Thursday, June 19, 2008

i survived!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was our last day of school with the kids. I made it. Goodness gracious. Talk about a long, eventful year! We had a whole school 'grad ceremony' and then everyone went off to their prospective parties (each grade has a pool party at someone's house!). I got home about a half hour ago and am SO tired. I'm going to miss this group so much!! Their first grade class won't be the same as this year's group though because a few of the kids are leaving and new ones are coming in. I love working at a school where teachers are so appreciated, admired, and really treated as professionals. There were gifts some unbelievable ones at that! Here I was worrying about not having rent for next month but now that won't be an issue! I signed up to tutor all these kids!!! Well, at least I'll have money for other stuff! I'll be tutoring four of my kids-one of them four days a week (she loves me THAT much!!). It'll be nice to have a surplus of money. There's been hardly any knitting these last few days but now that I have less schoolwork to do, I think I just might be able to finish my wicked! ;) Whether or not I'll be able to wear it yet (it's been disgustingly warm lately) is the question!


  1. out!! Hope you can get some extra time to enjoy yourself :)

  2. That's a good thought - I didn't even think of tutoring in the summers for extra cash!

  3. congrats on making it through the year! I've been out since the 10th and my own kids since the 13th. I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!


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