Thursday, September 8, 2011

day 8 without a kitchen sink

Yes, you read correctly. We were told we'd have a sink by the 2nd of this month. It's now the 8th. Shoot. I forgot to get a shot of my sink. Okay done! But first, here are the final shots from our last apt during our last days there.
And here's the state of our kitchen sink.
It's on its side in the hallway right in front of our front door!!
Here's where it should eventually go.
And this is where we've had to do our dishes. See that utility sink??
Here's our floor. :) Living room to kitchen has laminate flooring but I have to say it's getting scratched up from all the work that has been done in the last few days. The electrician was here working on the phone line (the correct way) and he commented on how they were taking over the apt and I said, "I know and this only an apt. Imagine if it were an entire house!" Sigh. 
Supposedly the sink will be put in tomorrow. I've heard that one before!


  1. still sinkless?! holy cow. i'd be out of my mind. i hope all these repairmen are out of your hair asap so you can enjoy your new digs.

  2. That is crazy. I'd be asking for a discount on my rent.

  3. You need one of those old fashioned wash buckets.

  4. Home improvement stinks, and I can't imagine going this long with out wanting to shoot a contractor. lol Prayers said and fingers crossed that they get it all done asap!

  5. Love the floors! So...still sink less or has it been installed yet? hopefully!!!

    At least you are just 2 of you. With the kids I would go nuts no kitchen sink!

  6. You are so lucky you have the utility sink to use...when we did over our kitchen you should have seen the tiny bathroom sink I had to wash dishes in ;)


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