Monday, December 31, 2012

finished knits of 2012

How is it I only completed 21 projects this year?? I didn't blog all that much this year either but out of 24 students, 22 know most of their uppercase and lowercase letters by now and 20 students know at least 20 of their letter sounds!
These are not in any particular order of creation.  1. Henslowe  2. Moss Grid Hand Towel 3. Bow Scarf  4. Sorpresa Blanket 5. Heartache Cowl 6. Baby Bolero 7. Color Affection Shawl 8. Courtyard #1  9. Abra Alba Wrist Warmers 10. Stripe Study Shawl 11. Hedda Slouchy 12. Ebbtide Shawl 13. Elvar 14. Hidden Path Socks 15. Colorblock Handwarmers 16. Chosen Path Shawl 17. Abra Alba Wrist Warmers 18. Cabled Button Toque 19. Pebble  20. Type 'N Swipe Mittens 21. Courtyard #3
 I realized that I don't have many hats so my goal this year is to change that!  I am also going to cast on for my very own slouchy. :) Oh yeah, if you noticed that courtyard #2 is missing that is because I ran out of yarn. Phooey.


  1. Your projects look great. I love the update on your students.

  2. wow, you did far better than me this year on the knitted projects totals.

  3. I really love the wrist warms, hand warmers, and the hand towel. I didn't realize the knitted hand towels were a possibility. And I love that color!

    It sounds like your students are very lucky to have a great and dedicated teacher.

  4. Wow g- girl good to see your still knitting and and still here. Must figure out this app and figure out how to add you to my circle of acquaintances . Plug the ipad in its in need of charging lol. See you again soon


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