Friday, December 21, 2012

I owe you one

It has been a hectic few months. Wow! I uploaded some pics from my camera a lil while ago (my first step in getting ready to do a blog post) and there were pics of my class before school even began. I'm so ashamed. Here is what my class looked like about a week before school was going to start.
Do you see the floor?? I decided that I was going to sort all my picture books this school year.
I was feeling very inspired this school year and decided that I didn't like white window sills. I wanted painted ones. Both windows are observation windows and the kids know that people can see them. They can see the people too! The above window is near the block section.
This is the new kitchen/dramatic play area.  Last year, this was also the kitchen but the dress up was over by where the blocks are (at least near to there). I wanted everything together this year.  The hubs also painted the back wall which is where the kids paint.  For the past two years, there has been an accumulation of paint splatter. I did not want to look at that any longer. My idea was to paint the wall black. I got vetoed and we went with a dark blue instead. More pictures to come. I think the rest are on the hubs' computer. Below is a shot of a math activity I had my kids do the day before the last day of school before winter vacation began.  They made cookies.
There has been a bit of knitting while I have been in the throes of my teaching this year. I think this year I have completed the least amount of projects ever. So sad. I am nowhere near completing my 12 shawls in 2012 either. Oh well. I'm thinking for next year, I am going to do hats instead of shawls! Here's what I've made in the last few months:
someone was having a baby and the future grandma asked me to make a little sweater since the lil bundle was expected in November (too bad I kept forgetting to give it to her when it was finished!),
I picked out this yarn for my boss, (the one we dog and house sit for), and here's what I came up with. Though this is the hat still in its unblocked state.

Let's see what else have I been up to? I've been reading about as much as I have been knitting. I am 2 books shy of completing my Goodreads goal of reading 25 books this year. I knew I should've left it at 20! Oh well.

I leave you with my gingerbread house that I started working on while at school and had to take home (along with ALL that candy!) to complete. It's missing windows..but at least I've got a roof, a pathway, and a door. I realized that the 2 red figures must be the hubs and I and the green one is probably my sister. :)

More to come once I get the rest of the pictures from the hubs computer!
There have been inspiring sculptures at my school over the last few months and it is partly due to the new friends the hubs and I have made.


  1. Hope you're having a good break too! The classroom looks great. Love the stuff you've been knitting on as well. The wrist warmers are so cute. My mom just asked me last night to make her some arm warmers (not wrist warmers) because she wears tshirts in the house for her hot flashes and sometimes her arms get cold but she doesn't want to put on a full sweater as she will die of heat, lol... off to find a pattern!

    I set my goal for goodreads at 24 books - 2 per month. I thought it was fair. Last year I only read 14 books. I am at 22 books toward my goal of 24 books. (22 of 24 (92%)). According to goodreads, at my current pace, I am 1 book (8%) behind. One of the books I read this year, is technically a kids book (Darth Vader and Son) but it's "not" a kids book - Sean would not have understood it. It was like a graphic comic instead of a story with adult jokes in it. I am 70% done Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and I think I can finish that tonight. With all the kids home tomorrow, I don't think I can finish an entire novel (even though I have others started), tomorrow. We'll see - maybe!! I can definitely do 23 books in 2012... maybe not 24. I think I'll set my goal again for 24 for 2013, and see if I can do it. I've been pretty good at keeping up reading & knitting this year. There is SO much more that I want to read so I'll see if I can surpass 24 books in 2013... who knows! I also listen to audiobooks, which I consider "reading" too - since I can do a dishwasher load or fold laundry or even DRIVE! while listening to an audiobook. And I'm always in the car. So some of the novels I've "read" this year, were audio. Do you ever listen to audiobooks?

    Hope all is well with you guys! What are your new years eve plans? We have the kids sleeping out and we're going to watch a movie and have fondu!

  2. Cute little gingerbread house! I made my goodreads goal for 2012, but just barely. I've set a lower one for this year, since I need to spend more time on some other pursuits.


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