Sunday, February 22, 2009

knits in need of sharing

Have you seen this? It was going to be my second rivolo, a birthday gift for my teaching partner but the color just kept bugging me. I frogged it the other day and cast on for this:This is the beginnings of a brambler. It's a simple pattern but the yarn I picked isn't nice to work with. :P I'm hoping it'll soften once I block it. I do like the color better though. My teaching partner is a lover of blue so I hope she likes this. She's a fellow knitter and she loves lace. I also cast on for this:It's the beginnings of la novia. I'm not quite sure I'm following the pattern correctly. There are some notes in the chart that aren't in the regular pattern so we'll see. The yarn is nice to work with, I just wish there was a bit more variation in the skein I picked up. I finally have some finished projects to share too. And now that I don't have any socks on the needles..oh hold that thought, I just remembered that I any case, I want to cast on for a new pair! Though I haven't a pattern in mind and will probably hold off until I finish the brambler for my teaching partner. Her birthday is in two months. I hope I finish it on time!


  1. Is the first picture the same yarn as the 3rd picture?

    If you're not fond of the color, what about overdying it?

  2. Very pretty projects - I'm sure she'll love it. I do love the color of the yarn in the first picture...

  3. These are cool! This is OT, but I'm a lefty who's learning to knit - just wondering if there were how-to sites you'd recommend! The purl stitch isn't liking me to well right now...

    email is



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