Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ho hum

The narratives have been turned in and then I don't know what happened! I might've gotten caught up in planning for this semester's enrichment. My theme for the next few weeks is clay and dough. Tomorrow we will begin with making kool-aid playdough, my favorite. We will see how it goes.

I managed to finish my sister's socks. They went through many transformations but they're finally completed and are currently blocking. I hope they fit her okay! Then I cast on for a centrique. I also went through all my laceweight yarn to select future shawl projects. I'm considering attempting 11 shawls in 2011 but we shall see. I made a list of all the shawls I might want to make this year. I printed a bunch of them today and can't wait to get started. A couple require beads though so those will have to wait.
Work is going all right though there are some major changes that will be taking place come the end of the school year..


  1. Your socks look terrific...your sister will LOVE them :)

  2. Love the socks!

    What recipe do you use for homemade playdoh? Interested to hear about it with kool-aid!

  3. Those socks are anything but ho hum! I'm working on another pair of vanilla socks - the only kind I can knit. (They are making wide stripes, tho, and I love that.)

  4. I really love those socks! My hubby's have been put on the back burner so I can finish some AG clothes for DD's b'day.


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