Monday, August 1, 2011


There have been many knitting-related stumbles while I've been away! Aside from trying to pack up as much as I can before I start back at school, there has also been lots of reading. I finished All That is Bitter and Sweet. I also started and completed Room which was recommended to me by Robyn. I completely devoured Room. I read the first chapter the first day I got it at the library. Then the next day, I picked it up again when I couldn't go back to sleep and nearly finished it in one sitting! It was THAT good. I'm also working on the Bhavagad Gita via two different books. It has been referenced in a couple books that I have read previously and I all of a sudden decided I should try to read it. I'm up to Chapter 6 (there are 18 chapters).
The hubs and I took about 7 heavy boxes to school to keep in my closet next to my classroom. We are going to go back and take a few more as the hubs realized I could stash stuff way up high on top of said closet. I just wouldn't be able to get to that stuff which is fine. We will probably go on Wednesday since the rugs have been shampooed and won't be dry til about Wednesday.
I've also been attempting to purge. I've purged a few things but not all that much. Today I am purging yarn. :(
The last few days I have been trying to sort of get back into my roots with regard to knitting. I have been trying to get some kitchen-related items going. I've started at least three or four different projects and not one has survived. I cast on for a moss grid towel last night and so far so good. I have some hempathy that I want to use up for something and I saw on ravelry that many people have used it to make moss grid towels which I thought about doing but wasn't sure how it would turn out.
When I work on non-shawl projects, I remember why I mostly knit shawls. It is because shawls don't cause my wrists to feel overworked like socks or most other knit projects. Go figure.
I finished the hub's sweater last week. He finally modeled it today so I have some pics to show off.
He absolutely LOVES it. I wish it were a bit longer. I should've made the body just a smidge bit longer but oh well.
While working on the vest, I had also cast on for that fan dance shawl, remember? Well, I frogged that sucker right around when I started binding off because I hadn't realized how much yarn I was going to have leftover. The yarn I was using didn't have a ball band so I had no idea what the yardage was. When I went on ravelry to post about the shawl, I realized the skein I used was 490 yards and the pattern only called for 400. Being that I am a loose knitter I always go at least one needle size down so I wouldn't have even used 400 yards. SO, it's now a big ball of nothing again and I have no intention of recasting on for this shawl. Here's what it looked like:
Oh well. I have no feelings about it. I'd like to be working on something that I love but I have yet to find that special something.
Amidst the packing, purging, reading, and knitting, I have also been listening to old cds (mostly ones I had made myself). While strolling down memory lane, I started to think about staying power. I am not an ipod'er. I like cds. I haven't purchased any new ones in a few years so the cds I have are 'old.' They still bring up the same emotions I had when I first listened to the songs I had selected for my mixed cds and some of those, no one writes songs like that anymore! 
Oh and here's a pic of what the interior of our future living room will look like! :)


  1. LOVE your hubby's sweater!! It looks awesome on him....I bet he can't wait for cooler weather to start wearing it (all the time :) )

    The room in your apartment looks great...I imagine you are so anxious and excited to start moving in??

  2. Sarah M. (from North Carolina)Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 11:34:00 AM PDT

    I totally have the book Room! I haven't read it yet, but I randomly picked it up at the bookstore one day recently and read a few pages and knew I had to read it. I like the floors of your new living room! Very pretty!

  3. The hub's sweater vest looks awesome! You did amazing work on it. The photo of the new living space is really exciting, too. And as for your frogged fan dance shawl, I love that you're willing to give up all that knitting and save the yarn for something you'll really enjoy. Frogging can be therapeutic, but I probably would have left the nearly-finished shawl in the WIP bin for a while out of guilt. :-P

  4. Nice job on the sweater! I read a good version of the Gita that had really good translations, plus explanations. I just wish I could remember the title and author.

  5. The sweater looks GREAT! And your whirlwind of stuff you are doing made me tired just reading it.

    Glad you were able to find somewhere for the school stuff that isn't in your house.

  6. First of all - I am so glad you loved Room! It is one of the next few books I am going to read. I heard such good things about it and now you have confirmed that. I will check out that other book you read. I heard The Red Floor is excellent. Don't know the author off hand but it is a Montreal author and the bookntakes place in Montreal too. My friend has it and will loan it to me. Maybe your library has it?

    That is awesome you can store some boxes at school. Take up space there rather than at home.

    That is also awesome that Joey loves his vest!! Looks great.

    Love you new living room it is big!! Can't wait to see it furnished. That is a great window for light.

    That sucks you don't love the shawl to work on it. How much harm did you purge? What do you do with it to purge it? Donate it? Is it acrylic yarn you won't use? Or what?


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