Thursday, June 30, 2011

the unthinkable

Well, after blogging yesterday, I made a decision regarding my unfinished shawl. I decided to rip back to right before the lace begins and go down a needle size.
While working on my shawl, I made a third decision. I decided to sort of tweak the pattern a bit to further ensure that I would have enough yarn to finish.  I made a plea on rav too for any leftovers of the yarn I used. Too bad I didn't go back online until now. The shawl is now complete. It is actually having a bath right now. So here is what it looked like before it went off for a bath.
 here's how much yarn i had leftover!
and here's a rough close-up.
After finishing up this baby (after hibernating for about a week!), I decide to do some other frogging.
Remember this?
Well, after hibernating for over a year, I decided to frog this sucker. So now it looks like this:
I am entertaining the idea of turning the balls of yarn into this. Yes, it's got acrylic in it and the stuff flies everywhere but what else am I going to do with all of this? lol. At least it's soft.  I only have 4 skeins of yarn though. I may cast on for it and see how far I get. But I first have to make sure I have the correct pattern since she has since updated it since she first released it about 3 years ago!
Not sure what I will cast on for next but it most likely will be a piece of clothing-either that vest I had promised the hubs or a cardi for myself. I have since lost the desire to make this with this but now I'm thinking maybe I'll make this instead.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well, I did a couple of changes here. I don't think I can muster up anymore in the near future. lol. I did my first header and that alone was a pain in the behind. For my first official week off from school, I watched two of my favorite disney classics, I began and nearly finished a shawl (ran out of yarn and am still trying to figure out what I'm going to do), went to the library and picked up the book versions of the aforementioned classics, received a book that I won from a blog contest, started reading that new book, went to the beach with the hubs, and made a bazillion much needed phone calls.
Unfortunately, no pics to share from the beach (yet). They are all on the hubs' phone and he is at his ceramics class! No pics of the shawl either until I figure out what I'm going to do. I'm either going to post on rav to see if anyone has any leftovers of the particular yarn I used, used scrap yarn that I have on hand (though this sucker is a pain to match!) or another option may be to rip back a few rows and go down a needle size. I'm about 3 rows away from completion. I kind of don't have the heart to just use whatever scrap yarn I have on hand because it would just bug me to no end. SO, it looks like I may just rip back a few rows? But now I'm starting to feel like I could just frog the whole thing and use the smaller needles from the beginning to avoid having a short fall again. Guess we'll see.
Okay, I felt guilty.
Here's my almost finished shawl.
And here's my book that I won!
So far so good! It arrived on the heels of my having watched the season premiere of the latest season of Celebrity Rehab. lol. Talk about timing. I always kind of wondered what sorts of things happened in rehab-especially with 'celebrities' and now I get a fictional view. I finished Pollyanna in a day and I had started Swiss Family Robinson the following day but Spin is a lighter read. I caught up on most of my magazines..and soon I'll start working on my mail again!
I heard from one of my parents that they had received their son's narrative and were quite pleased. Then I realized the other parents got THEIR reports and some were not so glowing. I was quite candid.  Let's see if anyone contacts me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i heart pandora

It's what helps get me through these narratives that I have to do. Note to self: Don't wait until after school is over to begin working on them. They suck even more when you're supposed to be on 'summer vacation!' Plus I don't remember as much because my mind is already moving onto the upcoming school year.  I am chugging along though. I am making myself do the social and emotional development portions. My plan of attack this time is different from when I did my narratives over winter break. This time, I'm making myself go alphabetical. Why am I torturing myself this way? I have more data to talk about so I had to organize it in some way! I need to get them all done by next Monday-that's the projected mail date. How close am I? Not very. Too distracted. Too many blogs to read. Too many emails to comb through. Too much tv to watch when I should be typing up narratives!
While I've been avoiding my narratives, my boss had her retirement party and I finished my scarf. The retirement party was held at an adult day health care center. The location alone of the place was weird because we all know the center is in what used to be a Circuit City!
I was mesmerized by the murals and the decor. 
The place is huge!
By the waterfall!
The retiree speaking. :)
The hubs and I, in front of the indoor waterfall!
And my finished scarf.

I still find it too girly for me. lol. We'll see once I actually get to wear it. :)
I received some surprise yarn too. :)
Okay, back to my narratives.

Friday, June 17, 2011

the hubs

Last night we went to the opening of an exhibit here in town. My bosses were going to be there as well as my teaching partner and one of the moms from school. I ran into my sixth grade teacher there who is now a county supervisor. He said hi to me! I saw him first and didn't think he'd recognize me. I forgot that they make everyone (mostly) put on a name tag. There aren't many Filipino girls with my same name running around here. I also ran into a few other people I knew through my work at my school. It was sort of surreal. I can tell you that when I taught in LA, I highly doubt that I'd run into people at events such as the one we attended so it was nice. I liked the feeling of being 'known.' My boss who is retiring this year is the one who knows everyone so she was introducing me to a few people and adding that now that I'm at her school, she can retire. (talk about making a girl blush!)
Well, amidst all the madness (yes, it was madness. the place was packed and the food was super delish!), the hubs got photographed for one of the local papers.
teehee. There was a couple of sections in the exhibit where you were allowed to touch stuff and this was one of the things. The photographer told the hubs that he was going to put him in the paper but we didn't know he'd be on the front page. What a surprise it was to see him on the front page as we were checking out at one of the markets. It was a funny way to start the day. :)We showed my teaching partner and the office manager at school. Not sure if my boss saw it yet. I tried to call my sister about it but she wasn't answering so I texted her and she said she saw it already! She gets the online version of the paper sent to her email. Funny.

Monday, June 13, 2011

where shall I even begin?

Boxland came and went. I forgot my camera on days 2 and 3. Though by day 3, a lot of the businesses were closing up early. I had eggo waffles with syrup, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries for breakfast. lol. My favorite store had shut down. I was super bummed. The kids who ran that store were surprised that they were my favorite store. I learned later that the kid in charge of that store did all the baking himself (and everything was AWESOME, hence it being my favorite!). Oh well. Not sure if he's graduating this year but here's to hoping he opens up shop again for next year. We bought lots more rocks. No pics of them (yet) though.

Saturday, the hubs and I were invited to our second birthday party of the school year. This party was on a ranch so I rode my first horse ever. Here's the horse I got to ride. My student's dad said he'd walk the horse with me on it. I didn't even want to get on!! The hubs went for a lil ride and when he came back, he said I was definitely getting on because the horse was so docile.
There I am on the horse!
Here are more pictures from the ranch:
 The stable.
 Some goats.
Same goats..hoping I'll give them some more feed. 

Today, was our beach field trip. I didn't take many pictures as I was busy enjoying being at the beach. :)
I am so unbelievably exhausted! The kids had a blast and the teachers did too. While laying on the beach (literally) I was trying to figure out how we could hold school on the beach on a regular basis. ;) What do you think?

And now for some knitting.
 a nice finished shot of snow
blocked shots of trouble (which was only really trouble for the first few rows!)
I haven't cast on for anything new (though I really wanted to yesterday). I'm still searching for the right project.
One more full day of school! It doesn't even feel like school is going to be over. I can't wait to sleep in and knit all day and all night.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It was sooooooooooo much fun and I ate way too much junk. The hubs opened up his own business! He goes to the businesses to see if they need help with figuring out their taxes and wages for their employees. It was cute. The first business that hired him, had to get a fast lesson on how much to pay their employees. I overheard most of it. The bosses wanted to give their employees a 20% share of the profits (there were 2 employees) while the two bosses kept 30% each. The hubs and I talked them out of this. lol. I told them that an employee only gets paid for however long they worked so they needed to decide how much to pay their employees for each shift that was worked. Apparently, this was not explained to the children. They didn't even make sure the younger ones got a break! I had to help some of mine find their bosses too. A couple of them hadn't been hired by anyone so I told them they needed to go to each business and ask them if they were hiring. Okay, so here's what I saw outdoors:
 This shop was selling cookies and cupcakes. If you purchased a cupcake, you got to decorate it however you wanted.
 This store was selling clothing that the girls no longer wore and their prices were amazing. The dresses were super adorable too. I so wished that I could've fit into one of them!
 One of the indoor food stands. I just liked it. Most of the pics are taken before Boxland even got under way. (hence the empty stands!)
Not quite sure what this business was selling. As I said, most of these shots were taken right before Boxland officially began. Plus I didn't want to take pics with the kids' faces.
This is Hollywood Blvd-minus the Hollywood sign.
 This was my FAVORITE shop! It was the one and only place where I made a tangible purchase.

And now for some inside shots:
I liked this booth. That's why I took a picture. Though again, this was taken before things got under way.
 Popcorn, dippin' dots and something else, I can't remember what.
 Here's where the businesses got to store their items (for a fee).
And here's where they had to store the food (also for a fee!).
 My one and only purchase (that wasn't eaten!).
Most of my money was spent on edible items ranging from chocolate covered strawberries to tacos. The kids had a great time. A few of them are completely broke. They spent most of their money on toys. I told them to try not spend all their money so that they would have some for tomorrow (obviously they didn't listen). Hope they don't think that I'm going to be giving them any. One of mine even said that I'll just give her more money for tomorrow. I laughed when I heard that one. I told the student who overheard this that I can't wait for that girl to ask me for money so I can laugh in her face. Me, mean? Definitely. More tomorrow!