Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've just been watching loads and loads of bad reality tv. lol. Plus I took a bit of a knitting break but the knitting is back on and I should have an fo possibly tomorrow. :) We went away for about a day during the holiday weekend and got to see my niece who just keeps getting funnier. Are two year olds supposed to know how to play dead? Or be able to tumble? Her memory is really starting to build. Before we even made the trip, my sister told me that she (munchkin) had been asking for me and my fiance! My mom told me she had asked for us before my sister had even gotten there though. The way my mom tells it, she and my niece were playing and then just out of nowhere smy niece started asking for us. How could we not make a trip there! A funny memory from our trip---when my niece was laid out on the floor, with her arms out, mouth crooked, and eyes shut calling out, "help me! help me!" Me being the silly aunt that I am, I went over and did fake CPR on the kid and she just laughed and said, "again!" Another one would be when my fiance was dancing around and the lil munchkin, as precious as can be, pointed at him and exclaimed, "He like to move it, move it!" If you're a Madagascar fan, you know exactly where that comes from. It was SO freakin' cute and amazing. We weren't even there for a day so no pics to share. :( Just fun memories. She went for my knitting again too. I'm gonna have to hook the girl up with a pair of circulars (since most of the projects I've been working on lately have been on circs) and some yarn...probably some of that leftover trekking that she fell in love with.


  1. Your niece is such a cutie! My son did the fake dying too but he'd fall and pretend he was holding a lily! Have no idea where he learned that from! The little things they do are soooo funny! Hope your family is all doing well. hugs

  2. Your niece sounds so cute - and it sounds like a great visit!

  3. Your niece knows how to play dead? Funny! I think that's something that I won't be "teaching" Sean anytime soon! What a hoot though!


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