Monday, February 20, 2012

Here, There, and Everywhere

Time surely has not slowed down one bit. After the hubs' brief stay in the hospital, I officially began tutoring at school three days a week. It is to help get the kids who are stuck in a bubble out of that bubble.  They just need an extra little push and they'll be at grade level. Tutoring has taken over my world!! After the first few days, I realized it was a lot of work.  I found myself saying to my teaching partner that I actually have to do work now. He chuckled and said that's why he didn't volunteer for it. We are all burnt out and it was super dumb to schedule the tutoring to occur immediately after school let out because the teachers don't even get a break in between much less the kids. I am seeing growth though in my little group of students and I like getting to know other kids. I am also getting a little extra for tutoring.
There has been knitting. One yet to be documented finish and one near finish on my needles. I spent Saturday afternoon sorting through my printed patterns. I filed away the newly printed and I also separated out the ones I want to knit in the near future. The hubs and I went through most of my stash the other night too.  I came up with a genius idea. I cleared out a binder and in it I put all the patterns I intend to knit this year.  I grabbed my mini post-its and set off to work.
So that's a pattern and on the post it I have written what yarn I intend to use.  The binder is full of patterns and post-its. The reason for doing this is the hubs and I will be going to Stitches West on Friday!!! I can't wait! I still need to go through the patterns that require yarn purchases to write down what exactly I need to buy. I also need to select the must see first booths.
March is going to be a busy month for me. We have our second assembly of the school year. My children will be singing "De Colores."  I'm thinking of asking them if they want to sing "Firework" too by Katy Perry. I don't know, I just think it would be a good song for the kids to sing. They don't have much time to learn it but I'm sure they all mostly know it! That is on the first Friday of March. That night I will be going to a teacher event at our local aquarium.  It's a sleepover but I didn't sign up to sleep there. You get to sleep in your favorite exhibit which is cool but I don't sleep well in new places. The following weekend I have a teacher training at Elkhorn Slough. The third friday in March is when I make my directorial debut!  The last week of March we have parent/teacher conferences. Whew. 
Pictures soon of said finished and nearly finished projects!


  1. A sleepover for adults!? Sounds like fun. Too bad you don't sleep well in new places.

    Sounds like a busy upcoming few weeks at school especially with the tutoring.

    What a neat way to get organized with your patterns. Stitches West!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Great minds think alike. I did something similar with my patterns about 2 years ago - labeling them and all. I even put a copy of the picture of the pattern in the bag with the yarn, but kept all the patterns in a binder rather than putting the pattern with the yarn - 'cause after all - I change my mind. :-)

    Have fun a Stitches.


  3. Great job with the tutoring. The extra help will make a difference.

    Way to get organized! I admit that I am in no way organized.

  4. Good for you with being so organized! Good luck with all your certainly are a busy girl :)

  5. Lucky! Have a great time at Stitches! I like your organization! I keep all my patterns in sleeves in various binders....but I'm so slow these days I'm not getting through much of my stash.

    That is great you are helping the other kids along - and you should get paid for it! It must be hard with all the demands on teachers to see kids who slip through the cracks. I know how hard it can be - having a son who struggles. It takes a lot of extra work for me. He just doesn't learn the same way most kids do. But it's getting a lot better.

  6. Have fun at Stitches and hope you get some rest!:)

  7. Look at you being all organized and stuff. Have fun at Stitches!

  8. I'm tutoring one little girl after school two days a week. It's Monday and Tuesday, I do math one day and reading one day. It's my own doing, no school program or anything. She is just not catching on. Her mom kept her out of school for 3 weeks after Christmas break so she could stay in Oklahoma longer for the holidays. She was already low. I have seen a HUGE difference in Math.
    I know you are making a difference no matter how exhausted you are!


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