Sunday, November 23, 2008

a knitting break

Please excuse my delay in posting...friends and family discount at Gap and Old Navy took over last weekend and this weekend, I attempted to do some holiday shopping. I say attempted because I managed to leave the house without a single credit card so there was no shopping to be completed just a lot of browsing! We also checked out Cal State Northridge which could potentially be where I go to get my reading specialist credential. Reading has always been a passion of mine and when I first started teaching here in LA, I knew that I eventually wanted to become a reading specialist. I'm still toying with the idea though. I finished my lace ribbon scarf last Sunday! Here's a pic of it while blocking. Before I finished it, I began working on the evening shrug. I finished one sleeve but can't seem to get the second sleeve off the ground just yet! No pics of that yet but hopefully soon. I haven't been in a knitting state of mind lately. I knew once I finished the lace ribbon scarf that I would be in need of a lil break. I've been thinking about knitting though and know what I want to work on while I'm at my parents' home for Thanksgiving! I need to dust off my sesame and see how much I can accomplish. My sister has also requested a sweater (who knew she thought I was that talented!) ;) I had actually considered giving out hand knit gifts for this holiday season but my family is unappreciative of anything that is hand knit so I'm not even going to bother. And then my sister threw a curve ball from left field! She's already been made aware by my fiance that if she wants a sweater, it won't be finished until summer. :o I haven't asked her what exactly she'd like because she's in major study mode for the LSAT. I think this will be the last time she takes it and then it will be off to apply for admissions to a reputable school of law. Adding to my desire of a knitting break was when I received a call from my sister at school that an ambulance had arrived at our parents' house and she had no further information. The short of it is, my dad thought he was having a stroke and called 911. Did this really need to happen before Thanksgiving? He's okay. He had to spend about 2 days in the hospital but all his tests came back negative. Here's to hoping that he's really truly okay. I haven't quite been able to function since receiving the news. I'm heading home on Tuesday for the Thanksgiving festivities at my parents'--they both said not to worry and that there was no need for me or my sister to hop in the car and drive on up to check things out. Being the obedient children we are (once in a while!) we listened. I hope it was the right decision. While I've been away. I acquired some new yarn. (what's new??) Here's my malabrigo sock dogpile: I also received some mama blue but have yet to take a pic of either one of them. Bear with me! If I don't return before I leave on Tuesday, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving (that is, if you're in the US!).


  1. what a pretty scarf! i hope that everything is ok with your dad, too... sounds like you're anxious to get over there for Thanksgiving. i know i'm ready to go home!! : )

  2. Your scarf looks wonderful...model it when its done blocking!:)

    Northridge is very good for that kind of specialty. I majored in the deaf studies program there but switched and got my MA in psychology. It was cool though because I had a few deaf patients at one time! Good luck with your decision making.

    Sorry to hear about your dad...will keep him in my prayers.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you get to knit a bit! I don't knit for my family either...not when they make comments like we could buy six pairs of socks for a $1...I just say go ahead!:) Very frustrating when you want to share you love!


  3. I'm glad to hear your dad was okay! So scary when stuff like that happens.

    I spent some time at that Gap sale this weekend too - gotta love that 30% off!!!! And I love your lace ribbon scarf - that's been in my queue for a while.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Gorgeous scarf! Well done! I love the new colors of yarn you got as well. They're beautiful!
    Glad your dad is okay. How scary!

  5. Can't wait to see your Lace Ribbon Scarf in full.

    Love your Malabrigo stash - where did you order it from?

    Glad to hear your dad is doing okay!


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