Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008

Whew. What a day. Today will not only go down as a historic day for the US but it also marks the last day of physical therapy for me and I was able to score some malabrigo sock yarn from Simply Sock Yarn! Run, don't walk over there before they're all gone! The last few days have kind of zipped by in a blur. Halloween came and went--and I have to tell you, I was wiped out from our parade that afternoon coupled with my having overdone the whole walking thing Thursday night doing last minute Halloween costume shopping! I was a peacock this year. Sorry for not having any pics of me in my costume. I know a few of the parents took some shots of me but no one has sent me any copies yet. So here's all you get.Yesterday, I received my second package from miss kikibowns. :) Again, she has outdone herself. There's a bag of dark chocolate (I had no idea green and black sold them in individual bits of chocolate!), a Pinocchio tape measure to add to my collection, a sample of soak (my favorite!), a tin of knitting gift tags that I have been wanting for a while now!, a super cool pattern for some fingerless mitts, 2 skeins of gloss, and the best part of all is the cute felted clutch she sent me. :) Nicolle is quite talented and actually makes and sells these clutches! :) Thank you SO very much for everything, hon! :) The adjustment to the time change (for me) has been seamless--although I need to get myself to bed earlier! The kids have been psycho beyond words. Luckily I was only in school for a few hours on account of my last two appointments and I decided to go vote before heading off to school so I only experienced about an hour of pure unadulterated crazy. To add fuel to their fire, we have our big "El Dia de Los Muertos" celebration this Friday so the end of today was spent trying on costumes, stuffing them in bags, and sending them home with the chillins. Good stuff, I tell ya. P.S. Something interesting from my voting experience..While I was waiting in line waiting to vote, I noticed that one of the girls who was already in a voting booth had f*ck tattooed on her arm right below her shoulder not very big but big enough to be seen from where I was standing. I wondered what she did for a living and I hoped that she had no intention of going into education!


  1. Congrats for finishing PT - hope you are feeling better now! Malabrigo Sock - yum!

  2. What a great idea...a peacock...hope you post pics soon!
    What a great package too, love the clutch!
    Thats so cool you're doing the Day of the Dead party, it sounds like a lot of fun. My son loves learning about different cultures and their practices. My hubby works in downtown LA and everyone he works with is from a different culture. They bring different foods/fruit/currency and their language etc. for my son to learn about. Very cool!
    I didn't have to wait in line at all at the polling area...made sure I even had my knitting, but it was real quick.
    Watched Baby Mama last night...definetly a chick flick...it was good but not one I'd want to watch over and over. Worth seeing though. Made of Honor was really good though!
    Hope you're feeling well, take care!

  3. Oh, no ...no pictures of you as a peacock!! I would so love to se that :)

    Glad you are finally finished with PT...hopefully you'll be 100% soon!

  4. Would have loved to see you as a peacock!

    Great package! I like Gloss too!

    I am thinking about bringing in Malabrigo Sock to my shop. Maybe in the new year :)

  5. a peacock? i hope you'll post a picture when/if you get one. also, glad to hear your physical therapy is over!! : )

  6. nice package.... love your clap as well. I've been toying with the idea of making one, but would like to use stash yarn... what weight did you use?


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