Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back to Normal

Well, la di da. So much has happened in the last few days. I have gotten lazy in photo taking. I have a handful of finished projects to show off. Maybe on the weekend? I found out last week (I think!) that I wasn't selected for the professional development opportunity at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. In fact, most of my staff was denied. :( Talk about a bummer. But this opened up the door to the possibility of working for this summer preschool program where they help children transition to Kindergarten. The major problem is that the first day of training is my last day of school. The person in charge was willing to move mountains so that I could participate this year but I asked that she not do that. In the end, I chose not to do the program because I wouldn't be able to end the school year in the way I would want to (meaning not rushed). Oh well. It would've been good money too. It just wasn't meant to be.

Ohhh, and there is possibly another move in our future. Our latest neighbors (across the way) had a domestic disturbance the other night which the hubs bore witness to so he called the cops. They came, broke the apt. door down BUT they left that sob in his apt. I guess there wasn't enough evidence? Yet a few hours later (this transpired at about 4:30 in the morning on Monday!), the girl knocked on our door and showed the hubs the big bruise on her frickin' head!! Sigh. The perp has been given an eviction notice and last night he was talking about having our tires slashed and car windows broken because he figures it was us that called the cops on him. Just GREAT. :P  This lowlife has also threatened our landlord and his family.  The cops can't really do anything. They patrolled heavily last night. The
lowlife's sister said he isn't a threat though (thank goodness) but still. The hubs wants OUT.

On the knitting front, I have completed another shawl (that makes 3). Though the pictures I have do not do any of them justice. Here's one of two of them:
At school, we have been learning about caterpillars (have I told you that yet?). On Friday, most of them formed their chrysalises! We got to see some of them spin too. It was pretty cool.
They have all officially chrysalized so now we just have to wait for them to pop out as butterflies! The stuff below them is a mixture of their food and poop (I'm guessing!)

On Friday, we celebrated my birthday at school. I wore this crown (made by my most amazing assistant ever!)
I received a ton of cards from my students,
and flowers.
  They "surprised" me with a party too.  We had a pinata which was fitting since my actual birthday is Cinco de Mayo!  They really surprised me with a dance. It was so special.
 I got a few presents from them too some of which have yet to be photographed. Here's one of them, an air freshener.  I also received a dress, a traditional Mexican outfit handsewn by my assistant!, hand soap, a candle, a bracelet, and some gift cards.  The hubs got me an amazing gift too which was yet to be photographed. My actual birthday was spent at my friend's house who was throwing a party to commemorate her daughter's first communion. Fun times.  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tiger Mother

I picked up Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother at the library earlier this week.  I missed all the controversy over it.  In fact, my sister made a comment to me about tiger mothers not too long ago and I had to ask what in the world that meant! Recently in Newsweek, they did an issue on Tiger Mothers so that is when I became more familiar with the issue.  I only picked it up because being Asian, I am most able to either agree or disagree with the author because my experience growing up was similar in many ways.  I also thought it would be a fun read for me.  I've only read 50 pages and I have to say that if I had more time in the day (or if I could miss a day of school), I would already be finished with it. It is easy and light. Some parts are actually funny. I have not quite arrived at the part where the controversy stems from.
On the back cover, the author provides a list of things that her daughters were never allowed to do. Out of the list of ten items, there were maybe 4 things that I was not allowed to do growing up. Some of the things were not applicable to me because I didn't ever want to be in a school play nor would I have complained about it but there were things that I wanted to be in i.e. a dance performance that I ultimately was not allowed to do (even though I had already signed up to do it). I also wasn't allowed to stay after school not to mention attend Science Camp but I digress.
I am off to get some work done. I have had meetings for the past three days at school (with two back to back on Monday even!) and I still have to type up my weekly letter to my families.