Monday, June 4, 2012

California Academy of Sciences

Well, my sister flew into SFO so I decided the hubs and I would spend the day in San Francisco. Why not? Originally we were going to go to the Exploratorium but then I learned that it wasn't open on Mondays. Bummer. So I had to come up with a plan B. Plan B ended up being going to the California Academy of Sciences.  It was the best place for us to go! We got there around noon and stayed all the way until closing! There is an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum, a rainforest, and now there is an exhibit on earthquakes (which we didn't get to see).  We loved the aquarium and the rainforest most. Here are some pictures from our adventure!
Penguins from the Natural History Museum section.  I was trying to find Pierre.  One of the kids had purchased that book for our class. I forgot that he had a blue band. Oh well.
This is a gorilla skull.
This is the albino crocodile!!
The cool living roof!
butterflies in the rainforest!
my favorite, an eel!
a sea urchin
a sea urchin and a starfish 
an upside down jellyfish
I don't know!
Another shot of the albino alligator. :)
Then we had the best dinner at Marnee Thai which I actually had heard about via watching Check, Please! Bay Area. lol.  When we were looking for it, I couldn't remember the name.  We used my sister's gps to find thai restaurants in San Francisco and it pulled up like 200+ restaurants! That was useless so in google maps (the only thing I use on my phone!) I typed in thai restaurant in the sunset and BAM! Marnee Thai. :) Lucky me that it's in one of my favorite San Francisco neighborhoods. Maybe one day we'll find ourselves residing there. After dinner, we headed for Daly City and went to Daiso. I just learned that there's one even closer now (just an hour away instead of 2). Oh, I forgot to mention that my sister's flight wasn't due to arrive until about 11pm! So we had lots of time to kill. The last couple of hours were spent in the car. I knitted and the hubs slept.


  1. I love all those pictures. It sounds like a very interesting museum. I'm glad you had a good dinner.

  2. I love the penguins. My fave!!!!

    Mmm Thai food sounds soooo yummy right now!

    How long is your sister in town for?

  3. That looks like a super fun trip. My favourite shot is definitely the second penguin one :)

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

  4. I love Daiso! The one in Mountain View has even more crafting stuff than the Daly City one, but I like them both!


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