Monday, July 2, 2012

remember me?

Well, I can now announce that I'm officially on summer vacation. Before school ended, we had a Casino Night. We won prizes!!
a very cool sand painting. This is what I wanted most of all!
School ended on the 13th of last month with our end of the year picnic.  Some bees decided to join us.
We had a teacher workday the next day and the following week I spent working on my narratives.  The week after that, I had a week-long series of professional development seminars to attend in the afternoon.  It was awesome and I learned so much. It also reaffirmed a number of things which was great.  Now to apply it all this school year-that will be the challenge!
The caterpillars all turned into chrysalises and at one point we had about 30+ butterflies!
This chrysalis
is actually on here!
We transferred the chrysalises to the butterfly house.
 Here's our first butterfly!
 Here's an aerial shot of some of them in their house, eating.
 Here they are hanging out.
 Here they are getting some rays.
I wanted to wait until all the chrysalises had hatched before we released them all (I just figured that would be more efficient) but these butterflies quickly began mating and I did not want to go through the cycle again! So away they flew. 
Now I have been keeping myself busy with some crafts for the classroom.  Currently, I am working on some mod podge clipboards. This isn't the original post that I first saw but it's basically what I have been doing.  I now want enough clipboards for my whole class so for this year, I am going to add clipboards to our wish list.  This year, I would also like to have these and these made for our room.  I am planning to suggest these as projects for parents to do. I can't wait!  
The upcoming school year is going to be different than the last two have been.  This year, I will be the resident Kindergarten teacher extraordinaire because I will have a new teaching partner who has never done this grade level before!  It's exciting and for once, I am thinking ahead and trying to get things ready before the new school year begins in about a month and a half!


  1. Awesome prizes! Lucky you!!

    Enjoy your summer vacation! Make sure to make the most out of it!

    And ps - of course I remember you! ;)

  2. Yikes! Look at all those bees!

    I hope you have fun with your prizes.

  3. What a haul of prizes! I totally want to make those crate seats for my classroom too, but have no idea where to start. May have to do some research! Enjoy your summer! It seems to be going by too fast already! I have to return on August 2! Eek!

  4. Those are some really great prizes! I love the butterfly picture too.


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