Sunday, January 29, 2012


Well, the hubs was released from the hospital on Thursday early in the evening. I had just parked in front of our apt with my late lunch/early dinner when he called saying they wanted to release him already. Sigh. Apparently, he had some sort of bacterial infection so they sent him home with a script for an antibiotic which he has to take for one week. The kids were so worried about him! Everyday they would ask me if he had left the hospital yet. One of my kids even gave him a get well card. So sweet. Here's the front:
And here's the inside (minus the writing on the inside).
She colored Snoopy and everything. Teehee. He loved this card because amongst family he was known as Joe Cool. So when he took the card out of the envelope, his immediate response was, "That's me!"

I got some knitting done. Sock #1 is nearly finished. I am about half an inch or less to the toe decreases now.
And here's my shawl. Though there has been a bit more progress than in the picture.
The other shawl still looks about the same so no new pictures of that one.
Oh, one of my bosses gifted me with this:
She said it's a cell phone carrier. She said when she saw it, she thought of me. Not sure yet what I'm going to use it for because as anyone knows that either has kids or works with them, those lil suckers are gonna be sticking their dirty little fingers in it 24/7!!!!! If you're not quite sure what it's supposed to be, it's a sweater.
Yesterday, I was gifted with these:
The hubs felt inclined to thank me for being there for him. Wasn't that nice? This is the first time I've ever received an arrangement where each flour was in its own little vase. It's cool.
Last night was my long awaited Kindergarten Parent Mixer.  12 families showed up.  My assistant suggested we do a little show so the kids had to perform. They were great though. And they were so cute in their fancy clothes. I didn't even tell them to dress up. They just felt like it. Most of them came all gussied up and a couple didn't. They read from their poetry journals and they said what their favorite thing about school was.  They were also supposed to do an impromptu dance party but they were already a little psycho crazy before we did the actual performance and I didn't want anyone falling off the stage. That would have been bad. We'll see if we plan another one. I think if we do another one, it might be a publishing party of some sort. :)


  1. That card is precious. Glad he's home. Hope he's feeling better. Those socks are awesome. Love the cable down the back :)

  2. Hope your hubby is feeling better. The mixer sounds like a good time.

  3. i'm so glad that the hubs is back home. sending lots of love for a speedy recovery. the flowers are gorgeous! as is your sock-in-progress. and as always, i love hearing stories about the kiddos in your class. :)

  4. So glad your husband is well enough to come home. The flowers are beautiful. Your children sound so sweet.

  5. What a pretty floral arrangement!

    Glad to hear hubs is doing better. Has the meds worked?

    Very cute card & gifts! Lucky you!


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