Tuesday, November 27, 2012

finally breaking my silence

Wow. School started and it has been a roller coaster ever since.  Note to self: I need to suggest that we not do home visits at the beginning of the school year like we did this year (which I was against in the first place!) and maybe we need to revisit having conferences in October. It was great having them so early because there wasn't any pressure but we need to consider our sanity during this time of year.  The first three and a half months of school are always the craziest at my school and this year has not been a disappointment.  Though I have to say that I am happier than I've ever been.  We're doing new things and it's really having a positive effect on the kids. They have made amazing growth since school first began.  Plus I have a fantastic group of children this year.  Their parents are awesome too! 
During mid-October, I also got a student teacher. Did I mention this already? She was supposed to have started right when the school year began but unforeseen circumstances occurred.  I didn't expect to see her ever again but then she just appeared one day in my classroom!  Things are going okay with her.  She just began her solo (which means that she is the teacher in charge) and yeah.  I have been trying to not be in the classroom with her so much because I want her to exert her authority over the class but she would rather have me in the class with her.  Also, I can't watch someone do things incorrectly, particularly when it is my own classroom.  So in my mind, I've got things to do and places to go!
Today was day 2 and a MAJOR faux pas was committed.  I have already complained about it to several people.  I can't believe she did what she did.  I know you want to know. She left my class unattended! Well, technically.  It was during Free Choice time, and granted I was there, my aide was there, a parent volunteer, and the sub was over in the other class we share the space with BUT she didn't tell anybody that she was leaving the room. I noticed after about 10 or so minutes.  When my aide appeared, I asked if she had seen her and she said no.  I decided to search for her.  She ended up being in the teacher lounge prepping some stuff for an activity that she didn't even do today.  I was SO pissed. I still am!  I told her that she just LEFT the classroom and she responded sarcastically to me!  She could not even SEE why I was so irritated by what she had done.  Maybe she wasn't taught common decency. I don't know. 
When we returned to the classroom, I had to leave. I couldn't stand being in the same room with her because I was so upset that she didn't get it.  I grabbed my laptop, told her I was going to print some things and then headed for the office.  THEY couldn't believe what she had done. Oh my word! She didn't redeem herself either.  The rest of the day was sort of downhill.  Imagine a Kindergartner sniffing a watch that she cut out of a magazine to decide if it smelled, good, bad, or dangerous. Sigh...She will be the teacher in charge until December 7th.  So that's the current school front.  I can't wait for December 8th!!
I haven't been reading too much until a couple days ago. I picked up a fun book called Where'd  You Go, Bernadette.  It was just the book I needed.
In terms of knitting, there has been some but I am so, so behind on my goal to make 12 shawls in 2012. I only have five completed shawls!! I have two on the needles right now but am at an impasse with one of them.  I'll be casting on for a third as soon as my friend's yarn arrives and she gives it to me.  I've made a bunch of new mitts, a little baby bolero and that's about it. :(
With each passing year, school seems to take over more and more of my life!


  1. I hope you get to relax a little during winter break.

  2. I'm glad you're back! I was wondering if you were alright. That sounds like a lot to pack into a few months. At least December 8th isn't too far away! :-) It's just professional courtesy, if nothing else, to let your co-workers know if you're going to be away from your area when they reasonably expect you to be there. It seems like so many people have no idea how to behave though.

    I may check that book out! I've been debating about whether or not to request it from the library. I've been finding mostly duds lately, so I'd love to get a good book.

  3. Hey! You're alive! I was wondering what was going on with you! I miss emailing with you! Life has been nuts here too... I see it's been busy with you too! That sucks she left your class unattended. Have you confronted her? What happened?

    When are you off for winter break? Hope you get to relax!!

    Miss you!

    Can't wait to see what you have been actually knitting.

    I have Where'd you go Bernadette as an ebook, it's good?

  4. Hey! Glad to see you back. Yes, as I remember from years and years ago, teaching is a job that absorbs your life. In fact, that was why I left teaching when I had my own kids. I couldn't have a job that trumped my family. I know many many people balance both but for me personally, I could only seem to do one well. It was a good decision for me because I don't feel I was going to rock the world with my teaching skills - maybe that was why I spent so much time devoted to it. Better to let someone with real talent fill my shoes - someone like you. Remember to take care of your self and LOVE those little lives you have this year. Sounds like you already do.

  5. It's after Dec. 8th...so I hope things are better by now....
    Life does get in the way of blogging and knitting. As soon as I sit down to knit I fall asleep...not good...and then blogging, well, that's a whole different ball of wax ;)

    happy holidays :)


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