Tuesday, July 31, 2012

my new favorite shawl

I finished this shawl earlier this month and I had already done a photo shoot but somehow I accidentally deleted the shots I had. So the hubs and I had to do a second photo shoot.
Excuse the hair in the way. I didn't know until after the fact that my hair came out of it's little bun!
So we took more with my hair out of the way!
Now I'm having a hard time figuring out what to knit next..

Monday, July 30, 2012

catching up

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post!  While I've been away, we dog sat, a baby was born, a quick trip down to San Diego was taken, a blanket knit up, the Red Bull US Grand Prix visited, and a baby was visited and hand knits gifted.  Before all of that though, I was feeling a bit like a workaholic!  I had been reading a lot and purchasing books about reading workshops and writing workshops.  Yet over the past two weeks, I haven't been reading as much and school starts up in 18 days!  I need to get cracking.  After my last blog post, I believe that was around the time I agreed to go with my friend down to San Diego because she had never been before and I've been a few times.  We were going for the California State Games.
Well, after agreeing to go to San Diego, then my best friend called to see if I'd be able to be 'on call' for when the baby comes!  She even asked that I be in the delivery room..  Talk about a dilemma.  I ended up going to San Diego because I was the one that offered to go.  She didn't ask me.  I willingly offered my services.  The hubs didn't think it would be cool to back out on her either.   Fortunately, my best friend was okay with that.  The whole experience was pretty cool. I had no idea what a big deal the California State Games were until we got there.  There was even an opening ceremonies at Qualcomm Stadium.  
Now the baby? He came the day before I was to leave for San Diego.  I didn't make it to the delivery.  I had already made plans to go to my school to start to put my class back together.  I ended up doing a LOT of cleaning.  It's funny how last year, I didn't notice anything needing cleaning but this year, yuck!  I have big plans for my room this year though so maybe that's why.
While I was in San Diego, I worked feverishly on the blanket that I had cast on for the day I finished goldfish. I ended up finishing it late last Friday so I was able to block it and have it ready for our visit yesterday!
Here are the gifties for the baby. Mom and Dad loved them.  Dad was impressed with my handiwork. :) 
And here's a glimpse of the new baby!
Oof, before we even went to see the baby, we went to the Grand Prix! 
 This is the car the hubs test drove on the rocky terrain created by the Land Rover guys.  It was small, tight, and insane!  He got to drive the new Evoque.
 There was a cute tee-shirt for kids that said, "My daddy drags his knee."  
 More knee draggers.
 A view of what was on the other side of the course. 
 A different part of the track.
And the checkered flag.
Since we only had tickets for the first day, most of the heats were either practice runs or qualifying ones.  We only really saw the moto gp. I'm not really sure if that's all that was going on or what.  It was fun though. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


My best friend whom I have known since middle school is expecting her second child (a boy). We saw her over the 4th of July and the day after I thought, "Holy crap. I didn't even make him anything!" On Tuesday, I spent many hours pouring over my patterns that I have here at home and on ravelry to finally come up with a couple of things. This is the first.
I almost thought that we were going to need to take a trip to Beverly's to find some buttons but I happened to have these in my stash. Thank goodness for my love of goldfish. :) 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

no sugar

Last month, I decided to try out not having any sugar for a month. The hubs and I started earlier this month. Though we have had a little tripping up because to me, sweeteners are considered sugar.  We accidentally had diet coke sometime last week and while we were at my best friend's house, she swore up and down that Coke Zero has no sugar at all.  The only sugar we've been eating is natural sugars from fruit. Can I tell you that it's been hard!  I am a girl, who loves her sweets. I miss having chocolate! I miss eating ice cream!  Now the reason behind going no sugar? Really just to see if we could do it.  The first few days, left us hungry. We noticed that a majority of the snacks we eat are sweet ones (hence the hunger).  The hubs also said that sugar fills you up more.  At least I still have popcorn!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a quote

I had intended on sharing this quote that I received from goodreads on Saturday but the only thing I had time for that day was downloading all the free teacher created documents I found! In any case, here it is:
Open a book this minute and start reading. Don’t move until you’ve reached page fifty. Until you’ve buried your thoughts in print. Cover yourself with words. Wash yourself away. Dissolve. 
                                                                                                                             -Carol Shields
Isn't that awesome? I'm so glad I signed up to receive daily quotes!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

the digital age and dawson's creek

I have been watching reruns of Dawson's Creek, season 3 in the wee hours of the night. Season 3 is by far my favorite season and it is when I began to actually watch the show. I boycotted it for the first two seasons. Anyone that knows me knows that I tend to stray away from overly hyped things i.e. Harry Potter (in case you were wondering).  Anyway, it dawned on me that teenagers do not communicate with one another in the same manner that they are portrayed as doing on Dawson's Creek.  Can we get an eye roll here? There's too much subtext and I know it's hard being a teenager but do they really have all those thoughts swirling around in their brain? Here's another thought I had, teenagers now, don't even interact as much as they are seen doing on Dawson's Creek.  I noticed that people weren't glued to cell phones and texting hadn't even been invented yet (or had it?) I long for the days when people used to actually like talking to one another face to face (shudder to think!) or via phone instead of just texting.  Sure it's convenient but don't you think it's one of the reasons teenagers don't know how to speak to adults anymore? That along with facebook, angry birds, and every other game or form of social media has done more than enough to strip this generations ability to speak face to face to people. In fact, respect has been thrown out the window too.  When are people going to stop making it that much more convenient to access the internet? Soon we might be able to just insert a chip into our ears, and presto, a touchscreen will appear out of thin air.  What are we really gaining from being able to access the internet anywhere and everywhere? How about installing wifi in public bathrooms? I know, I'm getting over the top here but seriously? How far are things really going to go?
I leave you with a clip of the last episode that I've watched of Dawson's Creek. Things are just starting to get good!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

my guts are hanging out

Haha. I began this blog (wow, six years ago!) and it has evolved in many ways.  Originally it was just to showcase my knitting.  Life can't be only about knitting-which I soon discovered. My real life started to seep in.  I tried drawing a line between my real life and my craft to have some modicum of privacy.  But then my blog was invaded with so much life, people probably didn't know what to do with it all! Then I scaled back a bit (on the life drama part).  There has been an ebb and a flow to this blog.  This year, I discovered many, many, many teacher blogs (which in real life is what I am if you didn't already know that) and I was overwhelmed.  When I look at my blog list on my google reader, about 80% of the blogs I now keep up with are teacher blogs while 10% focus on food, 5% focuses on crafts, and the other 5% focuses solely on knitting.  How on earth did knitting begin to take such a backseat in my life?  Now I am not posting to announce that this once knitting blog is going to become a teacher blog because I am not as talented as all those other teachers out there in the blog world. Have you seen some of the things they've created out there? They're all over pinterest!!  
Anyway, this is my feeble attempt to let myself know that it is okay to post about anything and everything.  I am not limited to only posting about knitting (as if there has been much of that going on over here)!  In fact, when I did those blogging A-Z challenges, I had the most fun doing those!  So, be on the lookout for more from me (let's hope)!  

Monday, July 2, 2012

remember me?

Well, I can now announce that I'm officially on summer vacation. Before school ended, we had a Casino Night. We won prizes!!
a very cool sand painting. This is what I wanted most of all!
School ended on the 13th of last month with our end of the year picnic.  Some bees decided to join us.
We had a teacher workday the next day and the following week I spent working on my narratives.  The week after that, I had a week-long series of professional development seminars to attend in the afternoon.  It was awesome and I learned so much. It also reaffirmed a number of things which was great.  Now to apply it all this school year-that will be the challenge!
The caterpillars all turned into chrysalises and at one point we had about 30+ butterflies!
This chrysalis
is actually on here!
We transferred the chrysalises to the butterfly house.
 Here's our first butterfly!
 Here's an aerial shot of some of them in their house, eating.
 Here they are hanging out.
 Here they are getting some rays.
I wanted to wait until all the chrysalises had hatched before we released them all (I just figured that would be more efficient) but these butterflies quickly began mating and I did not want to go through the cycle again! So away they flew. 
Now I have been keeping myself busy with some crafts for the classroom.  Currently, I am working on some mod podge clipboards. This isn't the original post that I first saw but it's basically what I have been doing.  I now want enough clipboards for my whole class so for this year, I am going to add clipboards to our wish list.  This year, I would also like to have these and these made for our room.  I am planning to suggest these as projects for parents to do. I can't wait!  
The upcoming school year is going to be different than the last two have been.  This year, I will be the resident Kindergarten teacher extraordinaire because I will have a new teaching partner who has never done this grade level before!  It's exciting and for once, I am thinking ahead and trying to get things ready before the new school year begins in about a month and a half!