Sunday, May 4, 2008

eve before my birthday

I don't know how my impending birthday crept up on me ever so quickly! It goes to show that school has definitely taken over my life. I keep thinking that my life will slow down and it starts to but then some school event occurs and sets me back. This week, we have Isabel Allende coming and at the end of the week is the Mother's Day Tea in my class-which I'm organizing on my very own. I'm hoping to come out of this week alive. lol. I just want it to be perfect. Is that wrong?? I'm feeling like this is my reputation on the line. My new partner for next year just confirmed that she is on board. She is coming from NYC--with thirty freakin' years of teaching experience under her belt! We'll see how things go. She was very nice when we met.
The parents in my class are currently in a frenzy-with my birthday being tomorrow. One of the parents said that they all want my fiance's number so they can pick his brain about what to get me. I had to create a list for him. lol. They already started calling him. He was in the middle of a meeting with a client (yes on a Sunday!) and he received a couple of calls already from numbers he didn't recognize. Poor guy. They weren't this worried with my coworkers gift! (And if they were, they surely didn't show it!).

Here is the gorgeous quilt that I received from the auction last week. The quilt is made of the illustrations of the children's costumes from Masquerade as well as pieces of fabric from their costumes. I will always remember my first class and my first year at my school.
There's been knitting. Just no pictures. I finally restarted my wicked and it's coming along! :o