Thursday, September 10, 2009


And so the new chapter of my life begins..though it isn't all that I had hoped it would be! We are officially no longer residents of Los Angeles and are just about settled here at my parents' house (for now). Getting used to dial-up is a pain though. There are still boxes everywhere and I actually had to take the time to label my boxes yesterday when I went in search of a cake pan (which I still can't find!!). The first things I unpacked and organized were the knitting things. All my books are out and all my yarn in order-with the help of the lil monkey! I am still job searching though not as hard as I was when we were still in LA. I needed to get myself a bit settled here first before I jump back in. During the course of the final move, I actually received two calls for two different positions. One was to be the asst. director for an afterschool program and the other was for a preschool position. I chatted with someone regarding the first position but the other one, I didn't get around to talking to anyone. I figured too much time had passed. I wonder if it is now time to just take anything that is offered to me. I get that we're in tough times but I'm still not quite ready to settle. Though I'm getting close! My husband is out everyday job searching and filling out applications everywhere possible and still nothing. Though my sister-in-law may be able to hook him up with something. It won't be much, but it's better than nothing! I actually went down to the EDD office yesterday. I have been fighting having to file a claim but I found a possible loop hole and I might actually qualify for some benefits! I had to call in today though because I realized that I had made two mistakes when I filed. The guy I got was actually in LA so we were chatting it up. He was also Filipino so we were even chattier! I've been knitting but I don't have any pictures! I'm chugging along on sesame though. It's actually a fast knit. I have decided that sleeves are the bane of my existence. I was able to get through one of them. I have yet to cast on for the second one because the neck band and buttonhole bands were calling my name!! The sleeves run long for this sweater. I used the size that was listed for small but felt it was too big so I ripped back, checked out the sleeve length I used for my thermal and compared to the smallest size for sesame. Even though I KNEW I should've just went with the sizing for thermal, I used the smallest size for sesame and it's STILL too long. Oh well. Okay, here are some pictures that I can share from my drive with my sister to my parents' house when we were moving most of my belongings. Here's a bit of what the Station fire looked like to us while we were on the road:On my way back to LA after we had taken most of our belongings to my parents' house, I was able to see an actual ridge of fire! I couldn't take a picture though. My sister had purchased a new camera so I was comparing and contrasting our two cameras! This is one of the things you see when you're traveling west on the 46. Of all the car trips I've been on in the last few months, it hadn't dawned on me to whip out my camera and just start snapping until this car trip with my sister!


  1. I agree with you on the not settling for any job. I had an interview yesterday with a guy who was just a jerk. He wanted to pay $12/hr for someone to be his assistant AND cleaning person! He also offered no sick time, no ho;iday pay, no medical and no 401(K). Yeah I'm not that desperate yet buddy!

  2. Glad that you are settling in....very good to hear that your knitting is in order. That is sooooo important ;)

    I'm sure something will turn up job fingers are still crossed for you both!!

    At least you have your knitting to keep you occupied....happy knitting :)

  3. Glad to hear you made it safely. I was beginning to worry since you hadn't blogged in a while.

    I would have unpacked my knitting stuff first as well. :)

  4. Glad that you are settling in, and hope that you find something you like soon.

    I would have unpacked the knitting stuff first too!


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