Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the first day

Well, the last week and a half have provided me with another whirlwind of stuff! Last week, we had about a week's worth of in-service. The first two days were the best because it brought our new team closer together and we just might be the nice, cohesive staff I've always been looking for.
Today was the first day of school. Oy. I had only 19 show (which was great). My cap is 23 students. One was out sick and one ended up being a no show. I get a new student tomorrow so I will have two more spots to fill and I hope they do it sooner rather than later.
My new kids in a word are...young.  If I described them in two words, it would be super young.  There was one kid who wandered around aimlessly for much of the day and at the very end of the day, he tried to walk towards the street. When I told mom, her response was, "He does that." Well, it would've been nice had I been given a heads up! Another has really low language. When he spoke, I had no idea what he was saying to me. Sigh. Last year's group was calmer. These guys are all over the place. Put it this way, three of my boys were sitting in the back (on the rug) punching each other (in a fun way). Oh my. Lunchtime was a unique experience! For some reason, it was decided that K-3rd grade would have lunch altogether indoors. I was told it was super loud. It was SO disorganized. Dismissal was also something new. You'd think we were a brand new school opening its doors with all the kinks from just today alone. I can't wait for Friday. lol.
Our landlord was supposed to have begun work on the renos to our future apt on Monday. We haven't been by to check on things but we're hoping to take some stuff over as soon as we can so we don't have to do it all in one day.
My training stirred up some stuff within me that I would like to blog about but the things I need to help write those posts are already packed. So maybe once we've moved and I've unpacked a bit, I can reflect on my 'river of life.'  I feel like it's necessary to explore that topic a bit more. The river of one's life is what has helped a person become the person they are today. Some of my coworkers, thought to do their entire river of life when we were really supposed to only focus on three things. I wished that I had done the former so that's what I intend to do once we're all settled in the new place. :) Or at least unpacked!


  1. Well... the first day is over with then :) 179 to go!! lol
    Our first day is the 25th. Our building has been under construction so we are supposed to have our rooms and stuff back in them on the 22nd. We'll see about that!

  2. Goodluck with the school year. Hopefully, things will get calmed down.

  3. Sounds like a crazy first day. I seriously give hats off, bow down props to teachers, especially of very young kiddos. Hopefully as the year progresses and they get used to being in a school situation, they will calm down. Until then, Calgon! ;) lol

  4. I've been a delinquent blogger and spent some time catching up. Good luck with all the changes in your life. I am sure it can be super stressful! Congrats on your 2 year anniv, too. It is something to celebrate! I love the look of your blog and Clover Lane is my friend! Love the vest. I want to knit my son a vest. I have been thinking about a pattern from Anne Hanson's Knitspot. Her knits have amazing texture. I'd love to make one for both of my sons....we'll see, dreaming big again when I haven't even finished my own vest!

  5. Wow, back to school already? We still have a week and a day for my baby and a week and 2 days for my middle guy, but he moves back to school on Sunday. Did this summer go by fast or what?

    Good luck with your new school year and happy packing :)

  6. Phew, it sounds like quite the week. Hopefully once the kids get into the school routine, things will come together more smoothly. Also must say that the new blog header looks fantastic!


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