Saturday, March 14, 2009

week in review

Well, I received the second shipment of the Sundara Sock Yarn Club and I picked up tuscan over lemon. It was my sister's birthday on Wednesday and my fiance and I whipped up this cake for her. Growing up, I didn't acquire the taste for chocolate cake because my mom's chocolate cakes were always dry. This cake was one of the moistiest chocolate cakes I've ever had! I'd like to think that's it partly due to the substitutions we did-we used applesauce instead of oil but who knows. Either way, it was yummy! I completed my first beret: I'm not thoroughly happy with it but it isn't bad for my first (at least that's what my fiance keeps telling me). There's another pattern I want to try out but I'm going to wait a bit. I had a bout with startitis and have frogged a couple of scarf projects because my heart wasn't in them...but as of last night, I now have a project I can focus on: This is the first pattern repeat of my partner teacher's birthday gift. :) It's the butternut scarf. I'm using Three Irish Girls Beckon Merino in Auspicious. She's a blue lover and I'm hoping that she adores this scarf. I've got a couple of conferences that I'll be attending next week and this will definitely get worked on. I just might cast on for that second beret as well. Now if I could only find a sock pattern I wanted to cast on for...there might even be a sweater in the mix for my sister. She finally picked one (with a little help from me!). I had wanted to have the yarn at least by her birthday so I could cast on for it but that didn't happen. But hopefully soon because I'm kind of itching to get started on it! I've got a babysitting gig tonight and some friends & family shopping to do before the weekend is over!


  1. The beret is very cute - great job! Love the new scarf - great colors. The cake looks delicious!

  2. Cute beret! Yummy looking cake and that Sundara skein!

  3. that looks like a yummy cake (and i have those dishes!).

    your beret looks great, too!

  4. Love the yarn and the beret is the color!

  5. Mmmmmm chocolate cake! I wish!

    Please model the beret! I'd love to see! I'm not curageous enough to wear one I dont think.

    Love your Sundara colorway! Can't wait to see what you make with it!

    I received mine on Monday. It's been along week -sorry I didnt let you know sooner! (will blog it soon!)

  6. I bet that cake was delicious. Happy Birthday to your sister a little late!

    Love your beret and that scarf looks oh, so interesting. Can't wait to see more :)


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