Sunday, June 3, 2012

on hiatus

Somehow I keep getting buried with things! Slowly I am attempting to get unburied.  Tomorrow is the start of our last full week of school. I don't know why last week, I thought we still had two and a half weeks left, not one and a half! Boxland begins this Wednesday. I have no idea how things are going to pan out this year. Last year there was more excitement about it I think. This year the vibe is very different.  I did the police dept and the treasury again this year.  We had so many applicants for the police department this year. It was insane! We filled about 38 spots (and had over 50 apply!).  For some reason, we had a lot of middle schoolers apply. Maybe it was the cool thing to do this year-who knows.
I finally got around to take pictures of my finished projects!
chosen path (no clever name)
Currently, I am working on this.  
which now is this big:

I love it. It is currently my favorite shawl (colorwise).  I may make mine bigger than in the pattern because it looks like mine will end up smaller. I have more than enough yarn to do a few extra repeats.  I can't wait until it's finished! Have you noticed my love of stripes yet? 
As for the living situation, the lowlife supposedly has most of his belongings out of his apt already. He said he would be out as of yesterday. Our landlord told us that the lowlife was going to try to get the 30 days extended. I guess you can apply for that? I don't know why he would--maybe so his homeless friends who 'work' at the taco bell could still have a place to crash who knows. When I say 'work', I mean they stand at the end of the drive thru with a cardboard sign. It's great.  
I have found a couple of possibilities for professional development opportunities for this summer. I am waiting to hear back from one which will begin June 25th. I applied for a scholarship since they were offering them.  I hope I qualify for at least a partial scholarship.  Thankfully my school is going to foot the bill for any professional development opportunities we want to do this summer.  The other one is free but they are all day and they are an hour's drive away (both ways) from here. Initially, if my school wasn't going to help (or at least pay for some of the pd that starts on the 25th), I was going to just go to the free one. I'm still on the fence. 
Now as for the chrysalises! Wow. The butterflies emerged and we just barely set them free earlier this week. All 8 emerged.
We kept them because I had read that they just might lay eggs. During the process I learned that butterflies go at it like mad!! I don't have any pictures of their eggs (which they laid all over the netting of their butterfly house!) because they were so teeny tiny! Here are the hatchlings though!
Here's how they look after about a week:
And they are quick too. I keep them at home because their food supply was in my backyard until our landlord weed wacked all the weeds! :P I was fortunate to discover that one of the weeds painted lady caterpillars like is mallow and when I looked at the pictures I realized that stuff was growing like crazy in our backyard!  I haven't quite figured out if they prefer the mature leaves or the seedlings.
My sister was in town long enough where if you blinked, you missed her!  She says she might come again in August but time will tell.
Okay, off to get cracking on my end of the year narratives. Fun, fun, fun!


  1. Your finished objects are gorgeous! I like the colors in the preppy shawl.

    I didn't know that butterflies had hatchlings so fast. I learn something new every day.

  2. I think my fave is preppy! Love those colors!

    The insects are cool. I hate bugs though! Lol

    Hope you survived the last bit of school


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