Sunday, March 25, 2012

one week left!

I was finally able to get finished shots of most of my finished projects (excluding the project I just finished late last night). So in no particular order, here they are:
 type n' swipe mittens for my sister, and
 an unblocked chosen path shawl.
I made some petite vanilla scones earlier in the week. 
And here are two shots from our play!
The kids were amazing.  I worked with a fantastic group of teachers too.  I'd do it all over again if I could work with the same teachers.  My narrators (those blasted middle schoolers) for the most part pulled through. The best part of all is my dj (who I actually had to fight for her to remain as my dj at the event!) got to do the sound for both of the plays. :) The other play didn't have anyone to man their music. There was a major glitch with the other play due to lack of communication. We all survived though and now we've got one more week of school left (one filled with conferences blech!).

Monday, March 19, 2012

is it over yet?

Well, last time I blogged, it was the end of February and I was anticipating what a crazy month March was going to be. I have managed to survive most of it but the brunt of the craziness is going to hit this week! While I have been away from my blog, my students had their assembly on the 2nd of March. Unfortunately I don't have ANYTHING to show for it. Which is truly sad. We had decided they were going to sing a song in Spanish. They sang De Colores (my assistant's version--which is unlike the traditional version!) and somehow during conversation, we all decided that they were going to dance as well. Some of my girls did a dance to "Shake It Up" (theme song from tv show with the same name)
I think the dance moves came from the show. I have tried to find them online and have been unlucky. The rest of my class shuffled. No joke. A couple of my boys are very good at it and I just asked them if they would like to shuffle for our assembly. They were over the moon regarding the possibility of shuffling for our assembly. In a couple of days time, we taught the rest of the class (as much of them as we could) to shuffle.  Oh it was adorable.
A dad was awesome enough to dl both songs for us so we rehearsed (with the music!) the day before our assembly. lol. I don't approve of the lyrics to LMFAO so I searched and searched the night before and was fortunate enough to have found the above version. 
This same Friday we also celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday.  Our cooking activity was....(can you guess?) green eggs and ham! Here are some pics with my students' faces scribbled out.
 Mixing and cracking the eggs
 More mixing and cracking
 Aaaaaaaah, it's green!
 You want me to put ham in it too??
I just love this shot of this lil lady pouring her egg mixture onto the griddle!
The following week, I had my all day training at Elkhorn Slough.  We were lucky in that it ended up being a gorgeous day.  Here are some shots from my hike:
 In the distance are some 'islands' they had tried to create early on.
 In the distance is the roof of the barn. Apparently Elkhorn used to be a farm. Now the owls use the barn.
 I believe this is where the dairy was. Now the owls hang out here. 

 Here's a close-up of the barn sign. 
 Oooh, pretty water.
 I believe this is hemlock.
 And this stuff is similar to chamomile.
 An art installation created by some students on Hummingbird Island (where we had lunch).
 This is my view while we were having lunch.
 One of our guide's scooping up some stuff for us to look at. 
 Here's what he found (sponges!) and there were lil critters swimming around in that bin!
 See this pole? There are sharks swimming near it. I missed them. 
Okay, see those pointy things in the water?? It's the sharks!! Three of them- wild leopard sharks! It was the first time many of us had seen sharks out in the wild vs. at our local aquarium!  It was SO much fun. I would do it all over again if I could. Now to figure out a way where my little Kinders could go without getting so exhausted..
Last Friday the whole staff spent a teacher work day at the Exploratorium. We had loads of fun but we barely had any time in there. Afterwards we lunched at Buca di Beppo. It was horrible getting around San Francisco that day. It was pouring rain and there was construction everywhere!! The only picture I took from the Exploratorium is this:
 It was this forest terrarium thing and this is one of the bubbles. I had a cell phone picture of the Palace of Fine Arts but am too lazy to upload it.
I have been knitting but I haven't been taking pictures of my finished knits as diligently as I usually do. I finished the socks. I finished henslowe. I finished my beach cowl. I even cast on for some mittens and finished them lickety split but no photos as I had promised previously. :P The sun hasn't been so cooperative plus I need my photographer here.
Tutoring has gotten easier. At first,  I couldn't get used to dropping off my kids outside and then running back into the school to teach for another hour. I'm used to it and it's been okay so far. I just hope my students are getting something out of it. At least it's fun (or so I think!).
This week is our big gala event. Who knows HOW the play is going to go but I will just be glad to have it over and done with. Next week we have conferences and I finished all my conference notes late last night. I even thought about starting my Spring narratives already. haha. Talk about overachiever.
In a couple of weeks the A to Z April Challenge will be in effect. I already know what my first blog post for the month will be!