Sunday, July 27, 2008

an update

We are at our place for a bit so I can blog with pictures!!! Here's how the apt. garden is looking so far...
roma tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

a cluster of cherry tomatoes (squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!)

a lil mini-bell pepper

a couple more mini bells
one freshly bathed munchkin
one cranky pants punk rockin' looking munchkin that just woke up from a lil snooze.
a monkey on my back

Disneyland pics to come! They're on my fiance's camera and thankfully, his camera is plug and play and the pics are already uploaded onto the laptop at the house. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

still breathing

No pics for this post because I'd have to install my camera software onto sylvia and I don't have the software with me. Maybe over the weekend I can upload my pics onto my desktop and add to this post! Well, we are about to complete our first week of house sitting. I think the dogs miss having the lil munchkin around. My brother and his family came to visit when we started house sitting. By the time they left, I was all familied out! I don't think I'll be making a trip home next month after all but we'll see. We took her to Disneyland and she got to visit my school and the local park here and we took them to the Promenade. They didn't get to see much more because they would sleep so freakin' late!! There's been little knitting here with the fam having been in town but I plan to make up for that today. I'm going to just relax, catch up on blogs, veg, and knit!

sp 12 question of the week #7

What is(are) your favorite place(s) to knit? and

What supplies (besides yarn & needles) make the setting perfect for knitting?

My favorite place to knit is on my couch at home. Since we're house sitting, I've had to become flexible! I still knit on a couch though--with a tv nearby so I can at least listen/watch. These days I've got the couch, the tv, and a dog or two nearby while knitting! They're my guards. lol. I also currently have a bag of all my knitting with me, along with my emergency kit and all the patterns I could ever need. Oh, and a computer must be nearby as well!

Friday, July 18, 2008


My brother and his family are literally on their way here and I had to do a rush cleaning job!! Not sure when exactly we'll be over at the house but there's a possiblity we'll be at my place tonight so I had to do some tidying. At least it gave me an excuse to put away stuff that needed putting away in the garage. The place isn't exactly child proof but it'll have to do!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I may have struck gold this time around with my umpteenth chevron. Yeah, I frogged the last one. Are you surprised?? You shouldn't be! You knew it was in the cards all along. I can't commit. There was this one. There were a couple more in between too. And before that this one. And there was the first one. Sigh. Each new version I try, I always say how much I like the way the pattern is coming out. I'm not even going to say it this time. So there she is. I'm adamant about using the madeline tosh yarn in my chevron and I threw in some discontinued nevermore. The colorway is still being made but the base yarn is different. Both yarns feel so nice and soft!
Aside from working on my latest chevron, I've done a bit of work on my green gable and I've found another reason why I need to learn to sew. Sigh.
In garden news, I discovered a couple more little tomatoes sprouting. I'm so excited!!!
This is off topic but did you all hear about the children's motrin lawsuit?? The verdict was just announced. Apparently J&J aren't liable. I mention it because I know some of you are mothers but also because I know the lawyer who represented the mother (at least I think he was representing the mom--he was standing next to her during the press conference!). His youngest daughter will be in my class this school year. Talk about small world.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

on a blogging roll!

Yesterday, while I was checking out my garden and cleaning out leaves that needed to be disposed of, I did a bad thing. I plucked off two basil leaves (which felt fuzzy underneath) and look what I found!!! Those suckers ate up one of my tomato plants and one of my basil plants. I think they're going to turn into moths. I have to figure out if I've already killed them though. :P Today, this is what I noticed on my biggest tomato plant! Do you see what I saw??? It was really hard to get a good shot. It's the start of a tomato!!!
And here's what my peppers have been looking like.
Over the weekend, I decided it was time to get a laptop--one that my fiance and I could share (particularly while we were house sitting) because the laptop he uses now is a bit old. For some reason, I thought only macs had built-in wireless so we got a macbook! Meet Sylvia. :) I have a mac at school and when I went to pick some stuff up for tutoring last week, I discovered that I have been given the brand new imac. :) Talk about being spoiled. Apple Stores are currently the worse place to try to go right now though-with everyone wanting to get the new iphone. We ended up getting Sylvia at Best Buy.
Here's my green gable so far. I messed up on the lace so I frogged a few rows and redid that section. I'm much happier with it. I hope to finish it at least within the next couple of weeks. I might actually get to wear this one since it's cotton!
I received some new yarn. I know, I'm supposed to be broke but I keep spending!! (Wait until you see what else I've ordered!!!) This is fig tart from yarn love.
This is sleeping beauty.

Question #6

Questions #6 What is your favorite type of project to take along on holiday/vacation? If you’d like to share a story…Tell us about a time that you packed too much knitting or were stranded without knitting. I don't have a favorite type of project that I take along on vacation/holiday. I usually take whatever it is I've cast on for in the hopes that I'll work on every project I bring at some point or other! For car knitting, it's got to be something simple (as you all know!). For at home knitting (since that's where I go for 'vacations,' I tend to prefer simple projects as well. There was a time when I was stranded without any knitting and I was SO tempted to go to the lys to pick up some needles so I could start anything. It was during one of my trips home. I had brought a sock to work on as well as something else (which I can't remember and I think I might've completed it too!) but the yarn kept pooling everytime I tried to get it to not pool. It didn't help that my parents have dial-up preventing me from finding a pattern that would work (also preventing me from figuring out a way to get the yarn not to pool!). Needless to say, that yarn is still waiting for it's ideal project. Sigh.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

some pics!

We are back from our 'trial run' at the house we'll be taking care of and I have to say, we totally feel as though we were on a vacation!! Here are a bunch of pics I took yesterday upon arrival. No pics of the garden yet. But I did take advantage of the garden and had some fresh strawberries and blueberries with my breakfast. Talk about being spoiled! These are the steps you go down once you get through the front entrance before getting to the house.
This is the fountain that is out in the front courtyard/entryway before you get to the front door. 
Here's the kitchen. 
The deck. 
Back view of the house (bad shot!!)
Steps leading to the middle level of the yard which should be called the vineyard. 
Another shot of the vineyard.
And this is Tuck. :) Bad shot of him too. 
The following pictures are of my apt. garden which will somehow be traveling with us to the house we'll be staying at! Here's some mini-bells, a tomato (and basil), and another mini bell. 
Some rosemary, tomatoes, and two more mini-bells. 
Here's the flower portion of our garden (mixed in with more basil and tomatoes!).
A close-up of one of my celosias
Our petunias...which actually photographed brighter than they truly are!
And a final shot of another one of our celosias.  We had the other colors too (pink, yellow, and orange) but the red ones are the ones that held up! 

Saturday, July 12, 2008

playing around with blogger customizations..

I'm in need of some assistance here. I just noticed that I can add my own picture to my title but how do I get the pic to be the same size?? More toying around to come. I can't wait!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

over due

*******************Disclaimer: Extremely picture heavy post!!***********************

Well, it has been almost a month since my last post and so many things have come in the mail and many projects have been started, completed, and received! Not to mention a little visit was paid to the lil monster! Umm...I received the second installment of the woolgirl sock club.
There were so many cool things in this package!!! I particularly loved the calculator and the gauge checker (so did my niece!) Here's the yarn we received: Froggin' from Dashing Dachs.
I officially, became a loopy groupie thanks to a purchase for my downstream sp! :) I had no idea the amount of goodies you received once you received such an honor...and those sneak-up!
This is Sweet from Chewy Spaghetti. Free Yarn!! Just for becoming a loopy groupie!!
And here's my wicked. At least this is her before I finished up the sleeves. I cut myself out because it was a sweaty day when I decided to finish her up!
I can't remember if this pic was after I tried it on or before!!
And here she is, finished and after she dried off from her bath. I haven't tried it on since I blocked her though. It's been way too warm to do that! It fit snug before blocking so I'm hoping it stretched just a tad after blocking! I'll try to get a shot of me in it (when it isn't so hot!!).
Along the way, I decided to cast on for a clapotis. Don't ask me what possessed me to ever do such a thing. Here was my first attempt...
which I wasn't too happy with so I frogged (I had done at least 4 repeats before I decided to frog!) and here's how she looked after frogging. I'm much happier with the way it's going. I haven't touched it in weeks though. I'm using Earthenware in Fearless Fibers. Very nice stuff! I just might have it done in time for fall. Whether or not I will own anything that goes with it, who knows!
And here are the meager beginnings of my nubbins washcloth.
I also started another hobnail cloth. I've obviously been on a washcloth kick. Must be the heat! Plus I can only handle simple right now. Though I'm itching to cast on for my green gable (finally!!).
I received my first package from my upstream sp!! This is the first of two. I love, love, love the malabrigo lace she picked out for me!! I can't wait to see what package #2 for this month will hold..
This long overdue post wouldn't be complete without a couple shots of the bulldog! Look how grown-up she is. She had me sit her down in front of the computer and she started typing away..and wiggling the mouse!!!
And here's when I said, 'Cheese!'
Here she is after having cleared out all the stuffed animals that sit at the foot of my bed at my parents' house, chillin.' She gets funnier every time I see her. Plus, I have reason to believe she's going to be a knitter one day! We were driving someplace and I was in the backseat with her and her mom and I whipped out my knitting. She reached for it and I gave her a ball of the artyarns for my wicked sleeves. She wanted some needles!!! I gave her a crochet hook and she started trying to weave the hook with the yarn. It was cute. She also wanted my little gauge checker and said, 'Cheese' when she saw the hole!!
Here's my June sock club kit from Robyn's Nest. The colorway is gorgeous!
It's Alexandrite from Biscotte & Cie. There were more things in the kit but I only remembered to get a shot of the yarn!
Here's some turtle lovin'! I was finally able to send off Mr. Turtle and the other baby things I knitted up for my friend and she sent me this pic of her son with the turtle I made him! :)
I have officially completed my first week of tutoring. One of my students is going away for the next two weeks. Another of my students' parents aren't too happy to hear that I plan on going away for about a week (first few days in August). It's freaking summer break. I'm
allowed what's known as a vacation, aren't I?? It's looking like I won't be able to completely give up tutoring in August. I know I'll have to see my student who is going away and the student I was tutoring during the school year will be back from his trip. Then I think school will start back up for me around the 25th of next month. I think one of my students will be going away in August. Another one is working with me and is going to a tutoring place as well so she'll be fine without me. I figured for the upset parents, I could still tutor their child but I'll scale back on the visits. As it is, their kid is burning the crap out of me!
In other news, my fiance and I are going to be house sitting in a week. I'm kind of excited about it. There's a nice tri-level yard and we're near a canyon so there will be hiking! We'll be house sitting for the rest of the summer which will be nice because the lil monster is going to come visit and she'll get to stay at the house we're staying at! :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

SP 12 Questions of the Week Catch-Up

Question of the Week #3

What would you consider the perfect amount of stash? You know, to me there isn't a perfect amount of stash. A stash is a stash and is perfect in the eyes of the owner.

Question of the Week #4

1) What yarn (that you don’t have/haven’t used) would make your stash “complete”? I would have to say wollmeise..and maybe some yarn love. 2) What yarn do you never want to be without? That's a tough one. Maybe HazelKnits.

Question of the Week #5

1) Where is your favorite place to go for vacation/holiday? I don't have a favorite place to go for vacation/holiday. In fact I rarely go on vacations! 2) Where is one place you’d like to go? Definitely Italy and Spain..and now I'm hearing Switzerland would be good too.


You'd think with school over I'd have much more time to blog! I went to see my family for about a week and didn't get around to posting that I'd be away. :P We got back on the 4th and I jumped right into my tutoring gigs. So far, Wednesday will be my busiest day with three kids pretty much back to back! We were at my last student's house until like 9 o'clock last night!!! We were asked to stay for dinner and we played some Wii. We are exhausted! I go back today and tonight is sushi night so it'll be another long night! Why am I annoyed? Apparently I've got a bit of a stalker (at least that's what I feel he is!). He's a person from my past who commented on this blog!!!! The nerve, right? I just want to be left alone. If I wanted him to be a part of my life, he wouldn't need to go to great lengths to find me. Get it? So discovering said comment made me not want to blog anymore. How horrible is that?? I wanted to specifically address this annoyance before I continued on with my blogging life. I just needed to get it off my chest. I actually contemplated turning this blog private/invitation only but then that gives him power and he's nobody. It irritates the crap out of me that he knows what's happening in my life (to some extent!) and it makes me want to pull back on what I talk about here. Can you imagine??? I hate him. Real post coming up..hopefully tomorrow!