Saturday, January 1, 2011


I stayed up super late this morning (aside from watching a bad lmn movie on demand-which actually wasn't TOO bad!) to do a little work on my sister's hat. I'm tempted to keep it. It's a bit further along than in the picture now.
When I finally woke up,  I began working on my sister's mittens (finally!). They aren't further along than in the picture.
I like them so far. I don't think I'll be frogging them anytime soon. I hope to have at least one mitten completed before the end of the night (ambitious, I know!).
As for the hat, I SO want to keep it. I tried it on for the hubs and he said it's SO me. I don't think I've mentioned yet what hat I eventually cast on for my sister since the whole beret idea got shelved. I cast on for a better bucket hat. Can I tell you the provisional cast on was keeping me from ever beginning the hat in the first place. I tried several. I finally found one the other day but I stupidly forgot to bookmark it. The gal who came up with it is brilliant. Maybe if I do some more googling, I'll find it. Well, it's similar to this version but that's not the one I found the first time around. Wow, I learned how to do the turkish cast on. lol.
No narratives for today. I have this strange headache and I can't focus for some reason. Maybe later tonight..I seem to work best when it's late.


  1. I really like that bucket hat....can't wait to see it finished :)

  2. Cute mittens. I love the color of that yarn. I'm totally into greens and blues lately.


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