Thursday, November 30, 2006

calm, cool, and collected

AR posted this on her blog so I thought I'd take it too. I knew I wasn't a stress case. I think if I had taken this before I became a woman of leisure, it'd be way higher!
Your Stress Level is: 40%
You are slightly prone to stress, but generally you keep it under control. You know how to relax and take things as they come, even when your worlds seems to be falling apart. Occasionally, you do let yourself get stressed out, but you snap out of it pretty quickly.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm back and I've got pictures!

Whew..what is it about this time of year that all of sudden people just get so busy. I know it's the holidays..whose idea was it to put these two big holidays one month after the other?? I spent my Thanksgiving @ my parents' house. I did some knitting but mostly just hung out and took care of my lil niece here and there. :) I did some snooping and saw that my brother has a pic of her wearing one of the knitted items I made! :)
My brother said she's grown so much she doesn't fit in it anymore. They're lucky they even had hats that little. I had forgotten that the patterns I used were for preemies so they came in handy. I don't think she ever wore the lavendar one. Oh well. Here's what she looks like these days!My little yellow duck!
I didn't have my camera with me but my sister did and she got a new camera phone so this pic is from that. She's going to have to learn how to convert the pics because they were HUGE!!! My brother has the same camera as she does and he needs to learn how to convert the pics too!! lol. I finished two things today that I worked on while we were in Salinas. My sister picked out some yarn @ Michael's too for a cabled scarf for herself. I'm still trying to figure out what pattern I want to use. I decided to frog the fingerless mittens. They had been sitting on my living room floor for the past month. I didn't like the needles I was using (balene dpn's) with tlc cotton plus yarn. The pattern was made for a man and when I tried on the cuff part, it was always too big so I have to find another pattern for her. Lucky for her, I have a few saved on my computer and it's just a matter of selecting the right pattern! I want to knit some stuff for my niece too! I found a pattern for a really cute penguin hat and there was a cute sweater too. We shall see. I went for a training yesterday. It was to see if I would be interested in participating in that program as well and it didn't seem too bad. I just don't know if I'll be any good @ it. This program is affiliated with the same place where my part-time job that I wasn't sure if I had or not. Apparently I'm going to be a sub for when any of the PACE teachers are out. You can go here if you want to find out more about the organization and what I'll be doing. In two weeks, I'll start training for the remediation teachers. I'll focus primarily on literacy and language arts. Yay! The actual job will start in January, although I couldn't tell you what day or anything. I actually have hw that I need to attend to before the day is over! :P I have something to read and I have 4 activities that I need to master. When I got back from my parents' house, I had a package from AR. Here's what was inside it: I just noticed that she had a pink theme going. :) Thanks again, AR! :) I'll be sending a lil' something your way soon too! Okay, I can now officially check "blog" off my Tuesday to-do list. There are still quite a few things on that list so I am off to do some work.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just wanted to say...

We are leaving tomorrow night so I thought I'd post this now. :) I most likely won't be posting or able to read many blogs or comment on them while I'm gone. We'll be back Sunday so I'll be back on here Monday! Hope everyone has a great turkey day!

Monday, November 20, 2006

I did it again...

Now yesterday, I showed off how pretty my dishcloth for the monthly dishcloth group was coming along and my fiance says to me, "I could tell you how to finish that, you know.." And my response was, "I could figure it out too but I have to wait to see how many more bobbles we need to put in!" So I finished it just now. How horrible am I??????? It was pretty easy. To see it in it's finished state, go here. I haven't put it up yet but it should be up by the time everyone reads this post! I'm going to get started on another one. I absolutely love, love, love this cloth. I think it is the most beautiful one I've made! I'm going to try that fifty cent yarn I picked up about a week ago because poinsettias aren't just red anymore. Oooh, I'm going to have fun with this pattern! :) Here's an aside..I just got a call from the Kelter Center (where I wasn't sure if I really had a job there or not because I have yet to sign anything!!) and the director was just calling to touch base with me and let me know what was going on with the trainings (remember the 100 hours I have to do for FREE??). Her goal is to start next Sunday. Oh gosh..I just realized that I have a freakin' paper due the next day. GREAT. Talk about timing. Guess I'll have to have that paper done way before Sunday then. I saw an ad on Craig's List for a 4th grade position at the elementary school in Pacific Palisades (which is adjacent to where I was last week!) and I was too chicken to apply. I came back on the computer to apply (I got my courage up and managed to go over the chapters for my test!) but before I was going to apply, I wanted to check out more about the school. They don't have their own website but they were listed on Great Schools and would you believe it says they have 36 children in their 4th grade class????????????????????? No thanks.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

look, how pretty!

I started the kal for the monthly dishcloth group I'm in last night and I love it. I figured out what it was last night (I did all 30 rows last night while 'studying!'). Today's rows proved me right. I can't wait to complete it! I'm definitely going to make another one of these and probably soon! I finished the airplane cloth last night too. :) Okay, better study!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

guess what!

Okay, I have just spent the last few hours working on updating my other blog. It is now complete and up-to-date. In fact, it's more up-to-date than my knitting book that I have here @ home! The wonders of technology! No pictures in this post but I'm sure there'll be some in the next one. I am almost through with the airplane cloth. I've got 12 more rows to do. I'm going to start on the monthly dishcloth kal. I thought I knew what it was but I was mistaken. I'm definitely not going to work on the Christmas bell for the dishcloth fun kal. I'm just not in the mood to make a bell. I've been thinking about casting on for my besotted headband too. Can you tell I'm a great procrastinator? Don't think I haven't forgotten about my midterm this coming Monday that I've barely had a chance to study for! :P Now that I've updated my other blog and am now posting on this one, there's really not much else left for me to do other than study! :P Ohh, I do have to tell you about yesterday though! Every Friday at the school I was subbing at, they do something called "Kuyam." It is a whole school assembly, held outdoors and there's a band which I learned is composed of parents! I absolutely loved Kuyam. If I were a Kindergartener and my parents were going to send me to that school for my entire elementary education, I don't know how I'd cope @ a middle school that didn't have this! The band played and it's also a time to talk about community projects that students/classes have going on. Well, during Kuyam, I was looking around and guess what I saw...I saw two baskets of roving on a picnic table behind some women. Leave it to a knitter to find something kniting-related to admire! Not only am I a procrastinator but I've also become attention-challenged over the years and I could not help but look over @ the roving and the women near it every chance I got! I was trying to see feel a moment to get up and find out who it all belonged to but that moment never came. :( I was itching just to get up and touch it all!!!!!!!! Kuyam ended, I had to go to class with the 4th graders. I thoroughly enjoyed being with them yesterday. I think I had more fun with them than I did with the Kindergarteners from the day before. I did see the Kindergarteners though and they were happy to see me! :) Anyway, I have to continue my roving story. The kids were going to do flower arranging with a parent and the Science teacher. Both myself, and their teacher went with them. Their 'main' teacher was out of the class doing quarterly reading assessments so the asst. teacher took over and I subbed as her asst. So the both of us went with the class during Science. Now, this woman had remarked that she needed time to prep, etc. but she stayed with us. She totally could've just left them with me, the Science teacher, and the parent, but she hung out and stressed herself out thinking about the prep she needed to do. She was nervous just leaving me alone with them for a minute when she ran out to go pick up a print-out she had made!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm making this longer than it needs to be! so they're going to do flower arranging and I ask the science teacher what exactly she needs me to do and she says she just needs me to make sure they don't hurt themselves. Now, I asked her what she needed from me because the roving was still on the picnic bench but this time, there was a group of women and they were needle felting. Here I was, suffering if you ask me, when I could've been needle felting too!!!!!!!! Lol. After the Science teacher said I just needed to keep my eye out for any problems with the kids, I asked if I could just go up (as I motioned towards the ladies with roving!) really quick to see what those ladies were doing. She said it was fine and that's exactly what I did! I wish I had had my camera with me yesterday but I'll just have to describe what they were doing. They were needle felting gourds! I explained to the woman that I had been eyeing the roving since Kuyam and I so desperately wanted to know what was going to happen to all the roving but I had to go to class. She asked if I had ever needle felted before and I told her I hadn't but that I had seen it done. A lot of the moms were first timers and I was so full of jealousy because I couldn't take a seat and join them. I had to watch the 4th graders. Well, it turns out that the one in charge of the needle felting was a parent to one of the 4th graders I got to spend time with because @ the end of the day, the daughter was responsible for bringing the basket of leftover roving home! I picked her brain about her mother's knitting activities and where she gets her roving! lol. Is that bad?? I regret not taking some home! Oh well. And that was my day. I hope that they call me to go back there. I'm hoping maybe not again until after next year but we'll see. Apparently, since I'm an 'independent contractor,' they don't take out any taxes from what they pay me and I don't want to have to owe money. That's going to suck!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

no knitting in this post...wait a minute! here we go...

I haven't knit a stitch all day. And I'm pooped. I don't remember being this tired when I worked M-F and taught my own class. Guess that's what happens when it's been almost 5 months since you've been in a classroom! I was with Kindergarteners today as opposed to 4th graders which was fine. I was actually glad to be with Kindergarten although I came home with a headache and AR said it may have been induced by some 5 and 6 year olds! I had a good day though. I told the teacher I wasn't sure what exactly I was supposed to do since I'm not used to 2 teachers in a room. She said I did great. I spoke with the asst. dean and I guess I'm going to be placed on their sub list. Lord. I kinda hope they won't need me that much. I miss my sleep!!! I know, it's money-that could come in useful from time to time! I just don't want to get burnt out. Then I've got this school up north calling and emailing about a 1st/2nd grade position that starts in January. Um, no thank you. I'm currently committed to SoCal-aside from all the complaining I do (just not here!) about how it makes no sense for it to be 80 degrees and November! I've thought about knitting today @ least. I was sad that I didn't get to work on my airplane cloth. I'm a third of the way done. I don't plan on touching anything knitting-related tonight. I'm going to shower and then I'm going to watch "Grey's Anatomy" and then I think I'll be off to bed. I'm that tired. I thought about my besotted headband too. Oh, by the way thank you to everyone for all the nice comments on how beautiful the scarf came out. :) Okay, I couldn't resist. I had to post some kind of knitting-related pic! Sorry it's a bad one. I was too lazy to get up and go into the kitchen where I usually do my pictures! You are looking @ the tail of the airplane and the very beginnings of the wings. You can't really see the color-which sucks because I like it. It's faded denim in peaches n' cream. My fiancé picked it out. Okay...shower and grey's..gotta make it to grey's..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Started something new

I finished the darrell waltrip cloth on my way to see where exactly this school I'm going to be at tomorrow is. I had imagined that it was in the middle of nowhere in a secluded area but boy was I wrong! It's actually surrounded by neighboring schools and an avenue of cute shops. It doesn't even look like a school! The school next door is awesome. It's called Village School for Arts and Athletics and there was an astro turf yard in front! I have started working on the airplane washcloth for my fiancé. I started on it while we were driving around Pacific Palisades and trying to make our way back home. We swung by Wildfiber because we were in the area and I picked up some more of those lil cards where you can mark off which needles you already own. So AR, I've got two with your name on them. I had my fiancé go to the counter and grab a few while I perused the yarn. :) To see my waltrip cloth, you know where to go.

It's done!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read correctly. It's done. What's done? Why, my besotted is done-early in fact! I don't know how I managed it. I guess sitting and waiting @ the Volkswagen dealership for 3 plus hours (for an oil change mind you!) did it! I somehow managed to get 8 inches knitted up while we were there watching Tyra and Montel Williams! I completed it last night. Here is my fiancé modeling it this morning. The second shot is so you can see the detail. He wanted me to add tassels to it but I told him it'd be too long and the tassels would get caught btwn his legs becaue the tassels on my IHS do that to me! Oh and yes, CPS, it's the yarn doing all of that fancy patterning. I wouldn't even know how to do that on my own! I am almost done with the infamous darrell waltrip cloth. I'm thinking of casting on for a besotted headband. I haven't seen a pattern out there but I've seen a pattern for an Irishing Hiking headband and I'm going to use that as my model. There's a new kal up at the dishcloth fun kal blog. It's a Christmas bell. I don't have any Christmas green and the pattern says that it could be used for a wedding shower gift. I know two people getting married next year but I don't think either one would like one of these! So I'm still debating on whether or not I'm going to do this one. I have yet to sit a kal out. Tomorrow, the new kal will be up for my other dishcloth group! Firefly is hosting a knit for charity called Project Gracious Parcels 2006. I'm going to be participating in that. I've got some stash I could use possibly. She just told me it's going to be on-going so even better! :) There's a gift exchange @ KR. I can't wait! It's going to go past Christmas Day so that makes it all the better. What else is going on? Tomorrow is my first day as a substitute teacher! I've been talking to AR this morning and I'm going to miss that tomorrow and the next day. I'm going to be so behind with blogs, emails, etc. It's too bad we can't get paid to blog/email back and forth! Oh goodness, and then next week, we're going home for Thanksgiving so I'll be even more behind with everything! Ay yi yi. We are leaving late Tuesday evening so I'll @ least have Tuesday. I've got another midterm this coming Monday but this time I'm going to try to devote more time to studying. How when I'm actually going to be working tomorrow and Friday, I couldn't even tell you! I started to study last night though and will try to get more studying in before I go to bed tonight. I think I'm going to bring both knitting and my textbook so I can study while I'm at the school tomorrow. I think I get an hour lunchbreak. It only takes me 5-10 min. to eat. What in the world will I do with the rest of that time?? So I figured I'd knit and study. I thought about bringing my laptop but I think they'd have a hard time tearing me away from it. I have to say though-I watched the last half hour of "Dancing with the Stars" because I knew it was the last night and the winner would be selected tonight plus my fiancé had watched some snippets of it one night. Anyway, I was cracking up during the freestyle dances. I thought it was hilarious that they both took it back old school and did "U Can't Touch This" as well as "It Takes Two!" I wonder who'll win. I know they've never had a tie. I think it'd be nice if they did. I watched the first season (not all of it but the last few episodes because of my mother) and being the General Hospital watcher that I am, it's funny to me to see Sam (I don't remember her real name!), the first winner of "Dancing with the Stars" on a daily basis. Did you all see Joey McIntyre in the audience? haha. He was the reason I wanted to see the first season. I managed to see the episode where he got kicked off but @ least I saw him, right?Anyway, hope everyone has a happy Wednesday.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Well, first of all, I have only twelve inches left of my besotted. It'd be nice to try to get more than 3 inches in for the next few days so I get it done sooner but we'll see. I think next, I am going to attempt a besotted headband to keep my ears warm and then I'll try a hat to match the scarf. :) I can finally post the dishcloth that I finished a few days ago because the kal is done. :) So it's here Yesterday, I started another dishcloth washcloth. I want to make myself a facecloth so we'll see. I think I'm about halfway done with it! Gotta love dishcloths!! I am using fiesta in peaches n' creme yarn. It is the infamous darrell waltrip cloth. I really liked how the rainbow one came out and I let my fiance choose the yarn for this washcloth. Lucky me he chose one like the one pictured in the pattern. :) It's an easy pattern once you get the hang of it. I also found some other patterns that I want to try. There are a couple of patterns I found for him but I can't say here what they are because I know he reads this from time to time! They are washcloths. One I'm going to show him though. There's a chart and I'm sure I can adapt it into a washcloth of some kind. We've figured out a use for the washcloths I've given him! He can use them to wipe stuff up in his car. He's of course worried about using them for that purpose and I told him they're really intended to do dishes! Okay, the wow part. I was thinking about how I hadn't heard about the possible sub position yet like about an hour ago. I figured it was a holiday weekend, maybe the guy went out of town or what have you. Then, I read my horoscope which said something about my career and then a couple minutes later, I got an email from the guy I was supposed to hear back from regarding subbing @ the school in Pacific Palisades and he said that A (my former lead teacher 3 years ago!) holds me in the highest regard and how my resume is going to be kept in the forefront should any positions open up there and how they'd like me to come in for an interview later down the line. Then he mentions subbing there and how they have a teacher who will not be coming in this Thursday and Friday and if I could come in and sub!!!!!! Heck yeah, I can! :) That's yarn money!!!!!!!! teehee. I haven't called yet though. I didn't want to jump the gun. The email was sent out at 10:20 am and my fiance said to call the guy already at 10:27am. I don't want to seem desperate! I'll get in touch with him @ least before the end of the day. :) How exciting...but then that means I won't get to sleep in and I'll actually have to go to bed early the nights before. Plus, I'll be behind in my daily computer routine! Oh well, yarn money, right? ;)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Guess what I now own!!!!

:) I posted a topic on KR about what were some suggestions for a good stitchionary to start off with. I got a bunch of responses and they were of course singing the praises of the Barbara Walker Treasuries and the Vogue stitchionaries. I looked them up online and they were a bit much for me to purchase right now-since I'm unemployed! I figured I would just put them on my Christmas list and wait it out. Well, this woman posted an ad on Craig's List about how she was having a huge yarn liquidation sale. Yes, I shouldn't spend money. Yes, I love me everything knitting-related! I called and scheduled an appt. for this afternoon! So not only did I have that second interview to go to but I also had a yarn shop to go peruse. :) This is what I came back with. There was a lot of yarn but from what I saw, there weren't multiple skeins of things. Who wants to purchase just one skein of I dunno...noro cash iro? She had needles but the place was so freakin' dusty. Both my fiance and I have allergies. He wanted to just get out of there but waited patiently. I looked through the yarns. The needles were all boxed up. She had Addi Turbos!!!!!! They were nice..nothing was priced so you had to ask her how much this or that was. It was a pain particularly when she was asked, she would respond with, "They're suggested retail plus an additional 25% off." Thanks a lot lady. I went over to the bookshelf and spied A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns and told my fiance that I had to have it! We asked how much it was, she didn't know and would have to look it up. She asked if I had seen the first one and I said no but I had heard that both of them were important to have in one's library. She leaves the room and brings out A Treasury of Knitting Patterns! I had my fiance leaf through it. We got them for a good price-especially since I've looked for them both online and they're listed as $30. Her house (yes, her house! Her yarn shop is in her house!) was filled with yarn. It was a bit of a mess. Nice neighborhood though. I had heard of her shop before but never took the time out to go to it. When we spoke on the phone she said she'd probably be still trying to get rid of yarn for the next 2-3 mos. Well, she wasn't very forthcoming with the stuff. Okay, thank you for all the wonderful comments on besotted! :) It's really coming along. I'm a bit behind for today though. I don't think I got in my 3 inches. I'll have to measure it later. I want to make a besotted beanie. I thought about this last night because I'm more than likely going to have one entire skein left over. I thought about making a beanie with the entire design but I thought that would be too much. So I decided maybe I'd just have a band of the xoxo and the rest stockinette. We'll see. It's still in the works..and since I now own the treasuries, I saw the original inspiration for the besotted-the Oxox pattern. :) Stephanie asked if the yarn went and did that all by itself. The answer is yes! I'm not smart enough in regards to knitting to figure out how to make a yarn do that. I think I'd be a genius if I could though. All I've been knitting is the besotted. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I need to tone down the knitting a bit. Especially since I cut into my thumb last night while I was slicing onions with a sharp knife! My favorite knife was broken by someone the other day so I've been relegated to using a knife that is sharp enough to hurt me! It was strange knitting with a band-aid on. I did some knitting while waiting in Bloomingdale's. Someone in blogland posted about balls of yarn in a Tiffany display and I saw that display at the Tiffany's at the Century City mall! I'm going to have to learn to take a camera everywhere I go. I wanted to post a picture of it for all of blogland! :( My sister's building is connected to the mall so maybe if I ask her she'll remember to snap a pic for us all. :D Now for the non-knitterly stuff. I had my second interview today which consisted of a phonemic awareness test which is a test to test my knowledge of letter sounds, hearing, as well as listening skills. All kids take it. She gave it to me because if a potential teacher there couldn't do well at this test, how would they be able to hear when a student was making a mistake and how would they be able to help correct it. Then we talked salary, how they might want me to do both literacy and math (!), hours which would range from 8-20. It just depended on how quickly I acclimated to the program and stuff. She suggested I come in and observe. She wants me to come in on a Saturday because the other math guy comes then. She also suggested I come afterschool to observe some of the current teachers. She said I'd definitely have kids in January-probably sooner. I did the math in the car (ha!) and the money I'd earn just working 24 hours a month wasn't too bad. If I worked 20 hours, the eyebrows started going up. I was thinking about trying to figure out what my hourly wage was last year (I was on salary) but that was just too much math. I have to provide my references and she said we'd be in touch next week. So....I have a job right?? Or at least I almost have one? Yesterday's interview was cool. The office of the placement agency is located in a house in Encino. I had never been to Encino until yesterday. When I think of Encino, I think of Encino man. lol. We got there way early (an hour!) so we had breakfast. I saw a yarn store!!! We didn't get a chance to check it out though. I always like going into new yarn stores and I do a comparison of all the ones I've been to. From yesterday's interview, I learned that I'd do well in a non-traditional school where I could wear whatever I wanted (thank you!) and the kids would maybe call me by my first name (who cares!). We'll see what happens with the placement agency. They have a job fair in February. I'm applying to the public school districts in January (ish) so I'm bound to find a full-time job someplace for next school year. Oh, the house was really nice. The backyard had a pool, a guest house (where the office was) a fountain, and two giraffe statues made of scrap metal I think. And they had a golden retriever, Charlie. :) Keep your fingers crossed! And I hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Please check this out!

If you love knitting with all your heart, you must go here because there appears to be some football head badmouthing knitting. Who would dare do such a thing?? Leave a comment and let him know that there's an army of us in blogland!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

my first toe-up!

Wow! It looks so impressive when photographed. :) Despite the intense heat, I started my first pair of toe-up socks. :) I casted on for the toe twice though because I didn't follow the directions well for the rectangular toe. Next I will try the figure 8 cast-on which doesn't look too bad (@ least the more I look @ the pics!). I am using Paton's Kroy Socks Yarn that I found in my closet! :) Boy, did I luck out! I don't like the needles I am using. They are super bendy and right now I could use something rigid. They're super pointy too! My besotted is 42 inches right now. :) I haven't worked on it today yet. I am only 30 inches away from completion (if I stick with 72 in. length!)What do you think? I'm starting to pick up on some cool patterns that are popping up. I tell you, with each passing day, this scarf becomes more and more amazing! And to think I didn't like it in the beginning! I've been seeing more besotteds with variegated yarn and they're all so different! I'm debating on when I'm going to begin my solid color besotted. Last night I thought about how maybe I should take a knitting break after I finish mostly everything I've started. We'll see. I'll keep up with my dishcloths but maybe just stick with those for a bit. I tried to work on the fingerless gloves and I'm having a hard time. I'm thinking it's the needles I'm using. I got a pair of baleen dpns and I don't think they're the right needles for this tlc cotton plus yarn. :P I don't want to frog the damn things again so they're just sitting on my living room floor by the couch! :( I got my budget plan back and who knew I had done so poorly on it! :( Somewhere along the way btwn me getting my teaching credential and teaching in an elementary school for a few years, I became a bad student! Oh well. I didn't do so well on that midterm I didn't feel like studying for either. We've got a midterm and a final left plus one more project. I hope I did okay on the floor plan @ least! In a way I don't care how I do because I feel it will be a reflection of the teaching done. This is the first class I've taken after having my own classroom though so that may be a part of it as well. I really wish I knew where to complain though. This shouldn't go on. People are paying money for this woman to read aloud from our textbook to us. My 5 min. of fame took place yesterday and I think I did very well. The director of the program really liked me from the moment she laid eyes on me. I told my fiance that this woman could become my guru. She's the one that started the whole place which specializes in individualized instruction in mathematics, literacy, and there's this other program where they actually teach students how to focus and stuff. It all sounds amazing and the programs used are ones you only hear about as you're going through your teaching program! She said I'd be hearing back from them soon for my second interview. ETA: I just got a call for my second interview!!!! I'm going on Friday. :) The position wouldn't begin until January which is actually perfect. Then there's the possibility of subbing @ this shi-shi private school in the Palisades, so things are looking up on the job front. :) The yarn is starting to call out to me..and I'm talking about not knitting for a while?? I have an interview tomorrow with this teacher placement agency I applied to. Things are looking up on the job front. :) I knew everything would work itself out eventually but the waiting sucks!

Monday, November 6, 2006

look @ my floor plan!

What in the heck are these you're probably wondering. This first pic is my final rough draft of my floor plan. I took a pic of it to help me figure out placement and sizes of things on the final draft of it. Here's the somewhat final draft of it. I have to create the indoor hallway as well as the outdoor walkway in the courtyard (where those triangles are in the center. It was easier for me to use post-its than to just draw it out. I did start out drawing it all out but being the visual person I am, I needed to see everything contained within it's own shape. I'm going to label everything darker too so that you can see it. I didn't want to use a big posterboard because that would've taken me much longer to reconfigure! I don't know why we have to present them. I guess it's a form of wasting time for my teacher. My sister has to go to work tonight (she works part-time @ Gap) @ 10 (when our classes are over) so I'm going to have to leave early. Darn it. I'm making a habit of this now! We'll get our midterms back from last week and I'll get my budget plan back. I really don't want to see it. I've got my job interview tomorrow in the evening..and I'm behind 6 inches right now on that besotted. I'm going to try to work on it tonight though. I've been talking to AR about needle preference for socks. I've only used size 3's and the smallest size I have are 2's which I may try very soon. I'm itching to try toe-ups! I was telling my fiance that I need dpns in size 0 and 1 and circulars in those sizes. The one good thing I picked up @ Wildfiber in Santa Monica is this handy guide that allows you to check off which needles you already have. I've got it posted up on my wall in front of the computer! Okay, I just took a shot of it so everyone can get a visual. :) All the x's mean I already have those. Obviously I 've nearly got the straight needle dept. covered! I'm not doing too bad on crochet hooks either and I don't crochet! ;) More knitting tomorrow, I hope! I'm still thinking about taking pics of all my previous finished objects before I started blogging so you never know...that might pop up soon on my other blog. Keep a look out for them! :)

Sunday, November 5, 2006

shame on me!

Okay, I'm going to share a little secret with you all. I figured out what the pattern is for one of my dishcloth kal's. :O I saw the a picture of the dishcloth I'm working on and instantly knew that it was exactly what we're working on. I went so far as to google the pattern and I found needless to say, I'm almost done with it. I'm up to 32 inches with my besotted. I think I'll be able to finish in 13 days if I keep working! Would you believe I still haven't finished one skein yet??? Yesterday, I told my fiance that there are two things I want to learn how to do in regards to knitting-@ least the two things I'm most interested in learning right now. One is how to knit with beads-I've seen it down on knitty gritty and it doesn't look too difficult and I want to learn how to knit socks from the toe-up. I know I've said this before but I actually started looking @ all the different cast-on's last night so I could pick one out to try, got my yarn out but didn't start because they want me to use size 0 dpns and the smallest size I have are 2's! :( It isn't helping that I visit the my first toe ups blog daily! I almost signed up today! I'm going to try out one of the cast-ons first before I join. I don't know which sock pattern I want to do yet either. Maybe toe-ups will be what turns me onto sock knitting, who knows! Also in other knitterly news, I picked up my copy of: and started leafing through it. I hadn't really looked @ it when it came in the mail a while back. It's going to come in handy as I learn how to knit toe-up and do short row heels! I also picked up my copy of: late last night and started to read it. I plan to have my fiance take pics of the way I knit so I can compare it to the pics in the book because maybe I'm not a combined knitter either! Annie Modesitt does talk about how there are so many variations of knitting though so I must do one. She references Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts in her book too which I thought was cool particularly because I had just looked @ a book written by her minutes before I got out my Knitting Heretic. I remembered in the Socks book, there are two diagrams that show how to do something if you hold your yarn in your right hand or your left hand. I don't remember right now what the technique was but it was refreshing to see the diagrams because usually we're just told to perform said technique the opposite of how it's described. Easier said than done. Okay, I'm rambing now. That means I'm procrastinating! In some not-so knitterly news, you'll all be glad to know that I have completed my floor plan that is due tomorrow night. I just have to transfer it onto poster board. I have to think about what I'm going to say about it.

Friday, November 3, 2006

new gallery up

I spent a greater part of yesterday afternoon into last night working on a new blog which now holds pics of all my finished objects, since I started blogging. Being the perfectionist I am, I had considered taking out my knitting journal and photographing everything I've got in there prior to my setting up a blog and put it up in the gallery but I'm not that much of an overachiever anymore!! It was such a pain to do but I guess I'm glad that now I have a gallery. Now I just need to learn to change the header and create a button for myself. :) With all the time spent on the computer yesterday, I did very little knitting. In fact, I owe myself 6 inches off of that besotted now. Blasted. I guess I should've thought about the possibility of my choosing to not feel like knitting during the next 16 days (that's all it should take to finish it if I actually keep up!!). It doesn't help that I lost my favorite cable needle either. The next row I'm on is a cable row too. That's really why I didn't complete my 3 inches for the day! I've got homework to do. I have to finish reading my chapter and I have work on my floor plan. Yes, I have another project due this Monday and we have to present it. I don't care about the presentation. I actually have my floor plan figured out in my head, sort of. I just have to figure out the number of bathrooms for each classroom. We are to design a floor plan for a school serving 44 children. I can't remember the breakdown but it's infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Oh I just want this class to end already. Does it seem like my feelings about this class have gotten worse? They have. I just want it to end. We have one more midterm, a final, and one more project due plus the extra credit which I actually have to get on the ball with now that I remember! Then it will be over. Will I take part 2? I don't know yet. I'll need to know who's teaching it first!

Thursday, November 2, 2006


Okay this is really weird. I am finally able to load my pics! :) I've noticed a pattern which will probably be my new trick if blogger keeps doing this! When I can't post my pics via regular blogger, I go to picasa. I post one pic and a blog there. Then I try to post the rest via regular blogger and it actually works. Go figure. So here are a couple of the houses we saw Halloween night. This one was really cool. They built a facade and did the whole lawn up. They had some cowboys I guess standing around and when they saw the three of us (my sister, myself, and my fiance) they asked what were we dressed up as. My fiance (who was in the front) said something to the effect of he was 'half-beetlejuice' and he had eaten the other half. They told my sister she had a nice costume (herself!) and they told me that too. One of them asked where'd we get such pretty lil costumes and I said, 'From our mother.' :) They thought that was a good response. lol. This house had a haunted house thing going on which we actually went in. I don't particularly like haunted houses cos I tend to go with people who freak out easy which entails me freaking out as well! They tricked us though cos they must've noticed we weren't so freaked out by the stuff they had so they cornered us and had a one person come toward us, another pop out, and the ghost above our heads was trying to behead us! We were just laughing and the people were laughing too. I don't remember where this house was. It was nearby. Now, I did do some knitting. I've been knitting I guess I should say. I don't remember if I said the other day that if I just knitted 3 inches every single day for the next 19 or so days, I'd be done with my besotted. I've been working rather diligently @ it and you can tell that it's growing. I think 3 inches is about all I can stand with it. I can't do anymore (@ least in one sitting) because I start hurting a bit. It was the only thing I had been working on for a couple days until yesterday. I casted on for the dishcloth fun kal for the first part of the month. I don't have any yarn for the monthly dishcloth kal so I'm gonna have to wait on that one and just save the pattern for another time. Oh! I lost my favorite cable needle yesterday. I looked for it in my car (which has all black interior) and I couldn't find it. :( I'm wondering if I left it someplace because we were running around yesterday. I don't think I dropped it but it could've easily slipped and landed in any of the seats I was in. It was a nice magenta color too. I'm going to hold off on getting a new one though. I can just use dpn's or I can even learn to cable w/o the needle.

one of many to come!

I tried posting some of my Halloween pics here yesterday and I couldn't win with blogger. I decided to stop fighting with it in the hopes that today, I could upload my pics. HA! I'm so funny! Here is a kitty on leash that my fiance and I saw Halloween day. We went around this one neighborhood that was decorated during the daytime and then we came back at night with my sister and I took some nighttime shots. :)
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