Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Two years. Really? Year 2 wasn't so bad. Though it had it's own share of trials and tribulations, we have made it through. Soon we will have a place of our very own and I'm excited to say that it just might be the nicest place we will have lived thus far. :)

Friday, July 22, 2011


Well, I am proud to say that the hubs and I have completed our apt search and will now have a new place to call home by the end of next month. Whew.
This is a screenshot of the front. It's a bit shabby looking but we're into shabby chic. It's a 1920's building and the owner just purchased the building at the end of April. He has been doing major renovations to it probably since the day it was purchased it. He has been working unit by unit. We're already promised the second floor apt on the right hand side. It's a fourplex. So far there are two older sets of people on the left side of the building. Not sure who is going to end up renting below us. We're hoping for a young-ish person/couple. The awesome thing is we get to make some decisions in regards to the renovations.  We got to decide if we wanted carpet/laminate in the living room! I already put in a request for another closet pole in the hall closet, etc. Apparently we are going to have crown molding put in too! Since the building is so old, there are some quirky things to it but unfortunately, none are of use any longer. There was an ironing board in the kitchen-ours is missing. In the eating area, there are these things in the walls which at one point served as the chairs. Too bad they don't work anymore! The backyard is huge and will be used for parking and whatever else we want to do.  There's already a HUGE blackberry bush and a small patch of strawberries. The one problem is figuring out what the heck I'm going to do with all my teaching stuff. I've counted-there are at least 30 some boxes (I don't think it's ALL teaching stuff) that need a place to be. I don't want to keep it all at school because I don't want anyone else getting at my things and using/taking stuff without permission. I may end up taking SOME things to school but I guess we'll have to see. I don't think there will be room for these boxes in our apt. Well, we'll figure that out when we get closer to our actual move.
I have been chugging along on the vest for the hubs. Here's how it looked after I seamed everything up.
 Here's how it looks with the armhole bands. I still need to do the neck band. Picking up stitches for the ribbing has been a pain in the butt. It takes FOREVER. I'm not looking forward to doing the neck band.
As far as fit goes, the length is a bit shorter than I had anticipated it being but I know this stuff is supposed to stretch A LOT. So I'm hoping it all works out after blocking. The hubs loves it. I'm impressed with the sizing!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

back to square one!

Well, so we still have no new place to move into. The landlord for the garden place hasn't heard anything from her tenants yet so she thinks they're not going to move. The one with the kitchenette? I was resigned to just take it out of desperation until the lady there mentioned that the couple who saw it before the hubs and I REALLY wanted it. Who are we to mess with that? Right away, I didn't want it anymore. When I told the hubs, he agreed. SO, we let her know it wasn't going to be the right fit, blah, blah, blah. Then off we went in search of new places. We did see one but we won't be saving that much but it had a very nice kitchen. I worked on the hubs' vest in the car while we drove all around. I think I'm a bit closer to being done with the front body. I just hope it fits! I did cast on, frog and re-cast on for a shawl. I was quite unhappy with the way the first yarn was knitting up. You couldn't really see the pattern. It was just a big lacy mess (at least in my eyes!). No pics yet..she's a bit camera shy. Maybe if I get further along on both the shawl and the best I'll post some pics soon. In the meantime, I'll be spending most of my free time house hunting! :P

Monday, July 18, 2011

oh what to do!

WELL, the hubs and I just saw a really cute place that's in the lower end of our price range. Nice quiet street, the apt isn't too small, there's access to the back of the apt, and it's satellite ready. The downsides are that it has only a kitchenette and no laundry facilities. It turns out that I actually sort of know someone who lives there. She said just mention that I know her and the apt is ours. Once we got to see the apartment, I learned that the person I sort of know was basically raised in the building! SO, if we want the apt, it really is pretty much ours. We have until tomorrow morning to make a decision. I don't know what to do! We looked at another place last week which is a possibility. We won't be saving as much but there's a fantastic garden already in place (zucchinis, tomatoes, and corn!). It's a 2 bdrm a bit on the small side but I was sold on the garden alone! I wanted the hubs to call today to find out what was going on with that but he wants to wait for the lady to call us. I'm going to make him call tomorrow. lol. I sent an email to our school parent board to see if anyone can let the rest of the school know that I'm looking. Sigh..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer's nearly over

It's true. I can't even believe it. In less than a month, I will be back at school. It isn't as though I've stopped thinking about school while I've been on summer break though. The blog world is full of amazing teacher blogs  (that I have just discovered in the last few months) with tons and tons of freebies! I have also found lots of fun craft ideas to do with kids like this, this and this! And for grown-ups, there's this one! I really want to try the microwave playdough and the mason jar one!
I've spent the last couple of hours trying to catch up on blogs. You'd think that since I was on 'summer break' I would be caught up on blogs (far from it). I realized today that I spend much less time online during the summer than I do during the school year (or maybe it just feels like that!).
The hubs and I spent most of last week looking at apts. We were turned down for the first one. Now we're trying to limit how many we apply for because it's so costly (all the credit checks!) and it's going to make our scores go down (with all the inquiries!). It doesn't seem like we'll be moving out before the 1st as I had hoped but I guess only time will tell.
I've been knitting while I've been away and there's been some reading. I picked up the Ashley Judd memoir from the library on Sunday and I started it last night. I only knew about it because I happened to watch a few episodes of The Judds when it was on OWN. I haven't read very much of it.
 Here's the back of the hubs's vest.
 I finished the back Sunday night so here it is on him. lol! I cast on for the front yesterday but haven't gotten very far.
And here's my scarf that was started eons ago. I think it's about 50% complete.
I also cast on for a new shawl but am having a bit of trouble with it. Today I am trying to take a day off from the knitting to give my hands a rest. I am nearly caught up on all my mail. I think I've got three more left to answer. Then what will I do??

Thursday, July 7, 2011

the beach

I am finally able to share some pics from the beach when the hubs and I went last week.
This was before we got to the beach part. Birds regularly frequent the beach we went to and this is part of their habitat.
 A dead crab we found.
 me, freezing.
These are the shells I found.
These are the shells I found the first time I went to this beach with my class (sans the sand dollar).
And here are some rocks I picked up.
a special treat was seeing these horses there!
see ya!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well, I decided on the 4th of July that it's time for the hubs and I to move. Knowing that one day soon our rent is going to go up (a lot!), I started combing craigslist and yesterday we looked at a couple of places. We put in an app for one of them and we'll find out on Thursday what the next step will be. Ideally, we'd like to move into a little house but I didn't see any posted. The one we put in the app for is about $300 LESS than what we're paying now (granted it is also 2 rooms smaller..) but it will finally be a place that is ours and only ours. We saw a couple more today because I kept thinking how the one we put the app in for didn't have a closet! What's a girl to do without a bedroom closet??? We are probably going to put in one more app for one of the two we saw today. SO much storage space plus there's a carport that comes with storage! The ones we saw today totally reminded me of my last apt. when we lived in LA.
Tomorrow we are going to some meeting about first-time home buyers. The city where we live is part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. When we last spoke with a mortgage loan specialist, he said we were close income-wise to be able to qualify for a loan. He had even been given a vague idea of what our debt-to-income ratio is and said we weren't too bad. From friends, we have heard that one should not get their hopes up on the first house you see because it will most likely get snatched up by someone who is purchasing with CASH. Sigh..if only. SO, we're thinking we can rent for a little bit longer until we're more ready to purchase our own house. The hubs and my sister are wanting us to get a dog but it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon. No pets (again). Speaking of no pets, there have been some exciting things happening with our walking sticks! I never did bring them back to school so they've become our permanent pets. We have lost a few since I first posted about them. We are down to 4 but that won't be for long because over the last couple of days, I have been investigating their bowl and researching on the internet. Guess what! Someone has laid some eggs.
I circled the eggs for you. Don't think the picture will get any bigger. Here is a better view (maybe?)
 To me they look like they have gold in between. I kind of liken them to little shimmery beads. If neither one of these pictures helps, there's also this link. Though these don't at all resemble the ones we've got. Not quite sure how many there are. I'm excited though. I was so worried that we weren't going to have any eggs. Now I just hope we don't have too many!
We spent our 4th of July with my now retired boss and her husband. No pics though. Lots of good food and some fireworks. :)
I had an interview today with Sylvan Learning Center. We got lost!  Fortunately, they were very forgiving and I think the interview went well. I am supposed to hear back either the end of this week or Monday of next week.
Now off to vacuum so I can start packing some of our stuff!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

some friendly rocks

At Boxland, I raved about all the cool rocks I was buying up. I finally got around to taking pics of them. Maybe one day we will have a garden where I can display my rocks! For now, they're all over the house.

 one of my favorites.

This last one we picked out for my sister: