Wednesday, January 5, 2011

better late than never

I finally got around to frosting/icing my leftover naked butter and spice cookies. lol. They're still delicious. Can you tell I was having fun creating different colors?
So that's what I did last night...and this morning, I did this!
I love the fit of these. They're not huge and bulky like most mittens are (around the fingers). They fit just right. Might make these sans the texty thumb feature. They are currently blocking. Hope my sister appreciates them! When they're dry I hope to get some modeled shots. :) Now to work on those socks for that girl...


  1. I love those mittens! I was thinking of knitting some with a texty thumb, too. As if I need to add more to my queue. :)

  2. Love the mittens. The color knitted up very nicely. Those cookies look delicious.. (damn diet!)

  3. i keep telling myself I'm going to make myself convertible mittens so I can text or knit outside! ONe of these days.. but I really love that cable in yours!


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