on my alhambra. I was too lazy to pin it out for all to see the pattern. It's going to be a while before I finish this one. The knitting is slow but I love the color!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A year ago today

A year ago today, the hubs and I got married in the presence of a justice of the peace, my sister, and my wonderful friend, E. The pictures are unflattering so I won't share any. lol. Then we had our 'real' wedding' a day later. Hence, this is our wedding weekend. I still remember everything quite vividly. How we had our rehearsal the evening before the wedding and both my sister and I forgot to bring the shoes we planned on wearing for the wedding to try out. We went out for dinner afterwards with the non-parents, my once happily married brother, sil, and monkey, my sister, E, and my oldest friend in all the world. I remember how everyone was SO super duper excited to find a Yogurtland and while everyone (young ones excluding myself and the monkey) was getting loaded up on sugar, we were walking round and round on the cement benches. Then the actual day of our wedding-we were late to go get our hair done which made us late to the wedding location, etc.
We made it!!!! A lot has happened in our first year of marriage but we have handled everything side by side.
Here's to happier days and here's to many, many more.

Friday, July 23, 2010

show off

It's been quiet here because I have been working busily on completing my aeolian shawl. I am 4 rows away from completion. I am using the alternative edging and I don't know what has happened but the last couple of rows have been an absolute PAIN. Not sure if I've forgotten to add stitches or what but things aren't turning out right. I should've been done by now.
And here's a close-up of my nupps. This is the first time I've ever had to do them before!
Now for some non-knitting news, here's the monkey showing off her ballerina/gymnastic girl moves!
And I leave you with my most recent birthday card creation for my best friend from high school whose birthday is Saturday!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

good stuff!

I've been knitting away on my aeolian just trying to get to the 219 stitches mark. It seems as though I am two stitches shy of where I really ought to be. Ugh. Oh well. Will figure something out to remedy the situation. In the meantime, I have been dying to share these food-related links with you (like you didn't get enough from seeing all those cupcakes in the last post!). Cooking With My Kid is a new favorite blog of mine. She is awesome. So far, we have only made these apple fritters which were awesome! We have also made the beef & bowtie stew. Even if you don't have a kid, the recipes are still great! I have saved a bunch of them to my hard drive and plan to try them out asap! You must also try the rice krispie burgers. There have also been some sweet chili-glazed chicken around here. Next up just might be these snickerdoodle blondies. Bon appetit! ;)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

cupcake battle

We came, we saw, and were conquered by mere cupcakes. I left with a sugar headache and feeling as though I needed to puke!
Introducing the cupcakes..
These were called Dark Dizny. We didn't have try any of these cupcakes.
These were too pretty to eat! They had a raspberry filling and I tasted a bit of lemon. It was also one of the last ones we tried to eat.
I loved the hearts! These were espresso flavored. I only had a little sliver of this one.
These were yummy!! I loved the cake part-didn't taste the frosting though. This might've been cupcake number 2 for me already. The special ingredient was pepsi!
These were hands down my absolute favorite. The frosting was strawberrylicious combined with the cake, these were awesome. These got two prizes!
We loved the tier for these cupcakes. I think they had some coconut action going on so I stayed away.
We loved the decor of these being the Star Wars fans that we are, but we didn't have any of them! They were a chocolate vegan cake with peanut butter frosting.
 These were super cool. It was a family who made these. It was also the first cupcake that I ate and probably the one that did me in! lol.
These were made by a couple that used to own a bakery in town. There was some coconut action going on here too..
 These were totally awesome. They were a late entry so I'm not sure if they were even allowed to participate in the voting. We had a drumstick. I think that's what put the nail on my sugar overload coffin! The cake? A brownie!! Talk about genius.
Unfortunately, I somehow did not get a picture of the breakfast cupcakes that were there. I loved the holder they were in too! These were a spicey cake with maple frosting and applewood bacon! I LOVED the cake and the frosting but the bacon was a no for me. The weird part about these cupcakes is that one of the moms at my school that participated in my interview is friends with the baker of the breakfast cupcakes so we ran into each other there.
There will be more cupcake battles at this shop in the future...and the hubs and I just might participate at one of them! :) 

Friday, July 16, 2010

an experiment

Can you tell I'm really trying to get back into this blogging thing?? Yesterday, I did a bit of experimentation with my bathroom mirror and my finished objects.
This picture wasn't too bad. But I couldn't duplicate it for any of the other two shawls I have finished in the last couple of months!
I learned that tubs are for much more than bathing and washing your pretend fruit and dishes for your classroom! You can use a tub to take a picture of a shawl too.
The next photos are taking in the room I share with the monkey. She keeps her toys there and I keep mine. lol. I present to you, the beginnings of alhambra
I am so super glad I selected this shade of yellow rather than the drab stuff I had earmarked for this scarf. I'm slowly chugging along on my aeolian in stockinette stitch body but nothing exciting to show of that one!
Okay, I gotta go. The hubs and I are off to a cupcake battle at a little shop in our downtown area. I think anyone who shows up gets to partake in the eating!!! The battle starts at 6. Ooh, I should bring my camera!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I had forgotten what life was like B.C. (before children). In nearly two months I've suddenly become a part-time mother. I was talking to my most excellent friend who works at my old school the other day and she asked me how was life living with a kid and I said, "It sucks!" lol. I've lost so much time. The last two days though, we have been minus one child in the evenings and it has been sweet!
I recently got back in touch with my very best friend from high school (I had misplaced her number I don't know how long ago and out of the blue, she sent me an email sometime last month with her phone number). We hung out with her and her family for the 4th of July and she just so happened to be in town last night so the hubs and I went over to her mom's house to hang out. She was in search of the monkey but had that child come with us, we wouldn't have been able to just hang out and we would've had to have come home early! Later this weekend, the monkey and her mom are going on a camping trip. I can't wait!
The hubs and I were trying to figure out when we could go down to LA to see my aforementioned friend (and my FIL) and what I thought was our only feasible possibility was this weekend, the very same weekend when our roommates are going to be gone too! I thought about it some more, and now we're looking at the very last weekend of the month to go because once August comes, I won't be able to take any days off since I'll be getting my classroom ready!
I was able to do a lot of decluttering today. I even got to wind some yarn! I was able to go through a couple of my pattern binders to see what I would like to cast on for. It was nice. 
So I want to start an aeolian shawl with a stockinette body and an alhambra scarf. Yes, I still have a pair of socks on the needles but so what. I cast on and off for a new pair of irish hiking mitts the other day.
Here is a shot of one of my mitts, unseamed. I forgot to get a finished shot of them. That is something that has definitely fallen by the wayside-finished object shots. In our new apt, the lighting is absolutely atrocious. There isn't any natural lighting in our bathroom either so I'm left with nowhere to take my photos. I'll have to remember when my sister comes to have her pose with all my finished shawls so I can post them on here.
In the meantime, here's what I do have to share:
This last shot is my favorite one of my clothilde shawl.
While I was looking through my pattern binders, I decided against casting on for an olatz shawl after all. Reason being, it's very similar to the clothilde. Oh well. Back to the drawing board!

Monday, July 12, 2010

reason number 54 why one shouldn't live in a small town

Or even move back to one if you grew up in one!  Today, I ran into the dreaded ex-boyfriend. You know the one--that guy who stole your youth away from you and made you feel like you had to put up a wall around your heart. Ugh. Had I known he was back in town, I highly doubt my husband I would've moved back here. He's the last person I want to run into.
Of all places I ran into him at the community college. Little did I know that he works at the community college as a counselor (of all things!). I told my SIL about it when we got home and she told me she's actually ran into him a couple times and that whenever she and my brother would see him (when they were still happily together), they would stop so my brother could talk to him! The guy's even met my niece. Come on! She always thought it was weird that my brother would still talk to his sister's ex-bf (maybe it's only normal people who believe that you shouldn't fraternize with any of your family's exes). I didn't even know that they still spoke to one another after all this time.
I've never been a believer in exes remaining/becoming friends after a break-up. To me, it's just not done. What's funny is when I was telling my SIL about the break-up, she told me my brother said the same thing (as my ex told me!) to her.
My sister got a kick out of the story and couldn't stop laughing!! It's nice that she's now unemployed and has the time to fully enjoy the life that was happening all around her but not at her own sister's expense!! She wanted every single detail too! We actually saw him more than once. I failed to mention that after the first time, every obscenity was coming out of my mouth. Apparently, the really bad ones come out when I see people I really don't want to see! This is what I have learned about myself. lol.
Thank goodness he has no way of contacting me--unless he runs into my brother again and just asks him. The hubs got to see him up close and personal too because he had to go back into the building and he couldn't help but laugh after walking out. Sigh..what is the world coming to??
In any case, there's been a teensy bit of knitting. I cast on for a pair of mitts to replace the ones that I mysteriously lost. I finished the first mitt early this morning and I'm in the midst of working on the second one. I really want to get back into my knitting but don't know what project is going to do that for me. I was tossing around the idea of casting on for a pair of arm warmers and then I spied some malabrigo in my stash that I have earmarked for the olatz shawl. I've also been thinking about teaching myself how to crochet but we'll see. Not many days left before I have to start setting up my new classroom! I'm finally starting to sort of get a handle on things again and before I know it, I'll be in the throes of a new school year in a brand new school. Pray for me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

something to share

Well, miracle upon miracles, I finally got my car back earlier this week! It's working like a charm but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
The rodeo is in town marking its 100th year! Tonight the hubs and I went to the annual Kiddie Kaper Parade which was followed by the Colmo Del Rodeo parade (the last time they had this parade was back in the late 80s!). Growing up, I remember going to the parades and the Colmo Del Rodeo was always my favorite because of the lowriders (lol), the cotton candy, the marching bands, and getting to see the Rodeo royalty waving to the crowds. I think they used to throw candy too! Unfortunately, I didn't bring a camera so no pics to share. We had front row seats though right on the curb and the other best part? We were able to just walk a few blocks home rather than fight all the ensuing traffic after the parade ended.
I have misplaced my most favorite pair of mitts. I told the hubs I need to cast on for another pair stat! I wore them everywhere and can't think for the life of me where they could have gotten to. 
We took some of my school-related boxes to my classroom the other day so there's been a slight decrease in the amount of boxes here in the apt. but I think we're going to have to live with a few boxes here and there. It's inevitable.
There has been little knitting but I am slowly catching up on my letters and I managed to even get a little reading in. My new school is a believer in Love and Logic so I've been doing a bit of reading to familiarize myself with how things roll at the new digs. We also hit up the library where I picked up a stack of books (somehow I think I'm actually going to get to them!). Did I mention that we have monkey duty at least three nights a week (but it seems like WAY more than that!)? I still feel like I'm catching up. Not sure if I'll ever feel like I'm caught up again.
My sister starts school in Chicago at the end of next month. She is flying out there in a couple weeks to find a place to live. Hopefully things will fall into place. She can be a bit of a stress case!
Okay, off to letter land!

Friday, July 2, 2010

gone fishin!

Last weekend, my father-in-law came for a visit and we got to go fishing. :) We went to a place called Loch Lomond.
We had to rent a boat (a row boat!) because fishing isn't allowed unless you're at least 100 ft away from the dock.
We took turns rowing. 
My father-in-law did some rowing as well but I forgot to take pics of him rowing. I also did some rowing-talk about a workout! It was a truly gorgeous day to be out there. The monkey was begging to get a chance to row too.
There were ducks too. We didn't catch anything (maybe because we went so late in the day!) but there will definitely be a next time. AND, next time we're going to use a paddle boat for fishing rather than the row boat! ;)