Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well, I was checking out a friend's blog and I saw that she had cool fonts on her blog so I had to see if I could have some cool fonts too! I also uploaded a pic I took myself. :) I wanted to try to upload some of the garden pics from my wedding a couple years ago but the files were a bit too big. Next time. I'll figure something out.
And now I present to you, the package my sister sent the hubs and I of some Chicago treats.
She made a batch of lavender rosemary shortbread after having gotten her hands on some lavender oil (finally!) and she sent some peanut butter and chocolate bars which I actually really really liked. She also sent some chocolate from the Blommer Chocolate store.
I was in need of a cup of tea and found some Yogi tea in Refreshing Mint and here's my 'fortune' 
Isn't that awesome? It was quite befitting for the day I received it which was Thursday night (when I last blogged!).
The final picture of day is progress on my pea soup:
I haven't touched it in a number of days. Let's see how much it will grow once I get two more pattern repeats completed.
We have had three separate rain storms hit us. I'm sick of the rain. Isn't sunshine supposed to accompany Spring too?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

on the up and up

As of yesterday, our living situation just got a lil bit brighter. My SIL and niece are moving out April 1st! Not too long ago we heard back from the office regarding our re-certification. We were told that if all three of us remained, we would no longer qualify for our current apt but if my SIL and her kid moved out, the hubs and I would still qualify without her. SO, he did some seed planting. I've just been waiting it out and sending up a prayer every now and again so I guess it was answered. The funny thing is I also learned that the house I've been eying went down in price (and is now more within our price range)! This has been a very busy week. I have been having conferences every day this week. We have been having minimum days so that we are able to conduct our conferences. The children are welcome to come and most of mine have. It has been funny though. It is interesting to see how the behavior changes when they're with a parent and their teacher! Some of them acted the same but wow wee! It was such a shock to see how shy some of them became.
I finished snow and somewhere down the line, I did a MAJOR, MAJOR screw up. But it's already blocked. Oh well. It is still pretty but the sizing is all wrong. It is blocking under my bed still so pictures probably over the weekend. I picked my my pea soup again and figure that I don't mind doing more pattern repeats than listed since I did decide to make it using laceweight. I figure I have two more pattern repeats and then it'll be at a decent length. I am itching to make a new pair of mitts. I printed up a bunch of different patterns and will probably cast on for at least one new pair this weekend.
Next week I will be getting observed by my director and the asst. director. The date kept getting postponed and now I have both of them watching me (just like they did when I first interviewed there). Talk about deja vu! I will be doing a Science activity which will be a two part thing. I figured I ought to do something fun. We will see how it goes.
All right off I go to catch up on some blogs!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

no tsunamis here

We woke up yesterday morning to seeing the news guy talking about reverse 911 calls going out in Santa Cruz county and how if we were going to be affected, it would be at about 8:15 am. Fortunately, there wasn't any damage here because we are much more inland. But there was definitely damage in Santa Cruz, a LOT of damage. A couple of coworkers live out in Santa Cruz and two others live right off the coast as well but they all made it to work yesterday. Could this be only the beginning?
In other news, I finally finished the pair of socks I cast on for early last month.
They are SO comfortable. The yarn I used was a dream to work with too! I am on the third repeat of the first chart for snow.
The yarn is growing on me. At first it wasn't easy to work with but with time, it has increased in softness! I haven't touched my pea soup out of fear that it really is going to end up much smaller than I would like. Maybe I'll pick it up tonight and make the final decision.
Things at school are going well. I did reading centers for the very first time this year with my class, and it felt like heaven. I have 10 Kindergarteners that can read and the other 14 are still working on letter recognition. I haven't decided if this is going to become an everyday thing or not. We only really have time for it on Fridays but I will try to work it into the schedule now that there is an actual desire to learn to read! I also want to start journals soon. It is an exciting time. :)
On Wednesday, we decided the fate of the defendant in the trial I was a juror for. Though the judge booted us out of the courtroom before we could hear her ruling. I am curious to know what she decided! Oh well. I guess we weren't meant to find out.
It has been a looooooooooong week. I actually woke up yesterday (sans an alarm clock) thinking it was Saturday! Oh well. I had the best sleep! It was the first time in a long time that I've slept so well.
Okay, back to your regularly scheduled Saturday!

Monday, March 7, 2011

my day in court

Can I tell you it felt like the longest day ever? I somehow ended up on a jury! I was shocked when my name was even called for the second group to leave the big room where all of us potential jurors were waiting. I didn't expect to be called. I guess that's what happens in small towns. They try to use as many of their potentials as possible. We are not due back in court tomorrow but I will have to return on Wednesday. The chairs are at least comfortable but after a while of listening to boring talk, they lose their appeal.

I didn't bring any knitting with me as the hubs checked online before I left (to see what the word was about the needles) and he said the website said no. Phooey. I stayed up to transfer my socks onto dpns and my shawl onto bamboos. Oh well. I didn't even bring my water bottle. We are at least allowed that (boy was my mouth getting dry!!). We can only have the plastic ones I think. At least we get an hour and a half for lunch. I just hope after Wednesday, my duty will have been served and I'll be good for another two years.

We are going to try to go down to the bank tomorrow (hub's only day off as far as I know) to see about qualifying for a home loan. My friend at work says if I want to get into a house by the end of April, we better get crackin'. :P Sigh..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

here's what's going on

Here's the sock I worked on while we were in LA.
I haven't touched it since though (unfortunately!). I hope to work on it tonight.
Here's some yarn that arrived from three irish girls. 
Here's some leftover pretzel dough from when the kids made pretzels for Enrichment.
Here's what I did with the leftover pretzel dough! It took me much longer than I anticipated so they ended up being crunchier than I had intended. The awesome recipe can be found here. It was so simple and the pretzels taste amazing!
Tomorrow, I am due for jury duty. I've set aside some letters, some books, and possibly some knitting to take with me. 
Update on my father-in-law-he had to have another surgery but he is now recuperating home.
We have also been looking at houses online. I found our lease and saw that it is up May 31st. We already know we are not going to be able to stay in our apt (too much longer beyond that) so here we go again. :P Moving sucks..especially before the ending of a school year. Good thing I haven't used all my personal days. They are going to come in handy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

emergency trip

The hubs and I had to make a last minute trip down to LA for the weekend. His dad had surgery on Friday and he really wanted to be there for him. We left Saturday afternoon and got back last night. His dad is still in the hospital but was supposed to have been moved out of ICU at some point yesterday.  He is in recovery. He is okay but I don't think the worst is over just yet. There's talk of a second possible surgery but we will know more once he recovers from this last surgery.
While we were back in LA, we managed to spend a lot of time with my awesome friend, E, from my old school. We finally used our gift card to Hurry Curry and we had to make a stop at Boba Time. The best boba in the WORLD!! Oh, how we miss our Boba Time. We also stopped by Santa Monica Place to see the completed renos. It's very different from what it once was. We weren't impressed. It's too much like Century City and in our eyes, one Century City Plaza is enough.
Near the end of our trip, with all of our drive time (going from one end of LA to the other twice), I decided to work on my second sock. As of last night, I have turned the heel so I'm not too faraway from completion.
Today is National Pancake Day here in the US and IHOP has been giving a free short stack all day today. So in honor of National Pancake Day, here are some recipes I stumbled upon today: Bread pudding pancakes, tiramisu pancakes, and the fluffiest pancakes EVER. Enjoy!