Saturday, September 11, 2010

school has taken over my life!!

And so has kid germs. I'm still sick..I've been battling laryngitis for the past week. So this weekend is a 'no talking' weekend. I guess I'm going through all of this because I've been away from mass kid germs for a good year so all those antibodies I had in my reserves got used up. Time to build up some more. :) Once I get through this garbage, I should be okay (one can only hope!).
I received my yarn in the mail not too long ago. This is Evangeline from Three Irish Girls. Isn't she gorgeous?? :)
And this is Forest Primeval.
Being back in a setting where kids can do easel painting has revived my love of color mixing. I may not dye yarn or even spin it but I can mix a mean cup of paint. :)
Maybe I was an artist in another life? I don't know how else to explain my love of color (and texture!). I made a few more batches yesterday but didn't have my camera to capture them. That's on my list (not to mention to take a picture of the wires I had the hubs put up for me in the classroom.
There has been a teeny bit of knitting. I worked a little bit on goldie.
My secret project that I had been working on back in May was finally shipped and received. :)
I made a citron for Robyn for her birthday back in June but ran into some yarn shortage problems (which I had anticipated) but the gal who had dyed the yarn assured me that I'd have enough. HA. That wasn't the case so there was a bit of waiting time. But needless to say, she loves it! This was one pattern I was happy to make more than once. :)


  1. Six years doing daycare I never worked up the antibodies...was always sick :( Hope you feel better soon!

    Love the yarns and the Citron for Robyn, gorgeous!!

  2. Thank you again for knitting for me! I love it. And the entire bday package was awesome - thanks!

    You do indeed mix a mean can of paint! Great colors!

    Love the green of Forest Primeval. Awesome!! Great stash enhancement!

    Kid germs - ahhh! The joys of being an educator. And it's that time of the year again. Mack's had a head cold this week. NOT FUN!

  3. Your citron turned out great! Hope you are feeling better by now. You have to build yourself up! We all got our flu shot already. Figure it can't hurt and there were no lines :)

    Happy knitting :)

  4. Love your colors! Isn't a bummer how school starts and the germs fly everywhere? I had a headache for a week until I finally went to the doc to learn I had an ear infection...didn't even have a cold!


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