Tuesday, May 26, 2009

on the road again!

Okay, it was barely the first day back at school after the last holiday of the school year and here's how it went: First, I received an email regarding scheduling a phone interview for a teaching position. I emailed right away saying I could do it this Thursday (after school) no problem. Then I missed a phone call regarding a teaching position that I had applied for this past Friday. I googled the school to find a contact number and asked to speak with the person that left me a vm (the asst. principal!). She asked how long I had to talk and I said I had until about 10: 15 (it was 9:50ish) to which she responded with "I hope you talk fast then.." haha. That conversation ended with us deciding that I would go to the school this Friday to do a demo lesson and go through the whole interview process. That was great. THEN, I receive an email from our potential caterer saying that they actually can't do a tasting with us on Wednesday they can only do this Thursday (same time as I had scheduled the phone interview!!) or Monday. I was hoping that we'd have the caterer situation all squared away and taken care of before next week so that I could put in an order for our invitations and get them printed already! As if this wasn't enough, amidst all of this, my teaching partner and I received an email from our Head of School saying that she'd love to have lunch with us today. (Okay, take a breath!) SO, I emailed the caterer and said that we'd love to do this Thursday. I emailed the school wanting to do a phone interview and gave them a vast amount of options for times other than the one I said yes to and let them know that I actually have to do a tasting with my caterer. I hope they understand. My teaching partner and I went to have lunch with our Head of School and we were gone until after dismissal time (2:30ish). We get back to school, and I just happened to check my phone and there was a vm from another school! I didn't call them back until I had left school but it looks like I'll be going to that school on Monday. There's another possibility as well. A different school is waiting to receive my dvd of an old demo lesson and since today was too busy, I couldn't get a moment to mail it out! I already know what I'm going to do for my demo lesson. I already have directions to both schools. I need to make copies of my lesson plan as well as make the necessary copies I'll need for the lesson. Can my life get any crazier?? We told my parents over the weekend about the wedding. They can't wait! I'll be able to do more wedding stuff with my mom this coming weekend since we'll be in town so that'll be good. Hopefully we'll be able to finally register @ Target. My sister finally got a dress.It's a bit wrinkled and it's hard to photograph to get the color but this is it. She's not wearing the necklace with it for the wedding. We haven't decided yet on the shoes either. Though she has the silver shoes on thinking she can wear those. I haven't quite decided yet. The monkey had an eventful time with my fiance in the car..
Here she is waving from the sun roof.
And here, I think I had just missed her shifting gears.
Knitting-wise, I've been chugging away at my wedding shawl. I'm onto the border. I've completed two corners and am on the road to finishing probably this week. Blocking is going to be a chore! I've attempted trying to photograph it but I'm learning that anything red or red-hued doesn't photograph well. :(Here's a close-up of the center panel.
Gosh, it'll be nice to be able to work on different things again. I can't wait to be finished with this and get back to my sister's cardi and some socks!


  1. Wow, your life is on fast forward!!! Made me exhausted just reading it!!!:) Your sister's dress is gorgeous! And the wedding shawl is going to breathtaking! Do you have a dress yet? So exciting!

  2. wow, girl! talk about hectic! however, look at all those interviews/demo lessons you have scheduled!!! with all of those opportunities, i hope things work out for you. : )

    wow, can't wait to see the shawl. looks beautiful!

  3. I'm overwhelmed just reading your post! Good luck with all the interviews - I hope you find the perfect job soon!

    The shawl is turning out beautifully - can't wait to see it!

  4. Wow, so much happening all at once. I wish you best of luck with those interviews and I hope you get the job you want.

    Your sister's dress is really nice! Are you having bridesmaids or just your sister? Is she your maid of honor?

  5. Busy lady!! The dress looks nice, even if it's wrinkled. lol Can't wait to hear how your interviews went!

  6. as a teacher-to-be, I guess I was thinking the end of the year was a winding down time of sorts for teachers. Reading your post makes me tired just thinking about the end of the year!!


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