Wednesday, May 20, 2009

yarny goodness...and then some!

Okay, I have been working like mad (it seems!) for the last two weeks on getting the center panel of my myrtle leaf shawl done. I finally finished it probably late Monday night. Then I spent part of Tuesday trying to figure out how to do the knitted on border since I've never done one before! I was completely chicken. I scoured the internet, checked out the knitters review forum, the vlt rav group, and what was most helpful was the vlt group. SO, late last night, I took the plunge and I was scared for nothing. But it is going to be a tedious job to finish the border. It's beautiful but it's going to be slow goings. I don't have any pics yet but will try to take a pic tomorrow when the lighting is better. The week of my birthday, I received purchased some yarn
bittersweet in sknitches glisten
brown sugar over buttermilk sundara sock which I've been wanting forever and now I can say it's mine all mine.
Ravelry is bad. Did you know that already? Well, if you did, I'm just reminding you. ;) In some non-knitting news, I leave you with a couple pics from the tea garden that we took last week when we went to look @ it. We're in the midst of selecting a caterer--I'm hoping this one is the one because the one that the ladies @ the tea garden recommended is about a thousand dollars more than we want to spend. AND, the guy freakin' charges per person for a tasting! I'm in talks with two other ones that are much more reasonably priced and the one mentioned above is gonna have us come in for a tasting soon. My 'wedding planner' is way excited. :) I've asked my very good friend @ work (the one who gave me gardenias for my birthday) to be it. She was excited and then she got a lil freaked out. I told her I really truly just need her to yell @ people when things aren't done. She can't wait.


  1. What a gorgeous (potential?) wedding location. We looked at a gorgeous park in Maryland (Brookside Gardens) but settled for an inside location because of the weather issues. But in L.A. you'll be fine ;)

    My friend got married at some event site (a little house) in Santa Monica and the place was nice, but the food was horrible, so I wouldn't recommend there.

    Another friend got married in PV at the golf course, and that was just gorgeous, and it was inside as well with nice views.

    Good luck!

  2. Ack, what did you do to your blog, every time the cursor moved, a window popped up. I just want to read and scroll. Love the yarns and the garden looks so peaceful, I need that right now, my daughter is having a meltdown and I need the peace

  3. The tea garden is beautiful - I hope getting all this settled happens smoothly.

    Beautiful yarn - love the Sundara colorway.

    Can't wait to see the shawl!

  4. The place you're getting married at looks really nice. Can't wait to see pictures of the big day (when's the official date again?)

    My wedding planner was my mother. She took care of yelling at anyone that needed yelling at! LOL

    Nice yummy new yarn additions! (Speaking of Sundara is there anything coming my way soon?)


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