Tuesday, May 24, 2011

is it over yet?

How many more days do I still have to behave like a Kindergarten teacher?? Isn't the year over yet? The last few days are dragging but I am well aware that before I know it school will definitely be over. It doesn't help that my school puts on this amazing event called Boxland in a couple of weeks not to mention final progress reports, ummm, student allocation for the upcoming school year, and not to mention filling out the cume folders (say what?). Note to self: Next time I will think about teaching at a private school again. Some schools are already out. Am I jealous? Heck yeah! I have been keeping sane by keeping my fingers going. I fixed this.
 And then I cast on for this:
 I am still on the fence about it..definitely not my colors but the blue yarn I had wasn't going to be flattering to my skin. I haven't researched the shawl I really would like to begin just yet. I've got some yarn ready though.
Yesterday, the hubs took some modeled shots of my shawl with no name. Can I tell you how nice it is to have his eye working better again? He still has a few more post-op appointments to attend but soon he'll be able to get a new pair of glasses. He has told me that having the two eye surgeries that he had done has done wonders for him which makes me really glad.
We signed him up for a summer school class. He will be taking Ceramics. I can't wait to see what he makes for me. :) I am in the process of looking for a job for the summer (annoying story that I really don't want to get into but obviously it is money/bills related). I've found a possible lead and need to do a once over of my resume.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

here's what you missed

Birthday goodies from a very special friend.
  a cute reversible bag,
malabrigo yarn,
  a dolphin case,
 stitch holders and a case for needles (which always comes in handy),
these gorgeous earrings,
 more yummy yarn, (this one aptly named after one of my favorite drinks, sangria!),
and these cool sunglass headbands (in various colors!)
Here I am trying on one pair of my new earrings. I wore them the day after I received the package and mostly everyone at school noticed them and liked them. :)
I have sort of been doing a 'test' with the earrings that I have been getting each year for my birthday and it seems as though they are the only ones safe for me to wear. :) So keep 'em coming, Robyn! ;)
Finished shawls have been photographed and or blocked. Here's Cherry Bomb, modeled by me. 
And here's my latest finish. Modeled shots forthcoming.
I just love the detail of the lace pattern in my latest shawl. I should also have better shots of snow soon too. I had to go back and tweak it a bit.
My school had its first annual carnival yesterday afternoon. It was a lot of fun. I can't post any pictures because they include kids from the school. There was a cupcake walk (which my sister participated in) and a few carnival games that each class was in charge of. There were deep fried twinkies (which were interesting), inexpensive tacos and burritos, kettle corn, a band, animals from a local pet store, and horses. Next year I hope that we have even more booths.
Last night the hubs and I went to the symphony for the first time. It was part of his Music Appreciation class. We went to the final concert of our local symphony. I was unfamiliar with the concert that was performed. I paid pretty good attention during the first two sections (I think?) and then I became distracted. I had to find things to focus on. I chose to focus on the guy who got to play the triangle. He also played the xylophone and get this, he played wood blocks! I noticed that most of the violinists that were sitting stage left had wedding rings on and most of the cellists and bassists that were seated stage right weren't. I learned that if you have a cough, you're supposed to bring unwrapped cough drops to the show and if you must cough, it's best if you go outside to do it!
Guess what! There are only 17 days of school left. I can't even believe it. We have this event called "Boxland" coming up the first full week of June, a possible field trip the second week of June, and not to mention progress reports. Oh yeah, and our school founder is retiring this year so there will be a retirement party in her honor. Just when I finally got used to the group of kids I was given for the year, I am going to have to get used to a new batch in a few months. For the upcoming school year, the teacher who I share a huge space with is also going to be doing Kindergarten so that will provide for more options of team teaching (we're hoping!).
My sister has been in town for about a week now. She is here to pick up her car to take back with her to Chicago but it turns out, no one can go with her. I was slated to go with her but then the possibility of something happening while we were on the road popped into my brain (and I decided that I sort of jinxed myself!) so I had to say no. I only have 2 days left that I can take off. Too bad she can't wait a couple more weeks. SO, she is going to be flying back Memorial Day weekend (so at least she's here a little bit longer!) and her car will get transported to her (somehow).
While my sister has been in town, she has been filling me in on what's going on with her parents and brother. It's an eerie (yet amazing) feeling when the premonitions you have had in the past, start turning into reality.
And there you have it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

wait for me!!

It has been about a week and a half since I was without internet service. Our new service started last Thursday at 8:01pm. Can you say stupid u-verse? I was online taking a gander at all that I had 'missed' while we were unplugged. I am not a news watcher like I used to be in LA so I was super behind. For example, I had NO idea about this. I also had loads of recipes that I needed to save for myself like this one and this one. I also missed the first listen of this!
Did I miss the internet? Not really. I passed the time by watching tv. Plus my sister is in town so I spent a lot of last week entertaining the girl who is bored out of her mind at her folks' house! I did miss cataloging all the awesome recipes that can be found on the internet. I also missed reading blogs and interacting with all my new blog friends! That's what I really missed. So here I am (waves). I haven't been neglecting you all. I just got used to not having internet access. I suppose if I had to, I could go without it (which is good to know).  I have realized that the internet has made life easier. You want a recipe? You just google it. You want to read the latest entertainment news, you can find it on the internet. You want to make some new friends? There are millions (maybe billions?) of people just waiting to make your acquaintance. I'm not saying the internet is the end all be all but it is a handy tool for those few that feel more comfortable behind a computer screen vs. face to face. And the recipes? Wow! All the awesome craft ideas? All the sites for shoes/clothes? We are very very fortunate.
Another realization I had living unplugged is that life goes on without me..and I don't want to miss too much more.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

in my absence

 My birthday came and went this past week. I celebrated my 36th (shocking, I know!) this year.
There were flowers, cupcakes, and a homemade cake but everything edible has already gotten eaten up. I realized this morning while I was having some of my birthday cake that I didn't manage to get a picture of said cake before we began devouring it. Oh well. The same goes for my cupcakes.
I am the type of teacher who loves celebrating my birthday with my class. I usually bring cupcakes to share with the kids. This year, I brought the cupcakes, but the kids were just atrocious. I hadn't told them that we were going to have a party and I was glad. Though they knew there were cupcakes because how can you not bring cupcakes on your birthday? I ended up sharing the cupcakes with a few teachers and the rest I just took home.
I have been MIA for the last few days because we are offline at home! I am currently sitting in my empty and quiet classroom catching up on emails and checking to see how behind I am on blog reading! Our new service will not begin until Thursday of this week so bear with me!

To those of you mothers, have a fantastic Mother's Day!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge

By some miracle, I completed the A to Z challenge. I honestly don't know how I did it. I know what helped but I don't know how on earth I was able to keep up with it.
Something that was reiterated through this challenge was that blogging daily is not for me. To me, blogging should be a treat and something that I do because I feel like it or I have something special to share. I don't find that I have something special to share on a daily basis (unfortunately!). Sure you might get two posts out of me in the span of one week but that's a fluke! Most of the time I'm a once a week (or two) kind of blogger. That's just how I roll.

I would definitely participate again. I don't think I'd do anything differently. I would still post things that come to mind and compose the forthcoming posts as something hits me (and to think I used to be such a planner)!
I found a bunch of new blogs to read and I hope these new friendships will continue to mature and grow.

Monday, May 2, 2011

a quick finish

This is how she entered the world.
Then she began to grow
 and grow.
 Now she's all grown up.
Ta da!

I was scared about the 200+ cast on which I got through. Then about a week later, it was done in a flash-even the blocking was done just as quickly if not faster. She is absolutely gorgeous. If only I had the yardage for the rest of the patterns done by this designer!