Saturday, November 8, 2008

what a knit

wow. i finished my first clapotis just a few moments ago and can't believe what a fantastic knit it is-when you have the right yarn! My first attempt at a clap ended in the frog pond. Looking back, I think that is because as I knitted and completed each pattern repeat, I couldn't help but think that I was going to need to alter the pattern and it was going to be too short. I'm going to have to make other plans for that yarn.As I got closer to finishing this lovely thing, my feelings regarding her had definitely blossomed. With the first yarn, I wasn't in love with the pattern or even how the yarn was knitting up in said pattern. Once I tried this pattern on the sundara I had, my feelings were beginning to change. Now that she's all done, I absolutely adore her and can't even imagine that I had complained about how many repeats I had to complete in order to finish her or that I even complained about how long it took to finish just one pattern repeat. Ahhhh, but that was before-when I wasn't using my sundara. She is majestic. I'm on the fence rearding whether or not I'm going to block her. I like the drape and have heard that you can no longer wear it as a scarf once blocked. I can't wait to show her off! :)Here's something else I'm loving and am SO glad I can get back to her now that majestic is done-my lace ribbon scarf. They've been bonding these two-ms. majestic and little beauty. I hope to finish little beauty by the end of my three day weekend. I was playing around with the features on my fiance's camera. I wish that my camera could do this fun stuff! I participated in my first Mama Blue update last night and scored one Squid & Ink kit-and that's it. It was insane. It was my first update ever of any kind and I'm wondering if the Sundara updates used to be as crazy as this one was!


  1. Love the clapotis! I loved doing this pattern..such a mindless, relaxing knit. Have a great three day weekend! How was your Day of the Dead celebration?

  2. Clapotis is so pretty! I didn't block mine and I wear it both ways (scarf and shawl). The lace ribbon scarf is gorgeous - what a great color!

  3. Great job on your clapotis and ribbon scarf. They are both very beautiful!! I need to try those patterns one of these days....

    happy knitting :)

  4. I just bought a skein of Mama Blue from Bea - it's my Chanukah gift from my sis :)

    Great features on his camera - that is soo cool you can do those frames and stuff!

    I love your Clap! wow! Now I want to make one for myself after my deadlines..!

  5. how gorgeous! i have been flirting with the idea of knitting a clapotis, but i have lots of other knitting on my plate first. *shrug* i guess we'll just have to wait and see. : )


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